The age of consent

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Reagan high - The one and only school for the extremely wealthy and privileged monsters. They have their own world, society, rules and king, and his eldest son Milo is attending. He lives the
charmed rich boy life. He is handsome, smart, charming, extremely entitled and very bad with rejection. Oh, and he hates women. Riley is a little different, growing up sure wasn't as charmed for
her. She has demons to overcome and they aren’t letting her go so easily. So she learned how to fight, how to survive and she is just terrified of men.

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Submitted: January 02, 2018



‘’Take her home and clean her up.’’ ‘’Sire?’’ He sometimes didn’t understand his king. Years of searching, secrecy, turning over backwards in order to find this girl and now he was sending her away. ‘’Will she be safe there?’’ ‘’Don’t ask foolish questions, Milton. I would not put her in harm’s way. She will be safer at home.’’ The king responded, staring at the confused and scared girl sitting across from him, wrapped in a blanket. She hugged the pillow she was holding tightly. Clearly afraid to let go of it. She was covered in blood and had tears in her eyes. She hadn’t said a word since she got here two days ago. Milton nodded. ‘’Alright.’’ ‘’You’ll stay, Milton.’’ The king added, giving him a proud look. ‘’You will stay with her and report to me, every week.’’ Milton took a deep breath, caught off guard. He did not expect his life to change so suddenly but he would serve his king. No questions asked. ‘’Alright sire.’’ He took the girl’s hand and guided her away. Taking her home, finally.

~ 6 years later ~

''Look at that! He is just awful..'' Riley squeezed her water bottle, glaring at Milo who was openly breaking up with his girlfriend in the cafeteria for all the school to see. She was crying, he was smirking, it was a sad sight to behold. Especially considering the hopeful and desperate girls flocking around clapping, hoping for a chance to catch Milo's eye. ''What do you see in him!'' ''I mean... Look at him, those eyes.'' Blair replied with the same hopeful look on her face. He was handsome, even she had to admit that. Pitch black, half long hair, deep brown eyes. His face and body were just about perfectly structured and he was so tall. She took a deep breath, shaking that thought. ''So?'' Riley rolled her eyes. ''He's an asshole.'' ''No!'' Blair cried, ''he's really nice to his girlfriends!'' ''I see that...'' Riley sighed, she didn't understand girls... Other girls, the ones that neglected or just simply chose not to see all his flaws. ''It's just, I know he'll be awesome when you get to know him you know?'' Blair said in a dreamy tone. ''You know more than I do then.'' Riley replied, she has been starting to get annoyed with this for a while, every single girl in this school seemed to be in love with this guy. ''You'll get it when you fall in love!'' Blair smiled broadly. Riley sighed, annoyed with her answer. ''You've been drooling over him for almost a year now, but you've never actually talked to him.'' ''I know!'' Blair pouted, ''I don't know what to say! Besides.. He's always dating some random girl.'' She sighed and made a crying sound ''Come on we have class in like a minute!'' She jumped up and grabbed Riley's arm, almost skipping down the hall. ''Calm down!'' Riley sighed hard, ''I don't have class with you!'' ''What?'' Blair stopped in her tracks, making Riley nearly bump into her. ''I got moved to the advanced class I told you!'' She smiled, ''I'm gooood.'' ''I forgot!'' Blair pouted, ''No! I don't want to sit next to someone else!'' ''You're going to have to.'' Riley grinned, ''I have to kick some sucker's ass.''

