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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

How will homes in the future looks like? A short fiction story about homes of the future

The moment I’ve approached the apartment door, the upper part of the door revealed the hidden screen, a welcoming voice said welcome home Tarek, in the voice of may favorite singer Kelly Clarkson, the door unlocked.


The door is part of an voice enabled home systems VOMO, it's a 3 year model but its still can do a lot of cool stuff, like recognizing its me with 3 verifications, that I have my Digital Key on my D-Device, from my vital signs and from my voice. VOMO basically knows it's you, It's your preference to choose if you want to open the door automatically on approach or wait for a specific action from me.


As I’ve stepped into the apartment the reception lights were already turned on to my preference, I can smell my favorite Buttercream scent a sweet ambiance of butter, coconut cream, vanilla, and rum.The large main screen that occupied the whole wall behind the couch was already displaying three of my favorites feeds, International News, Family Feed and the Viral Comedy all muted.


When I said “Unmute Viral Comedy”. VOMO compiled and the video started streaming, the video displaying a funny looking robot trying to catch a cat falling 3 times before it managed to escape, It was a 30 second homemade video, I’ve seen better ones but the expression on the robot face was priceless”


I laughed saying “share video” & tag “grandkids” VOMO replied “video shared” & “grandkids tagged”.

VOMO said “I recommend tagging “Ali” and “Sami” this will possibly increase shared likes by 2% with possible income of 2.88 Digital Dineros”

“No don’t tag them” I replied.


I’ve looked at the screen to see my command executed, part of the screen was showing my timeline with the video shared.


VOMO said “it's time for your health check Tarek would you like to do it now?”

I looked at the clock on the corner of the main screen it was almost five pm the kids will be back soon I better go on with the check.

“Go on” VOMO replied by changing the main screen to the health screen and the stats started showing on the screen. The vital signs section came out first, VOMO measures the basic vital signs from my D-Device.

“It's all looking good, please provide blood sample”

I stepped closer to the device laid on top of the table in the middle of the living room, The small device had a thumb area, I placed my thumb and the small needle came out and back in split second.

“Sample collected”

I waited anxiously as the medical screen showed the message processing. When the results came back, displayed in several charts I was relieved to see the main chart showing green, VOMO probably knowing how I am feeling and thinking in this moment said with a visible happy upbeat tone, “Yes! the medicine is working, Tarek looking at chart no. 1 you can clearly see the measurement of plasma proteins, blood sugar (glucose), salts (electrolytes), lipids, enzymes, urea, and various hormones and they all looking above average and better than last check results.”


With the upbeat voice coming from VOMO I was feeling more cheerful, long gone the robotic montones voices. I always felt that the real breakthrough in AI intelligence came when their voices reflected “emotions” or Knowmotions  as they are called nowadays, as AI can’t really have emotions its was called “Knowmotions”  as reflection of specific knowledge.

“Yes! I am very happy for the results”

“Do you want me to send the test results to Dr. Sheab for evaluation and Feedback?”


“Yes Yes Please” “Report Sent” said VOMO and continued “I would like to use this happy moment and go over some of my tasks, would that be okay Tarek?”


“Actually no! I would like to use this moment to know what we have for Dinner!”


I started walking toward the kitchen as the lights automatically turning on, when I entered the kitchen I can already smell a delicious cooking smell, the large screen in the kitchen showing nice photo for a chicken parmigiana meal, in the center of the kitchen was SignatureCook Model V its a state of the art full cooking machine that can cook over 500 different meals, in a totally automated process without any human interaction except feeding the ingredients.


SignatureCook can create even the most exotic Indian, Thai and Italian plates with tastes that beats the best chefs, a job that was extinct years ago. The SignatureCook has its own fridge, stove, mixer, slicer and bunch of other cooking tools connected with robotic automated arms all hidden inside an elegant polished stainless steel shell, with one glass window showing you the cooking process, the feeding section of the machine works almost like a standard shelf where you stack all the items, the machine recognizes all items by scanning the barcodes, even most fresh produce now have a small label identifying its type.


SignatureCook interfaces easily with VOMO, as I asked “we have the meal prepared for 1 adult and 3 kids correct?”

VOMO replied with upbeat voice “SignatureCook confirmed quantity and wishing you a happy meal”

“Will serve by 6 O'Clock Keep it warm please”

“Serving time confirmed”


As I walked toward the bedroom to change my clothes, VOMO persistence as ever, now switched to a luring sexy tone that I recognize very well.


“Can we please go over my task list now.. Please?”

“Don’t use that voice one me!”

“Please….” Said VOMO

“It works every time!...Okay go ahead”


“Okay!” While I am changing my clothes, VOMO started listing its “Tasks” displaying them as we go on the large screen in the bedroom.

“I just ran the home maintenance check we need to order items worth  320 Digital Dinero’s.. Items include replacement lights, couple of sensors Do you want to review the list? Or Go ahead and order them?”


“Go ahead order them please”


“A minimum payment for your Card is required. I need to convert 800 Digital Dineros to Dollars to pay. Do you approve the convert?”


“Yes, Please”


“I need to overview…” Before VOMO could continue the screen switched to the doors camera showing my 3 grand childrens laughing loudly and saying “Open Sesame” While VOMO replying to them “wrong password” in a clown voice. They all started screaming and repeating “Open Sesame.. Open Sesame” They don’t know that I’ve changed the password.


“Switch To Door Camera” As my picture showed up for the kids on the door screen they all screamed “grandpa!”  “Who are you? I don’t know you!”.


“Open Door” VOMO opened the door for the kids, and I’ve heard them storming through the house, I walked to greet them, meeting halfway through the hall they’ve almost knocked me down. The kids were loud with comments, speaking in the sametime but I know exactly what they want.

“Let's eat first and then I will give you what you want” they all nodded in agreement, as we all walked into the kitchen, I heard the sound of the plates moving inside  SignatureCook to get the meal served, as the kids sat around the dining table, I’ve picked the 1st plate and checked the meal it looked really delicious and almost like the photo, my eldest grandson Adam came and picked the other plates.


As we’ve all settled down I asked “Adam how is school?”




“So what is this year speciality?” as education and information knowledge has developed, schools now offer a more vertical approach to education, Long gone that everyone studies everything, kids now need to take a decisions about what they want to be and prepare themselves for this career from young age.


Submitted: January 02, 2018

© Copyright 2021 Tarek Taha. All rights reserved.

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