Pig Lady Road

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Submitted: December 31, 2017

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Submitted: December 31, 2017



Pig Lady Road


“What’s so scary about Pig Lady Road?” Eric asked as he guzzled down a

40 ounce.

“Do you really think that we should be driving down this road on Friday the

13th, during a full moon?” Amy shuddered.

“Oooo! Eric shouted, “We’re in the middle of nowhere, on a rural

backroad. What are we going to find down here, a demonic cow?!” He gunned the


“Slow down!” Amy shouted.

“There’s no one here! Shut up!” Eric slammed on the brakes as he noticed a

wooden sign that read, “Do not enter!”

“I’m so scared,” He drove past miles of barbed-wire fence. Then he

approached another sign that read, “Enter at your own risk! Keep out!” It was

written in a bloodlike substance. Some of the letters were dripping with red ooze.

“Stop!” Amy shouted. A pair of red eyes appeared in the windshield. Then

they heard a loud squeal.

Before they could react, a baseball bat smashed through the windshield.

Eric, and Amy awoke at an abandoned drive-in theater. They were each

tied to a metal chair.

Images flashed on the screen. “Don’t embarrasses me in front of my

friends!” Lynn, a muscle-bound woman, with short black hair, shouted. “You are

a worthless bitch!”

Stacy collapsed to her knees, and sobbed. A group of muscular men

approached. “Don’t tell me that fat, pathetic girl is your daughter, Lynn! That’s

quite the Pig Lady!”

“No, I never seen her before in my life,” Lynn replied. She shooed her

daughter away.

Stacy ran into the street, and threw herself in front of a semi.

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