Hungry Ghost Realm

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Submitted: December 31, 2017

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Submitted: December 31, 2017



Hungry Ghost Realm

“Please, help me,” Jackie dragged herself to the curb. “I haven’t eaten in days. I’m not on

drugs! I can prove it! My boyfriend kicked me out!” She collapsed in front of a man in a

sports car.

“Hi, I’m Tom,” the well-groomed man in a designer suit, said as he opened his car

window. “Are you hungry?”

Jackie nodded.

“I got just the thing for you,” Tom grinned. He handed her a sandwich tucked neatly

into a plastic bag.

“God bless you,” Jackie’s eyes filled with tears.

Jackie almost gagged as she bit into the foul-tasting sandwich. She lifted up the top

layer of bread, and found cat feces wrapped between two pieces of lettuce.

As Tom approached his highway exit, his breaks went out. He slammed into a semi,

and turned into a human fireball. He felt himself falling into a bottomless pit. At first, flames

scorched his body. As he plunged deeper, he began to shiver uncontrollably. Frostbite formed

at his fingertips. Toward the bottom of the pit, he noticed that the walls were covered with

glass. Shards of glass pierced into his legs, and torso.

He landed in a banquet hall. A huge table was covered with every imaginable delicacy:

turkey, steak, lamb, etc. Toward the end of the table was a huge assortment of desserts.

Tom grinned, as he piled food on his plate.

At first, he had trouble swallowing. Then, everything he ate burned like acid. He

devoured most of the food on the table, and couldn’t understand why he was still starving.

A group of scrawny spirits joined him at the table. “Welcome to the Hungry Ghost

Realm,” they replied in a monotone voice, “By the way, the next feeding time isn’t until next



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