Schizophrenic Agony

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Submitted: January 01, 2018

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Submitted: January 01, 2018



When you were that close, just that close to touch happiness.. something snatched you out of nowhere! Absolutely nowhere! And threw you up high to the seventh sky.. till you fell down as fast as a meteor! You are a meteor! You caused yourself an abyss... don't dare to try to crawl out because you can't, don't bother to think you might heal because you won't. You'll bleed till your last breath. You'll bleed till your death. But it says that I'm strong! I'm powerful oh I! I can survive all that I can! I can breathe like everybody else does... How do they breathe! It feels like my lungs are made of thin layer of glass that can't be widen. No, I'm breathing agglomerations of oxygen.. That it feels too heavy it's breaking my lungs. I tried to cry.. But the oxygen seems to block my tears.. My blood wouldn't dare to approach my heart.. And my heart?.... it's a beating grenade.. I can hear it.. Hearken! it's about time yet.

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