Just a couple of minutes later Riley walked into the gym, her heart was beating way too fast, she was nervous. Her hopeful look soured when she saw him. Milo, standing between the 7 other people in her class, of course he would be in the advanced class... She rolled her eyes and joined the lineup. ''Welcome!'' The teacher gave her a warm smile, she smiled back briefly. ''Everyone, welcome our new student Riley!'' ''Hi!'' Some of the other students said in choir. ''We've been going over new techniques last week, let’s put them to the test shall we! Let's see..'' He looked at a piece of paper in a big folder he had on his arm. ''Josh and Garret, you're up.'' Two boys left the line and walked to the middle of the gym where they bowed to each other and started fighting at the teachers que. Riley was quite amazed at their ability, the difference between her class and the advanced class was bigger than she had thought. She was happy, a challenge, finally. Time flew watching the others fight and before she knew it her name was being called. ''Riley and Milo, up next.'' The teacher said calmly. Her heart skipped a beat, why him! She walked up to the spot one of the boys just took and picked up the wooden sword lying on the mat. Milo walked up and faced her. ''Bow.'' The teacher said. Neither of them did. ''I'm not bowing down to a 16 year old girl.'' Milo grinned, some of the other students laughed. Riley glared at him. ''I'm 15, actually.'' She responded. He frowned, clearly confused. She was so ready to kick his ass. Milo rolled his eyes and charged at her, neglecting to wait for the teacher’s  que, she jumped, up on his sword that slashed at her and up, over him, spinning around in the air and putting her sword to his neck while landing, he tried turning around to block her but he just wasn't fast enough. She won this round, already. ''Nice job miss Vaughn!'' The teacher yelled, she smiled, she could hear a distinct grin in his voice. ''Regain starting positions!'' Milo glared at her, he had a fierce, angry look on his face, he clearly didn't enjoy losing. The second round took a lot longer, he slashed hard, and she lost strength with every slash she had to block. Left, right, right, left, left, she jumped back, she had to catch her breath. He grabbed her leg as she did, as if he knew it was going to happen, throwing her on the mat and pointing the sword right at her throat. He won. ''Alright! One more round guys.'' Riley gasped for air, getting up and regaining her position, Milo did too, he wasn’t gasping though, he seemed just fine. ''Alright ready? Fight!'' Milo charged at her again, and again Riley jumped, she didn’t land behind him this time, she landed to his side and spun around him, facing the same way again. She had an opening and slashed since he turned, assuming she would pull the same trick but it was like she was paralyzed. Her arm just stopped moving midair and he kicked her down instead, jumping over her and pinning her down with his sword, grinning broadly. She lost... How the hell did she lose! She had never lost a fight ever since she was 12. ''Game, Milo won!'' The teacher yelled in a slightly disappointed tone. Milo threw his sword down and rejoined the line. Riley sighed, getting up and rejoining as well, she was still confused. Why did her arm stop moving, what the hell was going on. She couldn't stop thinking about it, even when the class ended and everybody was leaving she just stood around staring at the wooden sword. ''You did great today Riley.'' The teacher smiled at her, ''I have to get going, stay and practice if you like!'' He said before walking off. Riley sighed and sat down, this was upsetting. ''He's right you know.'' She jumped up when she heard the voice coming from behind her, it was a very blonde, very buff guy she just had class with. He laughed, ''didn't mean to scare you.'' ''It's alright.'' She said softly, ''Thanks.'' He followed her when she started walking to the door. ''I'm Rowan.'' He said, ''Riley.'' She replied. ''You did great too.'' ''You would have won.'' Rowan said, ''Nobody's ever beat Milo.'' ''I lost.'' She replied. ''He paralyzed you.'' She gave him a confused look. ''You couldn't move your arm right? He wasn't very subtle.'' ''What do you mean? How do you know that?'' ''Milo has abilities, you know, some vampires have them. He can paralyze others and he's like freakishly strong even for a vampire.'' Riley frowned. ''How is that fair..'' Rowan shrugged. ''I guess in a real fight it's the same.'' Riley nodded slowly. ''I guess.'' ''You're swift and small, he has to concentrate to use his powers. He was stalling in the second round to get in your head. If you don't give him a chance he won't be able to.'' Riley smiled at him briefly. ''I'll remember that.'' He smiled back at her, she noticed he was quite handsome, it made her take a step back. ''I have class,'' he pointed to a hallway they just passed. ''See you next week?'' He asked. ''Yes.. Bye.'' Riley said awkwardly, heading to her dorm room.

