A Letter To the Next Girl Who Falls in Love with Him

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A letter to the lucky girl who falls for the love of my life.

Submitted: December 29, 2017

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Submitted: December 29, 2017



A Letter To the Next Girl Who Falls in Love with Him

This is a letter to the next girl who is lucky enough to be given the chance to love him. He is one of the purest and kindest people I have ever met, and I hope that you realize that. You have fallen in love with a man who will treat you like a queen and will love you until with every fragment of his being.

There are a few things that you should know.

 His pride often gets in the way and he doesn’t like to ask for anything. He will rarely ever tell you that he needs help; you must learn to read him. He doesn’t like to feel like he is a burden. If you feel that he is distant, ask him what’s wrong. If he opens up to you, believe me it has taken every ounce of his effort to drop his pride, so please listen to him. Pay attention to everything he says and try your best to be there for him. He doesn’t need cliché responses, but just someone to care and make him feel less alone in this world.  

He needs to practice self-love. Sometimes he may act as if his self esteem is way up in the clouds but more often than not, he is insecure. He has mastered the art of facades. He needs you to love him and he often needs reassurance. Remind him that he is not the mess he thinks that he is.

Tell him about how much you love the way his eyes light up when he talks about something he is passionate about and that his smile lights up your world; because it should. Tell him why you love him.

There are nights when you will have to stay awake with him because he is falling apart. Those are the nights you need to give 110% of your effort. He will tell you that it is okay to leave but stay no matter how tired you are.

Do not make him feel like he is a burden or that he is hard to love. He has felt this way all his life and the last thing he needs is another person to make him believe that he is.

Tell him when he is wrong, but do not make him feel horrible. At first, he will be defensive and he will try to fight you down but he will eventually realize his mistake. He will thank you for it in the end.

Sometimes he lets his anger get the better of him. Let him rant to you. Let him release his anger. If you are with him, hold him. Calm him. If he is angry at you, allow him to have his own space, but do not disappear for hours. Come back after a few minutes and talk it out. Do not be afraid of him; he will never physically hurt you.

He may act like a hardass, but he is a hopeless romantic. He will give you his all. He will adore you with every fiber of his being.  He will take you on dates and hold your hand. He will take random pictures of you and tell you how beautiful you are. He will kiss you unexpectedly. He will spend his last cent on you just to see you smile. He will call you just because he misses you. He will go on for hours if you let him about how much he loves you. He wants to give you his entire world. He is selfless. Treasure this.

He is always genuine. If he tells you that you are the most beautiful girl he has ever seen, believe him.

He talks about his exes a lot, but do not let it make you feel bad. The things he talks about the most are the things that haunt him; the things that truly messed him up. Make sure to avoid making the same mistakes he says that they made.

He is incredibly stubborn sometimes and tends to forget to take care of himself while caring for everyone else. Ask him every day if he ate. Ask what he ate. Ask him how his day was. If he is sick, be his nurse because if you let him, he will stay in bed all day and just sleep. Take care of him always. He needs you to be his mother figure as much as his girlfriend.

He is a clean freak so for the sake of his sanity, respect that. Keep everything in order and clean. 

He is childish yet mature. He will act like a clown and make jokes. He will playfully insult you; don’t feel like you’re walking on glass with him, fire shots back, he isn’t that sensitive. Just do not mention his insecurities, he will never mention yours.

He loves his family more than anything, and you should love them too. Sometimes they give him a very hard time; be there for him the most during those moments. Remind him that he is loved.

All he wants in life is to make his mother proud. He tends to pressure himself too much. Do not let him over work and overwhelm himself. Remind him that he is doing okay. Tell him you are proud of him; you should be.

He eats any and everything so if you’re going to cook for him, don’t stress. He will literally be over the moon if you made him a sandwich. It’s the effort that counts for him.

Do not always make him message you first. Do not always make him ask you to go out and plan your dates. Take the initiative sometimes. If you can, pay for your dates sometimes. Send him songs that make you think of him. Take interest in the things he loves. He will appreciate it more than you know.

He loves late night phone calls. Stay up with him on the phone until one of you falls asleep.

When he is hurt, he becomes emotionless. He does not know how to handle his emotions most times, so he shuts down. He has not learnt as yet how to be alone; he feels like he’s drowning.

You will fall hopelessly in love with him because he is such a wonderful person. That is both a blessing and a curse. He will hurt you sometimes, but he does not mean to. His heart is as pure as gold.

Do not suffocate him. Learn his weak points and help him to grow.

Please do not leave him. If you cannot handle a broken person and you cannot love him at his worst then please do not make him love you. It will tear him apart if you leave. He needs someone to stay.

Appreciate him; he is a masterpiece. He deserves the world so make sure you give it to him, God knows I wish I could.

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