Happy Hour.

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Anthony was at the happy hour, but then it turned sour when suddenly, news came to him.

Submitted: December 30, 2017

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Submitted: December 30, 2017




Anthony was one of the workers at the happy hour which started at 16:30 pm. Around 16:50 pm when he had a few beers down him, some one came in and told him something. Anthony became sober, with that glare of suprise on his face. The glass he had in his hand slid out and fell to the floor. A fellow worker gave him a lift. Half an hour later, Anthony stood outside his door of the house he live in. 
Before he entered the key in the lock of the door, he saw that there were no furniture or anything at all in the living room. He entered and found all the rooms in the house empty. There was no sign of his wife and two children--boy and a girl. His next door neighbors said that they had seen some removal men going to the house. Anthony walked around the empty house trying to recall what had happened this morning when he left. He had no quarrel with the family. All was peaceful when he left to go to work. There was no reason of suspecting his wife of messing about with some other. She wasn't like that at all. One of the neighbors described to him a man they had seen along with the removal men. Frank knew immediately who it was.
There was no bed so he couldn' sleep at the house. He got onto his parents and told them what had taken place. They were shocked when they heard the news. A cab was ordered and Anthony went around to his parents. Staying with them until the weekend was over, he went back to work. In the canteen his best friend came up and said, That's a terrible blow for you Anthony!''
''Eh! What!... hey, it's you. Yes, it was a great shock what happened.''
''Happened?'' I'm not with you... what... what happened?''
''Surely it must be around by now. Haven't you heard. My wife left me, and took everything. There wasn't one item left in the house. It was completely empty.''
His friend said, ''I've heard of wives leaving their husbands, running away but not taking everything that's in the house. What have you done to her Frank?''
''I've done nothing to her. You know me, I'm an easy going chap''
''That's your problem see, Anthony, too easy going. Some one has taken advantage of you; and your loving wife has let you down.''
''Yes, I know!''
''What are you going to do about it, Anthony? You have to do something.''
''I have to find out where she is first, and why she left.''
''That's why I said Anthony, I'll never settle down being married. It's better off staying single.''
''Not everyone thinks like you do.''
''Look what's happened to you and you're still young. I just couldn't take it like you're taking it. I'd go beserk.''

Anthony jumped up from his seat. ''If she's  with a bloke, I'll kill him.''
''Calm down Anthony. That's fighting talk I can't see you doing anything but putting your tail under your backside like a puppy. You're a soft one, Anthony.''

Anthony got a day off on Tuesday. He went to the parents of his wife and was surprised to hear from them that they didn't know where she was They thought she was still with him. He told them what had happened. Although it was their daughter, they took to Anthony very much.

Nine kilometers away lived his wife's grandmother. He took the train there and learned that the grandmother knew not the whereabouts of his wife. Back at his house he managed to get a bed, a kitchen table and chairs; an old settee; cups, plates, forks, spoons and knifes. And also an old second hand TV set. He thanked his parents for letting him stay the time with them.

 Anthony made himself a cup of tea, sat back on the old settee and began to watch TV. One of his favorite programs was on. He was enjoying it when he heard the door bell. Opening the door, his friend  stood there. ''Hi! Anthony, how's it going? Found out yet where she is?''
''No, nothing. What vex me is that she didn't even leave a note.''
''Ah! You see, Anthony, taking her for granted, as if you know her.''
''She's my wife, isn't she?'' The friend stepped in and Anthony made him a cuppa.
''What have you really done, Anthony? Have you really tried seeking her out?'' The friend sat down at one end of the settee. ''A man who loves his wife would have been always on the move.''
Ánthony took a drink of his tea, looked at his froiend and said, ''I knw it's you who has caused me all this pain.''

The End. 


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