Bid Adieu

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Submitted: December 30, 2017

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Submitted: December 30, 2017



All her lovers came 

To bid final adieu !

She was all rolled up slept quietly for ever..


She is so calm & silent why ?? 

Show me ur anger one last time please ! 

I want to cook ur favourite dish come get up! 

Wish i could have expressed my feelings once again .. 

thousands of things trembling in their heads !!


Never saw her such pale and no expression face before .. why now !!


She wanted todo what not !!

Achieve see the unhappened feel the atmosphere of every place in the world.. 


Parents were never her priority because she never counted them in the list! 

She always said ! Why people keep parents at number 1 .. why u even count them .. they are above numbers and everything !!! 


Her wishes could not come true .. she could not afford a little more time for herself.. 


Hope her soul is sleeping well up there because no one to ring the bell of her house and disturb her !


Whole sky is her room and there is no door to it ! Independent and carefree like she was down here ... 



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