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Bullies were the worst growing up. here is a personal example of how I chose to fight back.

Submitted: December 30, 2017

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Submitted: December 30, 2017



This is a true account of a day at my high school that I want to forget.

LOCATION: The St. Anthony School: 2030 N Denton Dr, Carrollton, TX 75006

Phone: (214) 443-1205

From their website: "St. Anthony's incorporates martial arts as a motivational tool to teach life skills, instill confidence, foster self-discipline, and develop improved listening skills"

Kevin Walker, known as Mr. Kevin by the body of students, stood at the far end of the playground near the small encampment made from logs and tree branches. He looked rather stern and concentrated as he stood with Mr. Nathan, discussing the day's activities. His eye's occasionally passed over the terrain in search of students who were not abiding by the rules since today the head of the school's administrative staff was out and about on the grounds. I was but seventeen years-old while attending the St. Anthony's School outside Garland, TX. As an older student (a high-school junior) I had to set the bar higher and be an example for the younger students who looked up to me. At this school however, the entire student body had recess together so that we were all socializing at the same time. K-8th grade were on one half of the playground whereas the 9th-12th graders had the soccer field in the back.

The middle of our vast playground was an open territory for all and many students used that area as a place to communicate and spread false truths about other students. The "killing grounds", as the area had come to be called, was the ripe and festering feast of bullies in their prime such as the young man I will speak on here this day. His name was Stephen and he accurately looked like a giant, over-weight teddy bear who'd gotten his face stuck in a garbage smasher. He had small eyes that were mere slits, making him appear to be constantly squinting at the world around him. He was also very large and tall, causing him to tower over most of the other students younger than him. On this day however, he was sitting amid the shade of the biggest tree in the park, with Cali on his lap teasing him.

Cali was always trying to find new ways to break the rules or take her clothes off. She regularly gave male students hand-jobs in Mr. Kevin's bathroom along with other unsightly pleasures. Every time she would go use the bathroom, she would take many pictures of her naked body to share with the young men who desperately wanted to see her "goodies". So, in other words, she was a young whore, desperate to receive male attention and didn't care who she had to fuck to get it. As of now she sat content, upon Stephen's lap as he bounced her up and down with his mighty legs.

I had defiantly taking a liking to Cali (aka McCall Frazier) at the time, along with several other young ladies such as Genevieve, Laura, Emily (Brett's girl, another trashy slut who was always getting naked on camera), and Faith. But my favorite at the time was Cali and it would stay that way until I graduated. So I meandered up to the pair on this gloomy Tuesday afternoon with my friends headphones blaring in my ears the mellow voice of the lewd rapper Ludacris, all the while wondering what I'd say to Cali. I had built up an extremely negative rapport with the body of students due to some disgusting and extreme sexual acts that I'd partaken in, and most of the staff didn't like me at all.

What happened was there was this young lady I had been secretly obsessed with all year long, (her name was Karli) and I really wanted to fuck the shit out of her. So as a way of venting my frustration, I'd gone in the bathroom alone and masturbated onto her brand new hoodie which had been hanging on a hook. I'd thoroughly sprayed my semen across her clothes and then placed it back on the hanging rack with the other coats. I had done this act of "white-washing" her hoodie three times in the same day until my actions were discovered upon the discolored cloth as she wore it later that afternoon. Actions such as these were what got me labeled a "bad boy" or a "faggot". Earlier that year, I had also beaten a young man named Steward, pulled his pants down, and smacked him with a broom across his nuts causing him to urinate on himself but that's a different story. So, nevertheless, I was hated by all whom I despised in return and especially Stephen who hated me the most (since he was the king of the bully's).

Stephen saw me approaching and yelled out the to the surrounding students that "JizzMaster" was near so they better get their umbrella's ready. I didn't think this was very funny, but I saw in the corner of my eye that Mr. Kevin was smirking as he stood by and watched this humorous display of male dominance between us. I shrugged it off and kept walking toward Cali who had now removed herself from Stephen's lap and was sitting on the bench in front of him. Our eyes met and she winked as I removed my headphones to hear better.

She said something along the lines of her enjoying a man who could "produce huge loads" and that I must have "massive balls" since I put out so much semen. While this semi-compliment was uncalled for, it gave me an ego-boost since I'd be known as the "man with huge balls" for the remainder of my time at the school until graduation. Unfortunately, due to acts such as these, my good name would be tarnished for years to come (no pun indented) and I would be haunted by the memories.

But now, Stephen stood up and addressed me directly saying that I must "get the fuck out of dodge" before he smashed my face into the pavement. While Stephen was a bi-polar/ADHD case, these comments from him didn't phase me as much as they probably should have at the time. I stood my ground and told him that I wasn't looking for trouble, I just wanted to speak with Cali and see how her day had been going. This wasn't what Stephen had wanted to hear at all as he violently pushed me back, causing me to trip and stumble over the park bench behind me. This may have hurt my back a little but my pride had been greatly bruised.

I decided then and there, while I lay on the ground, that it was time to activate a zero-moment. A zero-moment is what happens when you're in a horrible situation and you start counting down in your head from 5 to 0, and when you reach zero, you just do the first thing that comes to your mind. You learn how to effectively snap and your brain explodes. I gazed up at Stephen towering above me, looked around, grabbed some sharp rocks, and quickly threw them towards his eyes.

Then, noticing a small, sharp stick beside me which I picked it up and stabbed into his ankle. His dark blood began to soak through his thick sock very quickly as he fell to his knees in the gravel. He screamed, reached down, grabbed me with his left hand and threw me against the nearest tree very forcefully. My upper body felt like I'd fallen through eighty floors of a building having been dropped from a plane. I absolutely couldn't move a muscle since all the air had been seemingly violently shaken from me. I doubled over in pain as Stephen began raining punches down upon me. A shower of sheer battery pounded me against the tree even more as my brain seemed to be shaken violently within my skull.

His monster fists drew blood as his eyes grew dark and he blacked out. I could here Cali yelling for someone to come help but I was damn near unconscious and could only get small breaths as his hands barraged my head, neck, and throat, forcing my eyes shut. After what seemed like an entirety, Mr. Kevin swiftly pulled Stephen off of me and I reluctantly got to my feet, coughed, and puked up a lot of blood. I knew it was going to be a long day since this was only the half way point and I had to survive until 3:00 pm. Stephen told Mr. Kevin that I had just walked up and "randomly" stabbed his ankle. Kevin believed him and punished me harshly for "injuring another student by excessive means of force". Unbelievable. Like, seriously?

Through this entire experience, I learned to always stay true to one's self, no matter what crazy shit is going on around you. Life can hand you multitudes of lemons, but it's up to you if you desire to make lemonade or not.


Adam Koss/ December 29, 2017

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