Playground for the Demented

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Submitted: December 31, 2017

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Submitted: December 31, 2017



Playground for the Demented

Angela sat on a bench next to her friend. “Sarah, how come your kids don’t go to

this playground?”

“They’re not allowed to,” Sarah replied.

“Don’t be silly,” Angela said, “It’s a public park.”

“Didn’t you hear about the new city ordinance they passed last Tuesday?” Sarah sighed,

“Anybody with a mind of their own has to be segregated from society. My kids have too much

of an imagination!” She glanced at her watch. “In fact, I’ve got to pick them up right now!”

“Where are they?”

“They’re at the park on Talbot, and Fifth,” Sarah replied.

“You don’t mean…!” Angela shuddered.

Sarah squeezed through a hole in the barbed wire fence. She approached the ominous-

looking structures that served as the playground. The grinning faces of the mental patients

hovered over her, as she sauntered through the park. Laughter filtered through the mad house,

as the dinner hour approached.

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