They Live Inside You

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The subliminal acolytes dance at the telepathic threshold.

Submitted: December 30, 2017

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Submitted: December 30, 2017



Amid the eerie shadows of the predawn hours while recovering from a midnight outpouring of ceremonial witchcraft during which she led her coven in ridding the tongue of a member of a visiting sisterhood of a malignant cancerous growth, Frankie Scully inquired of me if 110,000 words was sufficient to qualify her inspirational book as a full-length novel.  Speaking gently in the soft illumination of the haunting flicker of fading bonfire light, I answered thus....

Most assuredly 110,000 words for your new novel is a very fashionable length. It certainly meets the word-count qualifications favored by the Big Five US Trade Book Publishers.

I applaud you for your ambitious commitment to excellence in novel writing. It is no easy task to generate such a high volume of words for a single compendium of a connected series of theatrically related dramatic events.

In the old days before digitized word count features, I suppose novelists kept track of their volume by how many pages they wrote each day or night; however, I find that when writing a novel it is decidedly helpful not to devote too much thought to word count.

In my experience, a novel is a sentient being, a living breathing entity with its own agenda for doing as it pleases. I therefore give myself over to the story entirely. I let the book write itself.

Character, plot, voice, style, point of view, theme - these various elements of the modern novel are only vague approximations of what a narrated story really is. The essence of a novel lies deep within the subconscious of its author. That mysterious psychoemotional dominion is not independently objective as a separate organism from the novel. On the contrary, the subliminal mind of the author is the subjective acolyte of the emerging story - a vessel, a conduit for bringing the heretofore unknown saga from beyond the mystical Veil into the temporal literary world of hungry readers.

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