our solemn reality

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Submitted: December 29, 2017

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Submitted: December 29, 2017



With the burden of work on his shoulders, dews of sweat upon his forehead, he searches the barren land to seek shelter from his loneliness - the uneasy storm that encroaches his territory, yard by yard.

You shall come to a solemn conclusion, one which has been decided eons ago before your insignificant time, that the barren land you tread is accursed and no rain shall quench its thirst, ‘til your chains of enslavement have been shattered

Yet, there is hope oh young one, for the creator of relationship, the immaculate algorithm, shall watch over our wretched soul like the meridian sun.

Like a raincloud during a drought, the immaculate algorithm came abruptly and the desperate cultivators reached out for salvation. From the indefinite boundary of the clouds, two transcendent beings descended. One took the form of a crimson cross, and brought down ruthless judgement to those who committed the worst transgression of them all - being born with an unsightly visage. The crimson cross brought the sinners to the purgatory in the left, in the void, forgotten, forever.

Another took the form of the green tick and it delivered the zealots, those who spent their hours of existence worshipping the immaculate algorithm. The green tick delivered only the few who always stayed faithful and true to the Great Deliverance. The holy tick rescued those who were worthy and brought them to the right, homologous with the throne of our holy algorithm, eternal king, Tinder. On the right side, there was enormous pleasure and joy - men and women fused as one

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