The Man and the Light extended

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The Man meets the Light in this mystery short story.

Submitted: December 31, 2017

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Submitted: December 31, 2017



It was late at night at 3 am. It was raining heavily. The man was walking down an alley. It was dark and silent, the only thing making a sound was rain. Suddenly man felt a strange presence. Was it another person? Was it some animal? Was it even a living being? Something unknown? Unexplainable? The man felt weird and frightened, but he kept going. Suddenly there was a light at the end of an alley. The man froze. He stood there and stared at it. He was confused and scared, but also curious. He went towards the light. He stopped for a moment in front of the light and reached out for it. He touched the light. The man woke up in his bed. It was 3 am. He was fully dressed and ready to go for a walk. He went down the same alley. There was the same presence. There was the same light. The man was scared. He ran from the light. He tripped himself and fell to the ground. He was lying in the alley. He thought if the light touches him that he will wake up in his bed again. The light was coming towards him. The man stood still and didn't move. The light touched him. The man woke up. He was in a hospital. He was fighting for his life. Was it all just a dream? Was it all real? Were some of it real? What happened that night? Will we ever know? We can only guess.

It was 3 am. The man was lying in his hospital bed. He was going to be let home that morning. He was in a coma for two years. In the morning They got him some old clothes and He left the hospital. The world around him seemed strange. He was living not far from the hospital so he went on foot. When he came to his neighborhood everything seemed to be different, changed. There were people he never saw in his life before, houses and other buildings that were not there. He came to his address. The house looked fresh and new, not like it was empty for two years. That’s because it was not. House retailers sold the house because they think that he was dead and he had no one to leave it to.  The house was now a property of a small family. The man looked through the window and saw three happy smiled faces, he felt sad and confused. He didn’t know what to do. It was his house. But seeing that family so happy living there just couldn't let him ruin it. He was weak and he didn’t care much about his life. He felt happy for those people and he went to see his old friend. He came in front of his house just to find out he moved out last summer because his wife found a new job in another city. The man was devastated. He was his only friend, only one who could help him. It was getting dark. The man needed to find a place to sleep.

It was 3 am. He settled in with some homeless men under a bridge. When he woke up in the morning his personal stuff was gone, including his wallet with some money and his ID. Everyone was gone except one homeless man who was still sleeping. The man went to wake him up. He asked him did he see anyone taking his stuff. He said that he was sleeping the whole night. The man asked him to show him his pockets and to search him to make sure he didn’t take it. He didn’t do it. The man and the homeless man shortly became friends. Both of them didn’t have any other friends so they didn’t have much choice. The man was taken everything he had even he had only a little. The homeless man was named Will. He was ex-construction worker who had a gambling problem and he lost it all, including his job and apartment. He is homeless for two years now and he got used to it. The two of them went to the canteen for homeless people where they were given some food. Will was coming there every day for past two years so he introduced the man to the staff. They had lunch and the man was given a blanket so he can sleep with it. They went to see few places where will sleeps. The man was still very depressed from all what happened. He didn’t like this life, he was cold, scared and weak. After they picked a place to sleep they went to collect some bottles. They found 20 bottles and they exchanged it for money. It was a small amount of money but enough for some bread. They head back to the bridge to look around for stuff that was stolen from the man, they hoped that maybe someone dropped it along the way. They found nothing. They came back to the place they decided to sleep since the man got robbed last time under the bridge so they wanted to sleep in another place. The place was a small alley with two trashcan bonfires and 4 homeless men. It was late and will was asleep as well as other 3 guys. The fourth one asked the man was he new around here and what happened to him. The man just replied with a sleepy gesture because he was too tired to speak.

It was 3 am. The man had a nightmare,  he woke up, everyone was sleeping except Will, because Will wasn’t there. The man went to look for Will. It was raining heavily. The man walked down the alley, the lights were out, there was nothing to be heard, but the rain. At the end of an alley he saw Will who was walking towards some light. The man started running towards Will shouting at Will to get away from the light. Will suddenly stopped. The man was too late. Will got hit by a car. It was 3 am. The man woke up in a hospital bed. A doctor told him that he was in a coma for two days. He got hit by a car that night in the alley, at 3 am.

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