Here's to............

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Memoir  |  House: Booksie Classic

This story is dedicated to the 'A-Team(Chad,Cody,Jon)', Ben, Chyna, Josh, and Caylee. Love you guys even though we are now thousands of miles apart.

Submitted: December 29, 2017

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Submitted: December 29, 2017



Oh beautiful........

We drove

for spacious skies........

1500 miles

for amber waves of grain............

to a place

for purple mountain majesties...........

between mountains and plains

above the fruited plain.............

called Kansas.

Toto, I believe we are back in Kansas.


We moved.

It would be a new start.

Before a new year.

A new job.

A new school.

A new life.

But......what about everything else?

Everything left behind?

We didn't have much family down in Florida; my parents didn't like the family we had down there anyways.

They didn't really have friends; my mom stayed at home due to health reasons and my father was a pastor; he claimed that his profession didn't allow for friends.

My sister had lots of friends. Lots of true friends.

I had friends too.

But only a small number of true friends.

So you could see how it could be difficult for my sister and me.

So, here's to a new year.

Here's to the ones we had to leave behind.

Here's to the ones we will see again soon.

Here's to the ones we will never see again.

Here's to the pain.

Here's to the laughter.

Here's to the one I never stopped loving, even when he had moved on.

Here's to the house I grew up in.

Here's to the town where I learned who I was.

Here's to the ocean, never leaving.

Here's to the river, slowly dying.

Here's to the river road I ran on.

Here's to the basketball that changed my life.

Here's to my parents who I'm not sure don't love each other anymore.

Here's to my sister, who left everything, only to have to rebuild.

Here's to my best friends, Cody, Josh, Ben, Caylee, Jon, and Chad.

This is my adopted family.

They are truer than blood itself.

And we are 1500 miles apart.

Here's to me.

Here's to my loss.

Here's to everything I have yesterday.

Here's to everything I have tomorrow.

Here's to everything I have today.

Here........., here is to something greater than me, or anything I have ever had.

Here's to life.

Happy New Year everyone.


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