Cup of Tea

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A café, a cup of tea, and a note.

Submitted: December 31, 2017

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Submitted: December 31, 2017




A cozily warm, and semi-crowded establishment. A short line stands before the counter. A low buzz of comfortable conversation fills the room. The heady scent of various coffees wafts upon the air.

A young woman stands at the back of the line; short, light brown hair tucked under a knit cap, dark brown eyes behind glasses. Dressed in jeans and a winter jacket. She seems to study the vast menu, but in actuality; her mind has strayed

Sitting alone at a table; a tall, lean man listens to an iPod. Crisp, baby blue eyes scan a list of songs, elegantly long fingers run through reddish brown hair, a matching scruffy beard hides thin lips and a strong jawline. He is also dressed for the weather; warm coat and jeans, the hood of a sweatshirt hangs out the back.

A trio of young girls enters the cafe, letting in a blast of wintry air. The trio are dressed in winter gear of bright, pastel colors. All three clutch magazines, and bear shy smiles. They approach the blue-eyed patron and mumble out a blush inducing request.

In the line, the last woman watches discreetly.

Such a scene has played out before, as no other patrons take any notice.

The blue-eyed man responds to their request with a charming, and warm smile. He holds out a hand and receives a magazine and a black marker. He carries on a conversation with the trio as this gesture is repeated twice more. They smile and reply shyly.

As the woman watches, the last magazine is handed back, and the young trio scurries outside.

For a moment, a veil is pulled away, revealing exhaustion upon the man's features; his smile fades, his brow creases, and his eyes dim. He has the look of a man who loved what they did, but had grown weary over a long period of time.

Their eyes meet briefly. They share a second's worth of a stranger's smile. The man returns to his music, the woman turns back towards the line. She searches her pocket for a paper, finding only a note-card. She scribbles a short note and folds the paper in half.

When she finally reaches the counter, the woman places two orders; one to-go, and a special one. She hands the folded note to the cashier with instructions regarding its delivery with the second order. The transaction is completed and the woman collects the piping hot to-go cup.

The cashier prepares a cup of Earl Grey tea, adding a splash of milk. She carries the porcelain package to the man with the music, propping the note-card upon the table. At his inquiry, she shrugs and explains about an anonymous beneficiary.

His eyes flick towards the leaving woman, managing to make another brief contact.

They share another smile, his in confusion, her eyes filled with empathy.

He takes up the note and flips it open. He takes a sip of the tea as he reads.


This will never be thanks enough for everything you do, and what you've done. I hope it keeps you warm, and that you find peace in every last drop. A million thanks, and wishing you all the best.--

The blue eyes flicked up, the tea cup poised for another sip. A blast of icy wind announces the woman's departure...


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