Flower and Flame

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A small lonely flame meeting a lonely flower.

Submitted: January 01, 2018

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Submitted: January 01, 2018



The flower was a peaceful daisy sitting on top of a lonely hill. The flame, on the other hand, had many trees and other fires that were burning. So this is the story of the two…

One day the flame was playing chase with other flames near that little hill. The little flame saw the one lonely droopy flower and wanted to play. Moving closer to the daisy he politely asked to play. The daisy looked up and showed her brilliantly bright white petals.

The flower was amazed at the request and said yes. That little flower had the best time that day. Now she couldn't move much but she still had tons of fun with the flame. The day was turned to dusk and the flame was to go home. Before he left he promised to come back again. She waved one of her leaves as he left into the woods.

The flame came back at dawn. He wanted to see her beautiful petals. His flames were bright that day. They soon died out. That one lonely hill was now truly empty. There was no flower in sight. No droopy daisy waiting for him.

He made his way to where she was the day before. He was a low flame as he saw the steam of the daisy from yesterday. That poor little flame wept at the sight. He never forgot the daisy. He went back every day to see if the steam was just a dream. Sadly, it wasn't. Day after day he went to the hill. His flame always low. The Little flame was now the one alone. Other flames were long gone and trees chopped down.

The flame went on like this alone. Waiting for other flames to come. Day and day over the flames wept. Hope was nowhere near. He was alone. The flame who made the daisy happy was now the sad one. He went on though.

More days go by and the flame is just a whisper. Once more he went to visit the lonely hill. There was a surprise this day though.

There was the tiniest of leaves and stem poking out of the ground. It was standing right where the daisy used to be. Hope blooming in the flame. The flame burning as he goes to help the little plant to grow. Caring for it, cherishing it.

As the plant grows so does the flame. The flame now has a friend to take care of. Playing and growing is what happened to those two little elements. Other friends come and go but those two stayed together forever and always.


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