Haunted house

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Submitted: January 02, 2018

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Submitted: January 02, 2018



It all started  on a cool windy October night, All you could here was the trees blowing heavily in the wind along with the cold breeze which left shivers down your spine. The trees where not swaying to the sound of the wind and it was not a peaceful sway it was like the trees where mad at Mother Nature. The sky was as dark as the bed of the pickup truck your boyfriend owned and the only light was the dime flickering streetlights and the dime cast of the moons glow. The only feeling you had was the feeling of fear run up and down your spine with the occasional feel of your boyfriend’s warm hands against yours. You look up at him and he brings you close to him and wraps his muscular arms around you. You feel a sense of safeness and warmth as he hold you tight not letting you go. He looks down at you and look up trying not to make it seem like you do not want to be in his arms. As you look up you see that cute smirk come across his face as he leans in. Your feel his warm breath on your lips as you go to push away. You have never kissed him before even though you have been together for almost 4 months. You feel his warm breath against your lips he has not kissed you yet but you know it is coming. You think about pushing away but before you know it, it is too late.  You feel his soft warm lips against yours you go to push away as his hands slide down you back and he pulls you in close grabbing ahold of your waist. When he finally stops, you look up at him and cannot help but smile. You looked back down and bury you head into his arms. When he lets go you look up and cannot help but give him one last kiss. He hugs you again and walks you to the front door of you house where he kisses you again and gives you one last hug and tells you he loves you. You turn around and open the front door; you walk in turn around to wave good-bye. You wait until he gets in his truck and drives away. You close the door behind you and you lean up against the door and fall to the ground in tears. It has been not even one minuet and you miss him already. Tears rolling down your face as you bury your head in you sweater. You stop crying, as you smell a scent you have smelt before. It takes you a few minuet but then you realize that it is the cologne your boyfriend was wearing. You slowly stand up and try to catch your balance. Your house is so quiet you could hear a pin drop. As you walk up the stairs and across the floor all you can here is the sound of the floor boards it sounds like your walking around in you grandmas attic. You stop dead in you tracks as you hear something hit the window downstairs. You feel a sense of fear run through you, you wish you boyfriend was here but he is not, who will protect you know, you start to walk down the stairs as your phone starts to ring. (Ring, ring, ring, ring) you jump you go to scream then realize that it is just your phone you do not even look at the caller ID you just answer.


You let out a sigh of relief when you here that it is your boyfriend.

"Can you come over I think there is someone outside my house"

"WHAT! I'm coming over make sure the door is locked I will knock 3 times when I get there"

"Ok please hurry I'm scared"

The line goes dead. I wait in fear on the stairs waiting for him with tears rolling down my face. It is silent again and I can feel the fear building up inside me. Then I hear a knock at the door. I count them aloud.


I jumped up and ran to the door. I opened it and pulled him in. He looked at me and said "you are safe now babe" as he raped his muscular arms around me. I want to cry and I tried not to but I could not help it I was so scared.

"Baby don’t cry I am here now everything will be ok"

I listened to what he said and I took it in. we walked me over to the couch and sat down right beside me with me still in his arms. I lay on his chest hoping that the sound of his heartbeat will calm me down. He turns on the TV and asked me what I wanted to watch. U don't want to watch anything u just wanted to lay there but u decided to not tell him that so instead you tell him that you wanted to watch "The Notebook" he said ok and put it on.  You were still rather shaken up so you decided that you would focus on his heartbeat. You started to could in your head 1...2...3...4...5...6...7...8...9...10 the sound of his heart beating was making you fall asleep. He looks down at you and tells you to stand up. You do as he asked because it is the least you could do for making him drive to your house. As you stand up you start to watch the movie he lays down on the couch and pulls you down with him. Your now wrapped in his muscular arms laying on the couch you both lay there in silence watching the movie when you here a sound. "BAANG!” you jump, He hugs you even tighter and tells you not to worry and that everything will be ok. You lay there in fear starting to cry again, when he tells you that he is going to go and see what it is. He stands up and you here it again. "BANNG!” you scream your boyfriend looks back at you and asks if you are ok. You stand up and run over to him, you wrap your arms around him, and you just stand there. You here it again "BANNG!” you are startled. Your boyfriend walks towards the window where the noise is coming from.  He looks outside and sees nothing.

"there is nothing there"
Just as he says that he looks out the window again to double check when all of a sudden out of nowhere comes a giant 4 Headed clown with blood all over its body with a knife through its head.

"HOLY SHIT!” he yelled

He turns around, runs as fast as he can towards you, and wraps his arms around you. You are both terrified now and you do not know what is out there.

“Go look" she yelled.

"No I'm not going out there"

“Then call the cops I'm scared!”

(10 minutes later!)

"Its gone babe don’t worry about it"

"What’s gone!” she asked not quite yelling but loud enough to show she had had enough

"Don’t worry"

"Ok fine" she said under her breath but loud enough so that he could here.

