Who hears me?

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It is about many people who are looking for someone in their lives to talk to without discussing them. They just want to talk about what their heart and mind hold of their thoughts, to feel
psychological comfort.

Submitted: December 30, 2017

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Submitted: December 30, 2017



The warm sunshine touches me as I sit on the sands of the beach talking and talking with him about my own thoughts, my fingers touching the sand of the beach.

But my eyes did not share these things because she was watching another beauty, the beauty of a girl walking barefoot on the beach and the water tugging at her feet and the air playing her hair. And her smile is like the spirit of life that plants joy for everyone who sees it. I charmed my eyes and took her to another world with her.

Suddenly I noticed a hand moving in front of my face waving and someone saying hi.

I confused! I suddenly said hello, and my tongue is saying these words I apologize I did not feel your presence in front of me, my tongue stopped talking and talked to myself that she is the same girl that my eye watching.

She said to me: Excuse me, but do I know you? Because all the time you look at me and the smile does not leave your face. I felt scared and annoyed.

I said to her: I do not really know you, but my eyes are the ones who could not resist seeing you and marveling at you and the beauty of your smile and your hair that is dancing the air and the sun that lights your face.

She said: What is this talk better to leave I am wrong because I have spoken and asked you, I apologize to you because I dared and talked with you. Then excuse me again. But I was terrified when I approached you because I felt you were blind because you only looked at one direction, which is my direction until I got to you and the opposite was true.

I said to her: Please forgive my eyes, because my eyes I was looking to see you but I cannot blame it because what I saw really beauty steal the mind and captivate hearts.

She said to me, angry and at the same time shyness on her cheeks, you are not polite.

I said to her: If I am not polite, I will praise the good that the Lord has created. I will always be not polite when I look at beauty, as I look at you now.

We talked strongly and stubbornly as if we knew some, and moments later she told me why I was originally talking to you. And I do not know you. I said to her: I am (?), happy to know you.

She said: What is this method of entering the lives of others quickly and without warning. And impose yourself on them.

I said to her: I think I am not the one who dared to knock the other's door, but now I only care to hear one word (yes or no) to accept my friendship.

She said shyly and puzzled: "I am despite about your way of talking and your strange style, but there is something I do not know what makes me happy to talk to you so I will tell you (yes). Since the relationship will be based on respect for each other.

I said to her and the joy on my face: We agreed to a friendship between us. There are no written contracts on the paper to sign the friendship contract because it is an oral contract, but there are witnesses who testify to this contract - the sea, the beach sand, the sun and the wind. When we started the dialogue, the situation was like the battle. We exchanged opinions and conversations strongly and the minds discussed each other, but I felt that I had known you for a long time and you knew me as well.

She said: Enough, poet. You love to tease a lot.

I said to her: I said if I were a poet I would write my mind and my heart, to write the finest words to become poetry describes the beauty that my eyes saw them. I make my fingers draw on the beach the meaning of beauty.

She said: I hope that my mind is full of thoughts of your mind and kindness of your heart and the lightness of your soul.

I said to her: Why said that, I see you are Miss opinions and you have the courage in the debate, and you can release the finest words from your mouth to take advantage of free time to be written on the sheets of your notes, your words like the melody fill any free space so that you can make all your space busy as congested traffic in the streets.

She said: I do not know the meaning of the sense of life!

I said to her: I call you a lady of opinions I made you with my eyes queen of sensations, and when you begin to speak all the feelings bow to you, because as I told you queen of the kingdom of sensations.

She said: "Where I express my feelings because I have a lot of feelings for people around me

I said to her: I offer you the best I have my note and the pen friends who live with me in the paths of life, the pen will flirt with your fingertips and remind the memo to foster your feelings, and turning stories of life and you sit with them and see how to communicate with each other.

She said: Your imagination is broad, but I understood you.

I said to her: Your understanding shows your pure heart and your conscious mind and your superior feeling. My own imagination is my own monarchy and I am present in the way I want to be. It is the basis of mental comfort.

She said: "You made me ashamed of your words." I liked your talk and your charming words

I said to her: Your shyness makes you a distinctive rose in the midst of all the orchards of roses.

She said: "I feel like a bouquet of roses that expresses different feelings and qualities.

I told her: If I was a bouquet of roses, then you are the vase that embraces this bouquet.

She said: I feel warmer I think there is an excess in talk.

I said to her: Do not be surprised because my tongue is eager to take advantage of the opportunity to praise you.

She said: Do not praise me very much because I doubt in my talk with others that he is sometimes balanced.

I said to her: Doubt is a word that makes a person live psychologically and complexly but make the word trust is the basis. When your tongue starts talking, I trust that everything that comes out of your tongue becomes a melody. Make your opinions everywhere, make them come to you according to the situation and make your mind open to imagination to raise the creative thinking.

She said: Thank you for your kind words and wonderful meaning.

I said to her: Don’t thanks me but thanks my Lord, because he made me in front of this charming beauty speak and philosophize, and made me exist on this beach to meet the mermaid on this day, to see the magic of her eyes I say what is in my mind.

She said: You do not tire of talking!!!!!

I said to her: I cannot prevent my tongue from talking when my eyes see what it fascinates.

She said: Please stop talking; I want to go now I have what I accomplished today.

I told her: No!! Please do not go because my eyes will remain sad after you go.

She did not say any word or comment did not talk did not say something just smiled and turned and began to walk and leave.

I felt lonely. I felt that someone was stealing something from me. I was sure that it was the silence that stole my moments. I hate to find it in my life.

I started calling but she did not answer me. I kept calling her and she did not answer me and when I got close to her car, she hit the window of the car and I dropped the net and she did not tell me anything.

I said to her: Your silence killed me, but is it possible to leave me before you introduce me to your name? We have been talking for hours and did not ask you about your name?

Here she uttered her name.

I said to her: What a name carries a lot of meanings Name reflects that life is a joy and name..................!!!!!

She said: Please Stop you really do not tire of talking.

I said to her: "for you, I stop everything except time, how much I wish I could stop it, because it is in hand of the Lord.

She did not utter anything, just smiled slightly and drove off.

I saw her car disappear in front of my eyes, and suddenly I caught my head and said I did not get her phone number to communicate with her I'm really unfortunate, whenever you know someone that was a young man or a girl, leave without asking their phone number to communicate with them.

I said: I think this is my punishment because my words do not end when I start talking to anyone as if I'm just there to talk, so sea, my friend, close to my heart, you are the only one who can hear me without being bored or tired of me. I am coming to you to complete our conversation.

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