Dear Earth 2

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Submitted: December 29, 2017

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Submitted: December 29, 2017





Dear Earth


Draven Dash.


My hosts have decided that they wish for me to keep in contact with earth and have afforded me a method of doing so. A virtual message in a bottle which you will receive through a private listening station who will transmit my communications to the proper authorities. Her name is, I should restate, her contact name is Silver Elf, how cute. My hosts have contacted her and she understands the circumstances of this exercise. The Illil have made it impossible for you to trace my letters back to their origins. I suppose this will be my Pioneers log book.


The Illil have constructed a vehicle for me that allows flight with just a thought. It is made of a flexible, clear, metallic substance, light in nature, eight feet in length and 4 wide. It is only a quarter inch thick but practically indestructible. In fact I have found nothing capable of harming this material. It allows me to take my fight against the Oronacks to the sky and they have developed a much better weapon which shoots pellets of light from an instrument to suite the shape of my hand. A handgun, for the lack of a better description.


I have just returned from a tour of duty on the borders of Illilantia. With my new weapon and a shield I constructed of the same material my flyer is made of the Oronack are a minor irritation and I lead an armada of Belinarn defenders. This last tour has sent the invaders packing and news has already come to us that the Oronack have abandoned many of their border outposts. I am to be awarded a citation for my services to the Illil.

During my rest period I have plans, with permission, to explore this incredible planet, both with my flyer and a-foot.


I have not had a single sick day since I arrived here. There is something about the atmosphere of the planet that is I am told, and I believe it.

Though there is an ongoing conflict between the Illil and Oronack there is never violence in the community of Illil in which I live. I have learned that this is but one Colony of many. I have asked to consider in going to help these other Colonies with their plight against the Oronack. I have no reason to refuse and won't. These are my friends, and family.



I am human, that will never change...I think, though the Illil are contemplating the matter of changing my genetics. They are accomplished geneticists of which I may describe at another time. My point is, even though I am human, with my symbiont firmly in place and our joining becoming even more complete I do not miss my own kind. I have the extra pleasure of walking about, carrying child Illil on my body. It has become a local amusement. I go for a walk with my little infants at least twice a day, unless of course I am away, fighting Oronack or exploring.


Last night I was visited by one of the chief Illil, Ool, and the Commander of the Belinarn. The Commander, whose name is LOQ, has learned to speak my language. It is nice to converse on occasion in the spoken word, but in this case we kept to mind talk, which is quicker and clearer.

Belinarn spies have learned that the Oronack are planning an invasion, not to wipe out their food supply but to get rid of the two legged demon that has murdered so many Oronack. That of course would be me. I could be in trouble if they come in force.


I have been given the choice to go and find a safe haven or, if I so choose, return to earth. I will accept neither offer. I have had a long conversation with LOQ, in the spoken word and we have agreed that it would prove devastating to the Illil if I were to leave. The Oronack would surely take out their vengeance on my friends, short of annihilating them. I have made plans for a counter strike...or should I call it a pre-emptive surgical strike that may avoid an outright war. It must happen soon. The Oronack are poised for their attack.


I crept from the borders of Ililantia in the dead of night. Even here flying beasts do not go about at night. My plan was not to kill as many Oronack as possible. That would be a fool's mission. There are simply too many, well thousands....tens of thousands. My goal was to capture the leader of the local flight who were planning the attack. They number around 600. Once captured I will return to Illilantia and hold him for ransom. Apparently the Oronack will not sacrifice their own, especially their leaders. It was a daring escapade indeed.


I had never seen an Oronack community. I was surprized to find a grove of trees with several nests in each tree. It had not occurred to me until I was in sight of the community that it would be a guess which tree I would find the Commander. But something very helpful came of it.

I climbed the first tree I came to and what did I find. Eggs. Two brownish green eggs and I asked my symbiont if they would work as well as taking the commander. It turned out it was better so I collected a dozen.



It was not easy getting home without breaking any of the eggs. If I had broken just one it would have meant all-out war. But as soon as it was light out I sent a message to the Oronack of my deed and my intentions. I received a reply within the hour. It was not entirely what I expected but my symbiont advised me there would be a long and arduous negotiation period and a good deal of feather ruffling which translates to sword rattling.

Well my Dearest earth. That's all for now. I hope you get this communique in good time. It should take about a week to reach Silver Elf.


Draven Dash.




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