He pulls me in and hugs me. It goes silent again. So quiet you could hear a pin drop. You go and sit back on the couch and continue watching your movie. As you lay on the couch with your head on his chest all you can here is the sweet sound of his heart beat, feel his chest rising as he breaths and his soft warm hands on your back. As you, lay there watching the movie you are thinking about the kiss you exchanged before he left. As you think about it, you want it to happen again, but before that can happen you have to get him in the mood to do it again. Therefore, you look up at him and press your finger against his lips well sliding your hand down his chest. You slowly start to kiss his neck but you do not get far... Just as you are doing that he looks down at you and takes his hand to lift up your chin as that is happening his other hand is slowly moving up and down your back it feel like he is trying to tickle you. You look into his Sky blue eyes and wait; a smile you were trying to hold back has now appeared bigger than ever across your face. Your smile brings a smile to his face and that is when it happened… I felt his soft warm lips against mine and his hands slowly tricking down my spine and his legs tangled in mine. I can feel the heat from his body on mine. You get startled when you feel hands on your ass but you do not mind it, as that is happening you manage to slide your hands under and up his shirt. You stop and think for a minute, "what if he wants to have sex then what I'm not prepared to have kids what will I do if anything he will knock me up and leave me to raise the kid on my own then what I can't raise a kid on my own" after that goes through my head I push it to the back and continue. He stops and you look up into his sky blue eyes and say.

"Why did you stop is something wrong?"

"What would you say if I asked you if you wanted to…?”

"Wanted to what?”

The suspense is building vigorously inside my body waiting to hear what he has to say.

"Wanted to what?" she repeated herself again but even louder than before.

“What would you say if I asked if you wanted to go upstairs to your bedroom and…?”

"And what?” she said sounding annoyed

"Have a little fun?"

She looked up and saw the smirk on his face, she knew exactly what he wanted to do, and she was 100% down.

"Oooo someone is in a happy mood tonight" she said with a smirk on her face indicating that she was down.

So he picks you up kisses you again and heads up the stairs and next thing you knew you were in your room with the door locked (not sure why it was locked because no one else was there but whatever) he places you on the bed and you lean back he is kissing you up and down you neck. He got you in the mood and now it is time. You sit up and slowly start to take off his shirt, you like what you see. He has a six-pack, muscular arms and is hot. You start to unbuckle his belt that is holding up his  slim light Destroy Wash jeans from American eagle but before you do he gets your shirt off you both stop and look at each other wondering if this is the right thing to do and you both node you heads. The lights are off and there is just a dime light casting out from the bathroom on the other side of the room you can feel his six-pack on your stomach and his lips kissing you up and down until he reaches you belly button and then stops and comes back up. Just when things are about to get good you hear a sound coming from down stairs. It is very loud and all of a sudden unexpectedly "BANG BANG BANG!”

"HOLY SHIT what the hell was that," you scream hiding under the blankets

"I don’t know let me go check it out I will be right back I promise"

Therefore, he quickly starts looking for his cloths but cannot find his shirt or pants.

"Do you know where my shirt and pants are?"

"No they should be on the floor with everything else"

"Well they are not"

Therefore, he decides to just throw on his boxers and head down stairs to see what it is. By the time get on his boxers and heads downstairs the banging sound is gone.
"Babe there is nothing down here I don’t here anything!” he yells from the bottom of the stairs. Then all of a sudden… "BANG BANG BANG BANG"

He jumps in fear and you run down the stairs in your linguae (from Victoria secret) and run into his arms in tears.

"I'm scared don’t leave me here!”

"I wont babe I promise lets go get our cloths on and we can go to mu house for the night and come back in the morning"

So you agree and you both head up stairs and get some cloths on and pack some cloths for the next day.

(30 minuets later)

You look at you phone and its now 2:30 and you cannot sleep. You do not know what is it but you cannot sleep. You snuggle up to him and try to fall sleep.  It is now 3:30 and you are slowly drifting off to sleep, and by 4, you are out cold.


You make up to a nice warm hug and the smell of beacon and pancakes .you slowly open you eyes as you feel his soft warm lips against yours.

"Babe breakfast is ready"

"Ok I'm coming thanks babe"

After breakfast, he takes you back to your house and you go and check things out. You step up to the front door in fear.

You put the key in the key hole and turn it until you here a click. You push the door open and just stand there staring inside not wanting to move a muscle. Your boyfriend who is right behind you tells you to walk in and that he will be right behind you the whole time. Therefore, you walk in and set you keys on the table you walk around to make sure nothing is there and you turn around and walk back to the front door. You go to give you boy friends a hug and kiss good by when all of a sudden you here what sounds like a little girl scream


 And than too gun shots


You look at you boy friend and start to cry when you hear a deep voice yell




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