Library of Life

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Prompt: You discover a library with a biography for everyone on earth. While reading your own, you notice that whenever someone else is mentioned, there’s a footnote showing where you can find
their biography. Its odd how someone who was only a sentence in your book has a whole chapter for you.

Submitted: December 29, 2017

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Submitted: December 29, 2017



“Sam, it is of the utmost importance that you realize what we are about to show you is one of the most closely guarded secrets of our Order. Men and women have given up their lives to protect what we have, and there are consequences if you decide to tell anyone of what are going to share,” Kiana looked at me pointedly, “Do you understand?”

I nodded. I was still in awe of how this situation had unfolded. I discovered this people on accident, and here I was about to be shown the Library I had only ever heard of in books and fairytales. The Library of Life. Every story of every experience by every human who ever existed. Each person with their own book dedicated to their lives, diligently recorded by the most magnificent of magical beings. Their only interest: us.

“I will take it to my grave, I swear to you,” I replied. Kiana nodded and turned towards the modest wooden door in front of us. She let out a short sigh as her long fingers wrapped around the doorknob. She seemed contemplative for a moment, as if regretting her decision to share this closely held secret with someone so foreign to her people. I watched the back of her head for what seemed like ages. I may have memorized every curve of her long, curly hair. How the light from the sun dancing around her made the purple of her skin almost iridescent on her bare arms. I held my breath, thinking she would definitely decide this was a bad idea, and rescind her invitation.

With one swift move, Kiana opened the door and stepped inside, clearing the way for me to walk in. The breath I’d been holding was knocked out of me the second I was able to absorb the sight before me; books as far as the eye could see. More than I could have ever imagined existing in all of time. Every wall of the city-sized room I stood in was lined with golden shelves covered in ornate flower designs, carved and etched in silver. Towards the middle of the room, there were chairs and a small, white couch nestled together, where a few pixies sat reading. I was snapped out of my trance by the gentle sound of Kiana giggling.

“The look on your face is unlike anything I have ever seen, Sam,” she laughed.

“Oh yes, lets just show Sam the most amazing thing he has ever seen and will probably ever see in his lifetime, and not expect him to lose his shit,” I mocked, letting out a small, incredulous laugh.

“Do you want to see yours?”

Did I want to see mine? I was scared for an instant. What if the bad chapters outweighed the good ones? Some things in my life I just didn’t want to remember. I looked down at my feet.

“You can skip over anything that you don’t want to read. I can also make it so the book will only show you happy memories if you would prefer,” Kiana offered.

“I’d like to see something that will change my life.”



It took some time before we came upon my book. Nestled toward the top of the ‘S’ section of the alphabetized shelves, there sat Sam Atten. Kiana gingerly plucked the book from the shelf, and placed it on a nearby table as she spoke softly,

“Normally we show these stories to those who have passed on already to their next life. That is our entire purpose; to lend a hand to those who cannot pass freely through the realm of the living and the dead,” she placed her left palm of the front of the book. Her hand began to glow as she stared forward and her eyes moved back and forth rapidly, “I remember a story in your life that I’d like to show you.”

“You’ve read my life?”

“I’ve written your life from the moment you began thought,” she replied flatly. The glowing stopped, and Kiana opened the cover to reveal a page covered in handwritten script titled Point Break (with excerpt from Story 3,997,645 titled Lexa Voss p. 8,000). She gently pushed the book towards me.

“Excerpt from Lexa Voss? What does that mean?” I looked up, confused.

“Something you did on this day was so impactful to another human that I was required to record her experience as well to show you after your death. After some time, we discovered that humans like to know that they will not be forgotten after they have passed on, and tend to be very sorrowful when they believe they have made an impact on nothing. What your people tend to miss is that you all change each other with every interaction you have with one another. It is the most beautiful thing humanity has to offer,” she replied wistfully, “Turn to page fourteen, and I will be back in a few hours.”

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