Tonight I Cried

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This is a poem about how the things we experience all place extra weight on our shoulders. We all walk similar paths, and yet most of us feel alone.

Submitted: December 31, 2017

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Submitted: December 31, 2017



Tonight I cried


The glass stands empty,
Its contents have long since dried,
Another refill feels too tempting,
And tonight? Tonight I cried,

Actions have consequences,
Not just for those you have wronged,
I feel numb, can't trust my senses,
What use is there to prolong?

People in glass houses
Should not lie, and although they try,
Their misdeeds are stacked in warehouses
threatening to fall, and tonight? Tonight I cried,

"What goes around comes around",
Karma has no use in this place,
Why waste time hoping they drown?
Move on, do not allow them a trace,

A number in a list, a line on the wrist
Covered meekly, why do we hide?
Something has to change, give the knife another twist,
And tonight? Tonight I cried,

Doubt creeps in and sets like concrete,
Discarded and used, left to rot outside
Like a piece of meat kicked to the street,
It's too much, and tonight? Tonight I-


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