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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

After getting kicked out of the angelic choir due to poor vocals and vulgarity, a young angel receives new marching orders. As part of her punishment, she must travel to earth in the form of a
human girl and befriend a human man. She is to be presented to him as a Christmas gift for the night, for his pleasure alone. But things begin to get too real as the pleasure enhances.

(Authors Note: If this story performs well, receiving multitudes of reads and votes, there will be a sequel on the way quick! So tell everyone you know to come out and peep my work. More is always on the way so I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.)


Angel wandered aimlessly, kicking her small feet. Life just hadn't been working out like normal this year and she'd been strangely depressed. Massive preparations were going on for the year's big event and she just couldn't seem to get into the cheery mood.

The choir director had even kicked her out the Angelic Chorus an hour previous. He said that all her "Gloria Alleluia's" were flat and causing a discord amid her section. He'd suggested that she get her voice checked out before she came back or attempted to sing any further. She'd always led the choir in the number of solos she'd been given, but unfortunately not this year. She knew there was nothing wrong with her incredible voice but she just couldn't put her heart into singing this shit over and over again.

Angel didn't know what she could do now. She knew she wasn't in the mood for taking part in the pageant and definitely couldn't take part in the spreading of peace and joy, not in the mood she was in. Angel didn't know what was wrong but she felt somehow unfulfilled, allowing it to affect everything she did. She'd gone to all the counseling suggested but nothing had revealed the root of her problem. Since no one went unassigned, she would now have to talk to the big boss to get a new assignment.

"Michael, I just got kicked off the goddamn choir. What should I fucking do now?" said Angel.

"Well I've looked over your record for this year and you seem to have problems completing any projects and must you be so vulgar dear? Physically you're in good shape but you seem to be a mental mess." said Michael

"I know. I'm so fucking restless and can't keep my mind on anything! I feel like I've seriously fucked up here but can't do anything to fix it!" Angel answered. "I don't know what I'm gonna do, bro."

"Well I do have an idea. We have recived a recent Christmas wish from a mortal. He's a very good soul and does good works every day but since his wife died he keeps wishing in the back of his mind to do this. It's a little out of our norm but I'm inclined to grant it." said Michael

"Well, what is it though? Some kind of silly "messenger from God" bit. We all know that shit's played out." asked Angel.

"No, this mortal was very explicit. He wishes to have a special Christmas Eve present in the form of an Angelic visit." said Michael.

Angel thought for a moment. She'd never been a present before - a messenger, a vision, a benefactor, a protector - but never a present. This would be something very different. "Well I guess I could try! Hell, I have nothing to do now since I can't sing in the fucking choir! Let's go!"

"Your mortal wishes to have a completely compliant female who will do everything he wishes witout argument. You are strictly prohibited from using your heavenly powers, although while amoung the humans you will be granded free will. You will need to act like a simple mortal. Do you think you can obey him? Some of what he may desire may not be what you'd expect."

Angel felt a quick thrill of anticipation. To put herself in the power of a mortal, to let him decide her actions gave her a feeling of weakness. But it was going to be awesome.

"Come on, let's just do this shit Micheal." Angel was more than ready.

"Okay but remember no wings, no halos, no angel bits. Just what mortal women would be and do. He will be the master of your actions. Make sense?" said Michael.


Angel found herself walking toward a house on a snowy street. It was brightly lit with Christmas lights hung on the eves, a large garland framed the door, and an evergreen wreath hung in the center. She knew this was the house of the man she was meant to see. However, as she approached the door she began to shiver. She was wearing only a white fur trimmed coat with her hands in a fur-lined muff and the dress she wore felt light and silky against her skin.

She knocked on the door and waited as the chill wind whistled around her and snowflakes fell against her cheeks. She shivered in her coat, having never felt the breath of winter against her skin before. This sensation was an amazingly fierce chill to her system. 

The door open and silhouetted against the light was the figure of a man. He was tall and seemed to loom over her. She had never before felt so helpless, so fragile.

"May I come in?" she stammered. "It's quite horrible out here."

He nodded and opened the door wide so as to allow her to enter. As she ventured into the entryway, a brilliant warmth engulfed her. Behind her she heard the door shut and the click of the lock. She was here now and knew she had to stay until morning. She was confronted by the unknown looming before her, but had taken the leap of faith anyways.

She now turned and saw him looking at her questioningly. She let her muff drop to the floor and slid the large coat off her shoulders. It settled as a pool of white fur at her feet as she trembled. Thin straps supported the white silk gown she wore, fitting to her soft bosom in the light. It clung to the curves of her body and looped down across her chest barely covering her breasts. The long gown caressed her hips and a long slit up the side to her thighs showed that this was all she was wearing. She took one step forward and knelt at his feet.

"I have come Master as your Christmas wish. I'll do whatever you want this night," she whispered.

Her head and eyes dropped until all she could see was the floor at his feet. She couldn't look at his face for she felt so fucking helpless. Nothing she'd ever done had ever given her this icky feeling. Just then his hand came forward, lightly stroked her cheek as he lifted her chin to look in her face.

