The Fittest

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I am Dr. Hans Gruber - . I call myself a tech enthusiast having worked in the Tech industry for a long time. My wife on the other hand is into the arts – home décor. I consider ourelves an active loving couple. This is my first entry in my personal diary – just a small log of events from now on…. sparingly


September 22nd, 2045.

We had one rule before we got married and we stuck to it for our seven years of our married life so far. The rule is – no kids, no pets and no garden. We both believe that all three makes life more mundane and repetitive than it is anyway. We decided, we rather experience other things which make life awesome. Yes, we live in a Condo, Yes, we love our wine, we love our travels, we love our food and we make a lot of love without the disturbance from a crying infant. We have much lesser worries than the average family person – we do not worry about our pet’s old age, we do not worry about how to resurrect the dying rose plants or how to fix the kitchen. Most importantly, we do not need to save for someone’s college or worry about who she/he will bring home as girlfriend/boyfriend.

So today, to be exact - September 22nd 2045, I bought home our first AI robot. It’s made by Tesla. Not a bargain deal, not one on sale – the state of the art, the best money can buy – their Supersapien series.  Why did I get ourselves a robot? Well, did I not tell you that I am a tech enthusiast?We buy tech products because we just love tech. But seriously, a robot can make our life all the more easy – it will practically do every last mundane task that we currently do – cooking to laundry to mixing my drink or fixing her cocktail.

The robot company is smart – they do not want you to think of the robot as a thing – so they have gender specific robots with a total human look and feel. One can place an order for a male or a female robot. You can specify the age also as long as the robot is above 20 years. Yes, they do not want any perverse child labor ideas to be sown into peoples’ minds. Yes, you can buy a 90 year old robot technically if all you want to do is to “serve” the robot as it lays weak and fragile in his bedroom. The robot can smile, frown, laugh. Actually the robot does not have such feelings – it is simply programmed to show those expressions on the face.

Ours is a male – well, I bought it for my wife for I believe that two women cannot co-exist in one house. That’s why the male robot. It stands 6 ft 2 inches, has a tanned skin colored body, expressive eyes, no hair on the head but still got a handsome visage and looks like a Greek sculpture – strong limbed and healthy.


April 9th, 2046

I wonder sometimes if my wife likes me more or AI. We named our robot AL. The other day – March 22nd, my wife bought home a cake and candles – she wanted to celebrate the 6th month/half year birthday of Al.  I tried to explain to her many times that this is just a machine to help us with all our tasks, not someone to speak to always, not a shoulder to cry over or to let our all your little secrets. Maybe it is an arts major thing or something – she insists on treating the robot as a family member – dad, brother, boyfriend??? No clue.

For a while I was the guy she asked questions or discuss about things – like how many ml is an ounce or do I think if there is life on other planets? Or what did I think about Trump’s 8 years in office? She stopped asking me all those questions. I used to be her go to man to open cans or to fix things at home. I am not that person anymore. Al does all that for her, including holding discussions with her. She still needs me though, I think – yes, she needs me as her emotional crutch. I feel needed. Or am I being delusional?


July 11th 2046

We had a good, not great, good July 4th vacation. We includes Al. She booked tickets for him without telling me – told me it would be a nice surprise to me as well as Al. I tried to tell her that Al has no emotions really – it cannot be “surprised”. Most probably it knew as you were trying to book our tickets since all our devices are connected anyway. My dear wife is a home décor whiz, but technology is still cryptic to her. I was surprised for sure to see Al sit between us on the flight. Yes, I could notice, for a second, my wife keeping her hand on his thigh. Maybe I am imagining things. She booked for him his own room – she says she cannot change in front of Al – WTF moment

She bought him swimming shorts – she never bought me one. Just wanted to make it clear. Why would he need swimming shorts? She says that in case she gets attacked by a shark, only Al can save her. So she made him wear those shorts and sit on the beach in Hawaii. I AM ACTUALLY PLANNING TO PLUCK OUT THE HAIR ON MY CHEST AND GLUE THEM ON AL


September 21st 2046.

My wife says that she plans to have a special intimate candle light dinner for the three of us to celebrate Al’s birthday. I do not know who is becoming more mad by the day. I am mad at Al. My wife seems to be madly in love with Al. I am unable to explain to her a simple thing like – Al does not eat food. Al does not prefer caviar over a burger or vice versa. No, Al is just a robot, not her husband, not her brother or father or son. Am I being jealous? Maybe. Actually I am jealous of Al. Al has taken up my place in so many things and now at the candlelight dinner too


October 22nd 2046.

One month ago, on Al’s birthday I was late from returning from work. I told my wife I will show up really late. I knew it was Al’s birthday and I was in no mood to have dinner with Al or sing a happy birthday song to him/it. At 8 pm I felt a bit bad and left office and reached home soon. Not noticing anyone in the living room, I wandered into the bedroom only to find my wife and Al in an intimate position, my wife naked and teaching him some specific movements. I stormed out of the room, went to my attic, got my shot-gun and shot Al. My wife has been admitted to the trauma unit and undergoing psychiatric evaluation for her perceived mental injury.


December 27th 2046

I heard on the news that Supersapien 2.0 is flying off the shelves after a local news agency reported our little story to CNN and it became national news.

Incidentally, the sale of shot guns also saw a rise – nah, just kidding.

Submitted: December 31, 2017

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