The Siren's Lament

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The real story behind the song of the Siren...

Submitted: January 01, 2018

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Submitted: January 01, 2018



The murky sea foam water rippled and cut over the jagged rock, splashing a gentle spray of salt water onto the siren's already wet skin that she revelled in; she smiled darkly to herself as she ran her fingers through her almost transparent hair and let the cold, biting breeze ripple endlessly around her as she looked out towards the horizon. The sun was impatient to set, dusting the clouds with marigold ribbons and deep wine splashes that reflected out onto the water and told the tales of the sky and the sun. 
Her life was a strange one. A lonely one, perhaps, one might say. She sat there every day on the rock as a young maiden, her pearl and jade iridescant tail hidden among the seafoam, flicking impatiently in the water, stirring vehement bubbles to the surface, waiting for the ships to arrive. 
Not to stare, or admire, as one might do when the mighty sea vessels came cutting through the water, their impressive masts rising out of the boats and towards the sky, their sails unfurling like a great predatorial bird, the sea its prey and the sky its reluctant companion. 
No, her path was a different one. 
Few ships would make it back to their homeland because of her miscrant actions; her conniving ways and wanton manner; as she closed her eyes gently against her cheek, her eyelashes like butterfly wings and her voice like a moonbeam playing a harp as she began to sing. She sung the most beatiful song in the world, and it was terrifuing. 

She liked it that way. 

It was a terrifuiing melody, the way she would make her voice harmonzie with the waves and clash with the sky, the way her voice would tumble notes that told the story of the univers and all its heartache through the air, travellin unebknown towareds the sailors that strained their eyes as they looked towards the opne sea that were the tears of the sky and the earth. They travelled in a sea of heartache, for every time the heavens opened up; it was not merely the evaporation and condensation of drplets of atomic embodiement, it was all the sorrow and mourning that travelled through the universe and made their way to earth, to the sky; where the clouds would take pity upon their mourning and would open themselves to earth to tell it of the troubles so far away. Of course, those who simply saw the sky as a temperamental beast whenever the clouds raged with rain and thunder would never understand the true reason for the sorrow that spilled down upon the earth. 

Only the siren knew. 

And it was her job to make sure everyone shared in her heartbreaking knowledge. 

She would take the language of the rain and the storm and translate it into the something of a weak representation that she could only hope conveyed the heart wenching pain of the universe, of the thousands that suffereed througout the centuries. Her song was a weak conductor of their mounring, but she used every particle of herself to convey it. 
Her voice became every scream, every tear, every cry conveyed in a beautiful, terrifying melody that cuold not help but reduce the strings of the heart to a frayed and miserable knot of emotion. Despite the heart wrenching pain and suffereing it held the song was also the most heavenly meldoy to drift across the earth. For it was not of our world, you see, and so those who would hear it would wish to become part of another world, only, they could not convey it in their fragile human language that was merely curves and edges of ink on a piece of parchment. Her song made them long for the after life for any other life than the one which they lived at this very moment. The sailors would heart her song, yes, and the moment their ears encompassed the enchanting and haunting meldoy; their eyes became glazed and as of a mirror, the song hypnotizing the very pieces of their mind, and they became like wild beassts, their song turning their bblodd to a violent frenzy, a stempede comparable to the thunder of a thousand dragon wings. 

She sung now. Her mouth opened and she let the notes gush out of her, opening a chasm of sorrow and utter horror fill the air with a fog of a thousand melodies that made the skies open up and pour down their heartbreak; the thunder rattling the sun and the moon, the orbits of the planets in their paths would shake and tremble; hearing the song of worlds beyond them, and even the planets knew then. The ship approached her, cutting violently and rabidly through the waves now towards her, cutting violently and rabidly through the waves now twoards her. She could see them on the deck now; their faces glazed over and staring right back at her; eyes a kaleidoscope of a thousand different emotions that wanted to sing themselves out towards the sky, but could not, because their voices did not know how. 

So instead they screamed. 

Their voices and her melody raged violently over the fierce waters, as they came closer and closer towards the jagged rocls that would pull them to the life that they desperatley wanted. The sails of the ships tore suddenly, lurching the ship to the side; causing sailors to stumble, but nothing would deter them now, nothing would close their screams and wails of want and anguish. 

She would not stop her song until the tale was told. 

Her voice was a bloodstained harp now, it was slivers of moon tossed across the marble foor of a sky, her voice was battle and rot stained arrowed, it was every sliver of terror conveyed into song that was still beautiful. And so even now as the ship shuddered violently against the rocks, wood splintering and the mast snapping clean in two as the waves of the sea raged with their wings of seafoa; she felt her throat bleeding the universe and her fingers trembling form plaing the strings of sorrow. Her snow hair blew across her even paler face, her sea green eyes burning with rage and heartbreak; her jaw clenched hard enough to grind pearls between her teeth. She watched with ehr eyes dry, but burning with the acid of her poisoned soul, the ice that was frozen in her veins now melting and filling her bloodstream with a storm, a storm that would rage endlessly inside of her until she would sing her song again. 

The ship sunk below the waves, the men still onboard with their glazed eyes and bodies of stone, the ship collapsing in on itself and vanishing with a violent rage of water below the waves, the broken mast reaching out towards the sky in farewell as it finally disappeared into the seafoam. It faded out of existance, the ship whispering its thankyou's to the sea s it took them in gentle arms and gudied them to the next life that they so eagerly wanted. The siren sat there on the rock, watching the water reced as her gleaming pearl and jade tail was finally revealed to the air, and water caressed her face, her arms her neck in gratitude as she lifted her water stained face to the sky. Her hair cacaded behind her, strands of it turning to ivory and snow where she sat with her throat still bleeding spirit from her song, and she clasped her shaking hands to her chest and shut her eyes tightly; letting the sky and water calm her. When she finally opened her eyes again, she had hidden her voice away inside of her and her eyes threatened to burn the ocean with her emerald, crying eyes as shd raised her head to the cloud filled sky once more. 
"Your tale has been told again. Now, I shall leave until I feel the skies rage and the planets quiver in space. Then I shall return. I will return again." she whispered to the clouds, her voice carrying up to them; and, staring into the raging waves, she faded into the water like a ghost, her tail flicking up against the seafoam, and the sea took her home. 

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