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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: The Imaginarium




My shoulder had been sore, was giving me some grief,

So I went to see the doctor to get some pain relief.

“To diagnose the problem, a scan will tell us more,

And in the meantime some physio will help you to restore,

Some movement in the joint, which has become quite stiff.”

A problem I had tolerated with a brave, stiff upper lip.


A formal letter from the NHS, hit the parquet flooring,

Confirmation of the scan, the venue… and a warning.

“To ensure there are no delays with your assignation,

Please bring this letter with you when reporting to reception.”

So I entered all the details in my trusty iPhone calendar,

And set it to provide me with a timely prior reminder.


It was two days prior to Christmas that I hunted for the letter,

I even accused my hubby of putting it through the shredder.

It had vanished, it seemed, from the table where I left it,

So I set off for my appointment, without the wretched missive.

A woman on reception huffed and puffed at my ineptitude, 

So I told her to her face, there was no need to take that attitude.


When finally an operator had taken pictures of my shoulder,

I once again managed to regain a semblance of composure.

With Christmas fast approaching, last gifts I went to buy,

For old friends who had told me, they would be dropping by.

Now I like to do things right, so I wrapped them carefully,

Then placed them with the others, underneath the Christmas tree.


On Christmas Day a thick hoar frost sparkled on the boughs,

Twinkling lights, a cosy fire lit the inside of the house.

The children they thundered with excitement down the stairs,

Eager to unwrap all the presents that were theirs.

They lunged for the Christmas tree, which almost toppled over

Before dispensing various gifts to their rightful owners.


“Dad,” shrieked Zak in decibels that almost burst the baubles,

 “These are yours,” he yelled, with eyes so bright, they dazzled.

Jon slumped down in a comfy chair, and took the presents offered,

“Calm down kids, all this noise will likely wake the neighbours.”

I sipped a cup of coffee, while I watched the pantomime,

Then opened up some presents that I realised were mine.


I noticed Jon was frowning at a letter in his hand,

It was obvious from his manner that he didn’t understand.

“What the hell is this?” he said, waving the missive in the air,

“And thanks for the pyjamas… it’s nice to know you care.”

I took the letter from him, and laughed out loud with glee,

“Oh, that’s not for you… if you look, it was meant for me.

I couldn’t find it anywhere… I hunted high and low,

And now I’ve solved the puzzle, which is really good to know.

While wrapping all the presents, I must have inadvertently,

Picked it up with those pyjamas, which ended up under the tree!”

Submitted: December 29, 2017

© Copyright 2021 Sue Harris. All rights reserved.

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Very well done, Sue. Such an enjoyable read :)

Sat, December 30th, 2017 1:08am


Thank you for reading JB.

Sat, December 30th, 2017 11:43am


Well, Sue, you could have been writing about me in this. I just hate those letters that you have to find at a given moment in time. They were there a week before but when they are needed.....never in sight! A really enjoyable read!

Sat, December 30th, 2017 7:48pm


Haha! So easy to do, especially around Christmas!

Mon, January 1st, 2018 3:47am

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