"What is your name, young lady?" he asked.

"Angel, Master." she said.

He lifted her to her feet easily although standing, her golden hair barely brushed his chin.

"Follow me," he said

They entered a large living room with a crackling fire providing warmth and light. A Christmas tree in the corner added twinkling light to the room.

"Go stand on that little rug there before the fire."

The warmth from the fire penetrated her thin gown and she stopped shivering. The fur rug tickled and warmed her bare feet as he reclined in a chair facing the fire.

"Turn slowly. I desire to gaze upon your beauty."

She began slowly to rotate before the fire. The light showed her bare shape through the thin material of the soft gown, the slight dimpling of her nipples showing clearly.

Angel wondered what was happening for strange sensations within her body made her feel dizzy and breathless. He watched her so closely and she now wondered what he saw.

Suddenly he was at her side, his hand coming forward to ease the strap of her gown off her right shoulder, brushing the material over her breast. His large hand then engulfed her breast, his thumb softly toying with her suple nipple. She gasped a breath as a sharp tingly sensation coursed through her upper body. Her tits tightened and became more erect as she leaned into him. His other hand came up, gripped her hair, pulling her head back. He began to softly kiss and lick her neck.

She moaned and sighed as he continued to stroke her body, pushing the gown down to her hips. Nothing she had ever done before had made her feel like this. Is this passion she wondered? Her body seemed to be taking on a rhythm of its own. She couldn't control any of this at all, finding herself powerless in this mortal's hands.

After a time, he quit caressing her, stepped back, and said. "Kneel and remove my pants."

She knelt at his feet and undid his belt, unsnapped his trousers, sliding them down his legs. As she removed his under garments, his mighty penis sprang to life in front of her. She blushed, secretly knowing she'd never considered the look of an aroused male.

"Suck on that shit bitch." He commanded.

Slowly, she took his large penis in her hands and brought it to her lips. She licked its length and then attempted to deep throat it. She continued fondling it until he told her to stop and lie on the rug motionless.

He removed his shirt and knelt quietly at her side, breathing heavily. He removed her gown slowly and she lay naked before him on the large, damp rug. His hand caressed her, feeling a thick, frothy moisture between her legs. Her back arched and she moaned, feeling tense and bothered.

"Please, please tell me what's happening. I can't seem to stop myself." she whimpered.

He put his arm around her shoulders and with his other hand he felt between her legs. He slipped two fingers inside and felt around as she moaned softly in pleasure. He thought back to the days of his boring anatomy lass and how useless he always thought it was. He found a rough spot on her pelvic bone and rubbed firmly, causing her to jolt alive. She began writhing in shear bliss and digging her nails into his back. The more he moved, the tighter she clenched, her face contorted as she became silent. Her mouth opened slightly and he could feel her tighten around his hand. He smiled, having had just made her release.

Angel's clothes lied about on the floor, surrounding the small area. His pants were open and he could feel her wet hot pussy while he was grinding it on his member. She thought he would cum right then and there and tried to watch closely, having never witnessed the act up close before. His hands danced all over her breasts, lingering on her long hard nipples, craving her with desire.

He lightly caressed her skin and little shivers tingled throughout her body. She thought she was going crazy and wanted him to stop but needed him to continue. He spread her legs and entered her while massaging her clitoris in waves of tension.

"You are the angel I've been waiting for bitch..." He insulted her ever so calmly.

Angel stood up and guided him over to the nearby sofa, kissing him as she fondled his over large member that strained against her grip. She helped him take off his polo shirt and kissed her way down his muscular chest until she reached his straining member. Cupping his swollen balls in one hand and holding his shaft at the base with the other, she blew her warm breath across the tip, placing her moist lips within a centimeter of his beautiful flesh. He moaned as she began to slide her tongue over every inch of him, head to toe, covering him with saliva until his body glistened. She flicked her tongue across the tip, teasing him as her fingernails touched his balls with an angelic like touch. His breathing quickened and his moans escalated. One hand clenched his shaft and began sliding over the wet trail left by her mouth as the other teased his sack exquisitely.

His movements became faster and faster, until she felt at the brink of a vast new emotion. As he plunged deeply into her, a crescendo of sound sprang from her lips and an incredible "Gloria Alleluia" filled the small room with golden sound. Rapidly rising to her feet, she released two immense angelic blades from inside each arm, simultaneously spewing an ungodly sound from within her lungs.

Splayed out in front of her, covered in sweat and freshly displayed feces, was the young man she'd been gifted to for the night. She'd simply blinked and swiftly beheaded him as her sharp angelic blades sliced through his flesh smoothly, cauterizing the wound as they blazed past.

So she could sing after all. What good that shit did her now, right? Might as well enjoy some good times on this god-forsaken planet before the Almighty cleansed it again. Retracting her blades back into her skin, she walked over the window and stepped out into the light snow beyond. This was sizing up be a fascinating night of chaos and death, she could just sense it. It was finally time to meet humanity head on.


Adam Koss/ July 25, 2017

Submitted: December 30, 2017

© Copyright 2021 Dagger Darkstar. All rights reserved.

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