It's a Promise, remember?!

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Gay and Lesbian  |  House: Booksie Classic

The day of the battle had finally come. But neither Mark, nor Jack were able to tell if they would survive until the sunrise of the new day...

   A long time ago, right before everything started to become complicated, the sunrise was something beautiful. Something magical was in the colors of red and orange with this little touch of yellow.

It was something to look forward to.

The beginning of a new day, life or chance with the aim to enjoy every single second.

But when Jack looked out of the window, seeing the sun rising above the castle’s towers, bathing them in golden light, none of these feelings were left. Fear, sorrow and anger darkened his soul, leaving no room for hope in his heart.

Today is going to be soaked in the blood of many great warriors”, he thought, “who will die because of someone else’s way of thinking.” He could almost see the blood seeping into the dark soil of the battlefield, could hear the cries of the dying and wounded soldiers and nearly felt death breathing upon his neck.

A strong arm hugged him from behind and stopped his wandering thoughts. “Hey”, said Mark and placed his chin on Jack’s head, “still thinking about the upcoming battle?” Jack nodded and reached for the other’s hand to interwine their fingers. Mark sighed but remained silent. It was like time had stopped moving just to let them stay like this, holding each other tightly, peace and warmth spreading throughout their bodies.

Jack was the first to break that moment of pure silence. His voice trembled as he asked: “Everything could be over in the blink of an eye, right? Our lives and this...” Tears started to fill his blue eyes making them look like an overflowing river.

Mark forced him to turn around. He gently placed his hands on Jack’s cheeks and looked at his partners face. “Trust me!” He said. “Everything is going to be alright. We have been fighting alongside each other for a long time now and nothing’s ever happened.” Jack nodded unable to say a word. “See? This isn’t going to change just because I’m not staying right next to you!” He kissed away the tears which had made their way towards his hands, using his soft lips to wipe them away.”I promise you. Both of us are going to stay alive and when this stupid war is over we will finally be able to live in peace. Together.” He hugged him one last time, whispering in his ear: “Cheer up, I’m not planning on leaving my Jackaboy alone. You will have to put up with me as long as you live. Jack smiled. “You’re right. Let’s do our best to end this stupid fight.’”

He leaned in to kiss Mark as the horns called the warriors to battle. The deep notes caused the walls to shake and the plaster to crumble. Both of them stopped immediately and looked into each others eyes. “Looks like it’s time.” Jack moved away and was about to leave the room as Mark took his hand and pulled him back again to share a last deep kiss before they would part for an unknown amount of time.

It still hurts to let him go.”, Jack muttered while putting on his armor, a silver piece of metal with a red blazon on its back. He laughed sarcastically. “As red as blood! Let’s try to send some of those bastards back where they came from.” But even thinking about the upcoming battle couldn’t prevent him from thinking about Mark. Was he going to be alright? With the fading warmth of the kiss still flowing through theirveins, strengthened by the promise they made with each other and putting their trustinto the bond they shared, both of them stepped out of their rooms and onto the battlefield.


Knowing that Jack, his cute little Jack, might die before the sunlight of the new day would fall upon the battlefields chaos, turned Mark’s mind into a complete mess.

He was nervous and not even able to concentrate on the upcoming fight which caused him to underestimate his opponents. Thoughts about Jack were filling hismind, and him. His fascinating blue eyes, his smile that brightened Mark’s day whenever he saw it and his laugh that cheered him up whenever he down. Everything, every little detail about Jack was perfect. Questions started to pierce through his heart like sps and placed fear in into the wounds they left. Was Jack hurt? Or even dead? Lying in a pool made of his own blood, pale and cold? Mark was getting tired, his strength was vanishing. He couldn’t tell if it was because of the blood he was losing from several wounds or if it was because of his unease caused by Jack. A sudden pain exploding in his stomach interrupted his plan to give up his position in order to get to Jack and something hot soaked his undershirt, leaving behind a painful, burning feeling on his skin.

collapsed without knowing why he wasn’t able to stay upright, until he saw the silver blade of a sword sickout of his body; sparkling maliciously and causing his blood to stream out.

The next thing he remembered was people cheering and yelling: “We have won. The war is over!” Feeling the earth shake from the horses’ thundering hooves, tears of happiness and joy started to flow down his cheeks and became one with the blood on his chest.

And again there was nothing, nothing but pain and darkness. Mark felt like he was underwater, everything was just aThe drops were streaming down the sky was crying upon the earth. Everything was silent and peaceful, just like he wanted it to be, his life with Jack.

He watched the drops of water falling like twinkling stars in the fading light of a setting sun and slowly closed his eyes as the terrible pain inside his body changed into emptiness.

Mark?!”, a sudden scream prevented him from slipping away.

There’s no way he could be here”, Mark thought and ignored the voice, ‘he’s probably back at the castle celebrating our victory.”

Fear, anger and again fear filled Jack’s heart as he discovered Mark’s sword on the ground. He looked around, searching for anything that would prove that Mark was still alive.

Jack’s eyes widened as he saw him lying on the crimson red ground. “No, no, no”, he whispered unable to believe what he was seeing, “this can’t be happening!”

He rushed to his lover’s side, screaming his name and cursing himself because he hadn’t been able to protect the only person he loved.

Jack knelt down and pulled Mark onto his labwith a surprising outburst of strength. He kept on calling him by his name, yelling at his quiet face and crying out to the raining dark sky.

Not longer able to believe that this voice should be a trick of his own mind or a bad joke of death himself, Mark opened his eyes.

It took him a while until he was able to recognize Jack’s face but then he smiled cheerfully. “Hey there, Jackaboy. Why are you crying? Haven’t we won?” Even though he was weak and barely able to speak, he still reached out to Jack’s face to wipe away the other’s tears. “Why are you crying? Is this the only thing you have to say?”, Jack started yelling again, “look at yourself, you are wounded and a complete mess! And now you’re asking me why I’m crying?!”

You’re right”, answered Mark seriously, “I’m sorry.” Jack sobbed. “You better be. Have you already forgotten the promise we made this morning. That the two of us would survive this stupid fight?” Mark shook his head: “No, I haven’t.”

Then why are you wounded this badly? You gave me a heart attack laying around like that.” As Mark apologized while kissing Jack on the cheeks and lips, the other started crying again. Smile”, Mark was getting sleepy and his vision started to get blurry, “I don’t like it when you cry! It hurts to see you like that...” Jack started to panic. “Mark?! Don’t you dare leave me alone now. Remember our promise!” He grabbed his partners shoulders and leaned his forehead against Mark’s.

Mark?! Mark!”

Mark sighed. “I can hear you, you don’t have to yell at me like that.” His voice weakened with every word and his eyes slipped closed.

Jack’s voice sounded like he was far, far away until it eventually faded into silence and a veil laid itself upon Mark taking him away into the darkne ss.  

Submitted: January 02, 2018

© Copyright 2021 Jenkta. All rights reserved.

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