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How simple things sometimes plays so much important role.Giving us self realization.

Submitted: December 30, 2017

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Submitted: December 30, 2017



I was there at station as usual. Waiting for my train to was a normal Saturday afternoon for me. Running late for my Diploma lectures. And long distance trains coming one by one were genially not helping. I was getting frustrated with each coming long distance 2-3 trains. And then ! that train arrive …I was stunned reading the names of station. Ahmadabad –baroda. Damn! Baroda that word was enough to totally break me down. Soon my eyes were full of tears. And the train stopped I  was totally zoned out. People getting down from each compartment. The speed of the platform getting crowded and my heart getting numb was the same. I was able to see myself all breaking down on the train’s window. As if it was making me realize how badly I regret all of that. Me learning that I cant be this every time I see something related to him. This should stop somewhere. I don’t want to be regretting but calling him right way and saying, “I miss you” without any second thoughts.

It was a month ago that I decided to confess my feelings for him. Not for the first time but definitely for the last time. I was tired from making things out from our conversations. Best thing was to confront and wait for the results. But I did’t know that it was the last conversation ill be ever having with him. I said all that which was in my head. How much I loved him. Our bond was different. He was irritating, annoying but I was always ready to work things up with him. I knew somewhere that this I could only do this with him. that was a forever thing for me. But he had his own reasons to move away.

Looking at the train gave me a reality check. Some relationships are not mend to end in a romantic way. But they are to the treasured the way they are. More special in its unique when next I come across anything related to him I want to be someone who will have a broad smile. Thinking how time passes and how we grow with it. How you learn to accept things, how you let go things. How you learn to be happy and proud of you. The experience of learning something with harsh reality was never a problem for  me. In fact I love how I grow up with it. How I learn all by myself.  Your life is a great teacher and you are her favorite student.


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