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I Just realised that the main reason we have an advanced society is because of THAT "one and only" invention we call the OVEN.We have "tamed" heat and called it an oven and I think we could include
all the various other convenient tamed "heat" appliances for griliing and frying like a WOK and a frypan and an "outside" grill in this too.To me they are still ovens but open and not closed "heat
tamed" appliances. WHOEVER it was that that made "tamed heat" a practicality for us all has probably been "lost" to history.

Just imagine our world without the sophistication of "Heat" called the modern oven.

Just imagine NO Pastriecooks NO Red Meat or White Meat Industries

Just imagine NO Cowes or lambs for slaughter

Just imagine NO bread in all its modern forms

Just imagine NO modern restaurants

Just imagine NO fast food outlets

Just imagine rampant unemployment

Yes we could all build a "fire" and use that flame for cooking like our ancient humans

BUT in modern society where would we get the raw ingredients from

WOULD Modern society even exist as we know it

MOST of the world as we know it would be starving to death

INSTEAD of 7 Billioin people it would be lucky to be 1 Billion in 2018

LET us all find out who the original HERO was who first made the modern oven

THEN lets all "slap" him or her for the "wrongs" of a " lost" modern society





Submitted: January 01, 2018

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This is a very interesting piece. The oven has created a whole new form of society, and is a fundamental piece of modern survival. It also enables overpopulation and pollution... It's great for modern humans but not for the Earth.

Mon, January 1st, 2018 7:24pm


I am glad you liked it Bruvton.So called small events in the bigger picture determine human history.I have read that if that giant asteroid that led to the exstinction of the Dinasours would not have changed the history of our planet if it had "Hit" even a few hundred Kilometers from "The Gulf Of Mexico" where it landed.

Thu, January 4th, 2018 2:04am

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