Back Alley Justice

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Flash Fiction  |  No Houses

"Well, aren't you a pretty, little thing," Tom sneered, as he pulled the silver-haired girl from the porch swing. He rubbed his scraggly beard against her face, and grinned, exposing his few remaining teeth. "Aah, fresh meat. What are you, 17, 18...?"

The young women's eyes glowed green, and then she bit him in the nose.

"You bitch!" Tom slammed her to the ground.

Although her body was covered in bruises, she never shed a tear. 

"She's going to be a problem." Tom lit a cigarette. "Doesn't really matter. I'm dumping her off at the auction tomarrow, anyways."

"Do I hear 1300?! 1300 for this fresh, young thing."

"I don't know, boss. There's something not right about her."

"Bid, dammit!"

"Sold for 1300 to the dark-haired man in shades, and a business suit.

The silver-haired girl was put into a kennel. She was collared, and chained with several other young women. 

"Are you ready, doll?" a heavy set man with a ponytail, led her to a room at the end of the hall. "Now strip!" He threw her onto the bed.

The chunky man screamed as his penis was tore off, and shoved down his throat. "What are you?! Some sort of shapeshifting hag?!"

The young women's face had become wrinkled, and blue. Her hair became scraggly, and she retracted her iron claws.

Submitted: January 01, 2018

© Copyright 2021 Madame Hellshadow. All rights reserved.

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Creator of Eden

That was a really surprising turn to an otherwise dramactic and almost nearly tragic story, Ialos like how you managed to convey a mystery and twist to your character while at the same time putting them in the backdrop of a very real and still prominent problem that's going on in the world today, combining seemly a mythological creature in the backdrop of a cruel and realisitic world and how these types of people would react. This type of strategy in storytelling is vastly important and vastly underrated(although rising back in many storytelling mediums in terms of proper execution(which you obviously did) as when this type of execution is done properly it can cause a type of dualism between the fantastical and reality and how they interact with each other. Keep up the good work! PS; One little annoying nitpick with the dialogue in terms of seeming, a bit cliche(that just my opinion though lol). Anyways great piece and keep up the good work!

Mon, January 1st, 2018 5:57pm

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