Confined To Passion

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Submitted: December 30, 2017

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Submitted: December 30, 2017



I've obtained so many conclusions .

As I make my peace.

I am a lovesick dilusion .

In your heart's long sleep.

Passion is it's own emotion.

It's not a useless trick.

But, they used it as one anyway .

And that's what makes you sick.

Passion is your true love breathing

on the back of your neck .

Only to wake in the morning

to find that they have left.

There was something calling

through the fog in this endless world.

A destiny of unknown origin

as the love cyclone swirls.

Passion is redemption

remission of your heart.

A kiss sealed with forever

to enforce your pulse so sharp.

Passion is a new chapter

with love on every page.

Adjusting to all the weather ,

I guess you could call it fate.

I've obtained so many conclusions

as I make my peace.

Sometimes time is the only keeper

for what's meant to be.

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