Understanding LOVE

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What love really means and how can we learn from it, understanding love is a short essay for those who are still looking for love and have lost hope.

Submitted: December 31, 2017

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Submitted: December 31, 2017



They say nowadays love is nothing,yes you can be affectionate to someone and have a good feeling about it for sometime but later,it either lasts forever or you end up alone and crushed.No I’m not being negative about it but there are people who commit to a person till their last breath and it is beautiful even to just think about it.


Not everyone gets “the one” and not everyone ends up alone. Love is a feeling which is holy and pure , you only know you love someone when you realize staying away or missing that person is killing you and all you can think is about him or her. Now I may sound a bit cheesy over here but it’s true. When I listen to tragic stories of immense pain through relationships or tales of separation I am quiet because there are reasons for it to happen. Let me tell you , loving a person so Deep makes you strong and confident about yourself you know whatever happens you will never let go whether the ship sinks or sails.


One sided feeling for a person might be common it may be because of several reasons, but the best part is you know you are strong from your side and you will fight and only you have that kind of love for that person. Love is pure and eternal it’s that kind of feeling which sometimes is indescribable and maybe not be expressive. It is strong and steady. 


The first man I fell in love with is my dad, I fell in love with him not because I’m daddy’s girl or like most girls say my dads the best. I fell in love with him because he loved me first and his love is unconditional, what else a girl would want? A feeling that never ends,there is respect,pride and everlasting happiness. Of course a father is always loving to his children but if we look deeper it’s something that will never end. A genuine feeling. In this world of fake human beings who wear masks and hit you on your back is the reason you fall and end up thinking that it’s your fault. But that doesn’t mean you hate them back , I’m not trying to act godly or anything or fill in some spiritual sense in you, but every human encounters cheaters and liars. 


I have a cat actually a kitten and I started developing love for him when I first laid my eyes on him, I rescued him from the road where he was alone all drenched in dirty sewage water and dust. All I could see was a kitten who needed love . It immediately pulled me like some kind of magnetic force. I bought the kitten home and fed him and took care of him, I named him Dino because his coat or fur reminded me of a cat I used to have in my childhood days. So days would go and when I’m out it would be so difficult to leave him alone at home , just a 2 month old little furry ball. Dino is a different cat maybe all pet owners say that about their pets but for me Dino isn’t my pet he is my own child and means a lot to me. Every morning he would wake up first and come and lick my face and rub his face on mine , his purr would wake me up and I would smile. That stare he would give me and slowly sit next to me. Dino would wait near the door when it’s time for my husband to come home from work, he knows exactly when he’s home he patiently waits and listens for his footsteps and when the door opens Dino starts his purring again , I wait for that moment ,just that special moment everyday never want to miss it. It’s just beautiful that love my husband has for Dino is something so pure and real. I would watch how Dino would let Ronnie kiss him and enjoy the gentle rub under his Neck. 


To describe love it doesn’t always have to be of some boring couple story of surprises and romance . There are little things around that can describe love or define love. Love can be a thing,an animal, a person or even a place. When you are lonely and you feel sad just think about yourself , love your self first because if you can’t learn to love yourself you cannot love anyone. Your development of self love and respect will teach you ways of making life beautiful. There are many reasons for us to fall especially when we lose someone whom we dearly loved, or when we are heartbroken or we don’t get that person whom we wanted to spend the rest of our lives with. But falling is ok we can get up and fall again. To mend ones heart is to first mend the mind to prepare itself to battle hatred and betrayal which can only be done with love. Love keeps no records of wrongs, but stores beautiful memories to cherish forever.


So think about that person whom you dearly love, or a place you love or a thing you always keep with you. You will surely feel it that you are perfect and love made you perfect.


Love is kind.

Love is patient.

Love is pure.

Love is forgiving.

Love is God.


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