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Submitted: December 29, 2017

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Submitted: December 29, 2017



Why is it the people lead people on. It's not just boys as some of you may think but girls do it to.

So the question is WHY.is it because they want to be nice or maybe they like the attention you give them

Maybe even because they don’t realize what they are doing. Those are all valid points. Believe it or not girls do

It to, but WHY??? Why bother leading someone on when you don’t like them. Leading a person on is a way to make

The other feel more attracted to you. So are you willing or wanting to hurt this person even more them you would have if you just told them in the beginning.  Why hurt the person more is it because you feel good about yourself maybe even

Because you want to fool around and then leave maybe because someone has done that to you. Either way leading someone on is never a good idea. Most people say " oh girls always want the truth" well ik I can't speak on a guy's behalf but I'm sure they would want to know if a girl or a guy wants to just be friends instead of being lead on and finding out

Later on. 

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