Leap of Fate

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Submitted: December 30, 2017

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Submitted: December 30, 2017



It was the darkest hour of the night. Alice had decided to take an unfamiliar shortcut to get home, a grimy and shadowy ally. She was new to this city and had just started getting adjusted to the timings of her work. The place from where she had just left. An unusual chilly breeze blew that night, a first experience of which she’d had there. Her loose cardigan was in no way enough to protect her from the dropping temperature.

She had just started to shiver with the cold while walking through the alley, when some more real shivers went down her spine. She heard a whisper behind her, hardly audible but fairly recognizable. For a moment she wanted to stop and see what it was, but the horror of the darkness would never let her. As she started to hurry towards the exit, the whisper became more prominent. But it still wasn’t enough for her to understand it. Then, for seconds, it stopped. All she could hear was the echo of her heels, something that seemed to petrify her even more.

Now almost running, as she neared the outlet, the whisper turned into a voice, loud a clear. “Lisa”, it said. Something only her late father had called her by. Her legs stopped moving and she experienced a pure state of shock. But her heart filled with a rush of curious joy. With her feet as cold as the furthest planet from the sun, she turned around to look, but saw nothing. There was only the darkness which she had just left behind.

As she started to look deeper into that abyss to find him, a loud crash was what she heard behind her. She turned around to see what the latest shock of this night was. A car had smashed right at the exit of the alley. Some 20 meters away from her, right where she was supposed to be, If not for stopping to look back.


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