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A little girl travels far from Abuja to Lagos with her father after her parents got divorced with a supernatural gift from GOD.

Submitted: January 01, 2018

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Submitted: January 01, 2018





It is a long journey from their previous home in Ibadan; Sarah and her father drive their way far from home because Mr. Kennedy just got transferred to Lagos to handle the new branch of the company which he works for.

Father when we get there I would love to attend this school

Why? My child

My friends whom their relatives are in Lagos says that it is one of the best schools to be in

Is that all

No dad, they have westerners there also

Your love for the westerners is becoming a puzzle to me

Are you surprised, you know how I have always want to have a friend from America or Asia.

So what is the name of this school?

Can’t remember now but I surely would remember it before or maybe when we arrive there

Okay, Sarah; do me a favor please sleep daddy is busy, you know the rules

When daddy is on the steering; daddy needs’ to concentrate. Both recited.

Alright I get it; I will just rest at the back seat. She said.

Crawls back to the back seat, lies down and covers her body with a mattress. However, Mr. Kennedy turn on the mp3 player in the car listening to “Asa - dead again” “I missed Asa a lot” he whispered. Mr. Kennedy Yomi is a Yoruba man; tall dark skinned with a bit of a grey hair and a manager at an infrastructure company where he got transferred to another branch in Lagos.

They finally arrived in Lagos, twenty minutes after nine. The traffic horns playing radically, bars playing all sorts of songs and the atmosphere filled with all genres; this got Sarah to up from sleep.

You are awake

I could not sleep


After our last drop at the restaurant where we ate; I could not sleep

Anyway, I was about waking you up from your sleep

To see the Lagos light! She interrupted, smiling

Yes to see that, anyway welcome to Lagos Sarah

Lagos is beautiful as they say.

Sarah Yomi, a bright cultured seven years old girl; loved by everyone. She loves to make friends even with the kids from other part of the world.

She pulls down the down the window from the controller; soon a gate of unaware things will be revealed to her at her eight years birthday. She hopped into the amusement of Lagos catching and attractive places: buildings, lights and other cool stuffs for Christmas. “Christmas is here already” she muttered.

Finally we are home


Let us begin packing our things into the house

Wow! Our apartment is so nice but I am tired

So am I sami (sami is a combination of Sarah and Yomi = sami).

How about we get a few things we may need into the house for the night

Okay daddy mi

They took in a few stuff which they may need: food to eat, a bed which they both slept on after eating, and both prayed.

Chapter 2

My birthday, My terror begins

The morning sun is out, birds chirping; Sarah could hear the horns from her windows because they live on the fifth floor which is high and has a nice view.

Mr. Kennedy Yomi has prepared food from the kitchen for breakfast, he walks up to call Sarah from the room

Daddy is up for work sweetheart. Mr. Kennedy interrupted.

Daddy has to leave for work, I know.

Let us pray then, we could go have breakfast, what do you say?

So we should pray here.


Two minutes and they were done praying and hurried down for their breakfast.

Let us eat before it gets’ cold

I will eat a little and while I am away

Daddy we are eating so table manners

Sorry for that; anyway I will eat just little and wait till you finish eating so that we talk

Anyway I also I am eating a little and I do not feel to eat much like I used to

Well what I want to say is while I leave for work I need you to relate with the other kids

I am happy being here myself, I can handle myself.

I know you are my super girl but you just have to make new friends

Okay I will and when coming back do not forget to buy chocolate

I will be leaving now

I will escort you out to the door


Let me open the door for you dad

Thanks again. He said, oh! You should see this Sarah.

What do you want me to see?

Look that is our neighbor and his two kids and guess Sarah you will be staying with them today because both fathers are off to work so you will

But daddy, does it have to be today!!

Do not worry sweetheart just go get some few things you may need

Okay! (She rushes in picked her favorite toy, a cloth for the night and few things). Dad I am done parking

Okay! So come out before I lock the door

I am out father, so you can close the door.

[Locks door.]

So meet our neighbor, his name is Mr. Adam  

Good morning Mr. Adam. She greets

Good morning little dear, Sarah that is your name right

Yes sir!

Well I will love you to meet my children; Sarah and Adams you can come out now.

Wait a minute your daughter bears my name and your son bears your name!

Yes, coincidence right

Yes sir, I mean your son bearing your name is weird

Anyway Sarah this is my number, maybe for anything and if anyone comes claiming to know my daughter please do not let him or her

Okay, Mr. Ken, I will do that

Please tell the person to call me

Do not worry, ken, my kids and your child are safe. Said Mr. Adams; we should be leaving for work now before we get there we might be late.

I will be leaving you now, take care of yourself for father

Do not worry dad, God be with you and with us here so, go I will be fine here.

Take good care kids. Both fathers said.

Take care of yourself. The children replied.

Mr. Kennedy and Mr. Adams; works in the same company. Both left their kids home for their work.

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