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A short story about a man's obsession with a young woman named, Elizabeth. He will do whatever it takes to have her to himself.

Submitted: January 01, 2018

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Submitted: January 01, 2018



Oh, Elizabeth, my dear darling whom I loved at first sight, I will never let you go. As I bathe you now within my arms, you'll forever be entangled in my heartstrings of love. Your beauty is unfathomable, it holds such luminescence, I can barely stand it. The way the water runs off your body, I envy it with jealousy.

A fallen angel you must be, right into my arms I catch you. It was love at first sight. From your long, beautiful blonde hair, that I now comb with my fingers, to your luscious pink lips. I bet you give the sweetest kisses, don't you? I can’t wait until our lips touch and adhere to one another.

My white dove, please—oh, please don't look at me like that, you'll make me blush. It's embarrassing, especially in front of you. Those blue eyes of yours, they drown me over and over in a ocean of passion and wonder. Just a whiff of your scent, arouse me in so many ways. I know—I know, it’s vulgar, but I can't help it, darling. But don’t worry, I can wait a little longer, oh yes, and then we will love each other under the sheets.

What's this? There’s a speck of dirt on your face. Here. Let me wash it and dry it with a kiss. I give you this warm bath of instauration to cure you of your stiff and coldness. I dug you up from that grave, taking you away from death. Only I can have your heart and body to hold. And now you're all mine, darling, a corpse or not. My dearest Elizabeth, you are mine for all eternity. I Love You.

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