''Hey pretty girl!'' Blair stumbled into their room later that night. ''How are you!'' ''I fought Milo today.'' Riley replied immediately, flipping her blonde hair back. ''Really!! I'm jealous..'' Blair sighed and laid down on her bed. ''Did he pin you down?'' She giggled. ''I lost Blair. I lost a fight for the first time in my life.'' ''Aww... I'm sorry.'' ''He has these weird powers and he used them on me, he paralyzed me.'' Blair shot up, instantly interested. ''Really? That's cool.'' ''It's so unfair!'' Riley frowned at her friend. ''Well it happens in real fighting too right?'' ''God... You sound like that guy.'' ''Guy?!'' Blair smirked. ''Did you meet a guy?'' ''He told me about Milo cheating.'' ''It's not really cheating! Was he cute? What's his name?'' Riley laughed, ''Yes, Rowan and you know I'm not interested.'' Blair sighed and got up, sitting down on Riley's bed. She grabbed her hands. ''You know you can talk to me right?'' Riley nodded awkwardly. ''You can't live the rest of your life avoiding guys.'' ''I can try.'' She said softly. ''That man... Did he ever touch...'' Blair stopped in the middle of her sentence, clearly hesitant. Riley knew what she meant. She couldn’t stop tears from running down her cheeks. ''Yes.'' She sighed, wiping her tears. ''I'm so sorry Riley..'' Blair put her arms around her, she had tears in her eyes as well. ''I'm sorry.'' She said again.

''You've been a very bad girl today.'' The man grinned and bent over her, grabbing the chains on her legs and unlocking them. ''Time for your punishment.'' She shook her head frantically, gasping for air through the solid chain around her neck. ''Please..'' she growled. The man turned her around, laying on her stomach. ‘’Good.’’ He stood up and grabbed a whip from the cupboard, filled with gory looking torture tools you would only see in movies. ''Count to 50.'' He said, raising his arm. ''Riley!!'' She screamed, crying. ''Please!'' ''Riley wake up!!''

She shot up, looking at Blair's worried face. ''You're okay...'' Blair hugged her. ''You're safe.'' Riley gasped for air, tears ran down her face and she was shaking. ''It was just a nightmare.'' Blair said calmly, wiping the tears away with her sleeve. Riley sniffled. ''Thank you,'' she squeaked. ''I've been waking you up like 4 times a week for the past year and you still thank me every time.'' Blair giggled. ''You don't have to do that you know.'' Riley smiled through her tears, shaking her head. ''I'll try.'' ''Do you remember what day it is?'' Blair grinned. ''Oh my god...'' Riley replied. ''It's your birthday! Little vampire!'' A 16th birthday was a milestone for any vampire. It was the age of consent, of becoming an adult. It was the age their bloodthirst started. “Do you feel different yet?” Riley shook her head. “It can take a couple of days.” Blair smiled. “It did for me.” “I don’t think I like this.” “Oh you will.” Blair smirked. “Boys will be all over you, your scent changes you know.” She smiled again, “And you’ll become even faster and stronger.” Riley sighed, she didn’t like any of that except for the stronger and faster part. “You’ll be fine!” Blair jumped up and opened the curtains. “Now! Time for your present!”

Walking down the hallway that morning, Riley didn't feel different but she sure felt like people were looking at her differently. She knocked on the guidance counselors door, nervous. He wanted to talk to her and she had no idea what it was about.. “Come in!” She opened the door and slowly walked in, considering to turn around and run away. “Riley!” The bald tiny guy smiled at her. He had a friendly face which made her feel more comfortable about being here. “Come in, sit down.” He pointed at the chair across from his desk. She sat down, looking across the room. It was massive, bigger than she had imagined. Velvet red walls, decorated with old looking paintings and a family crest. “I just wanted to check in on you and discuss some things with you, since you turned 16 today, congratulations by the way!” He gave her an even bigger smile. She smiled briefly. “Thank you.” “Usually when students turn 16 we give them 2 senior student tutors, one to help teach you to hunt and one to help teach you to control your bloodlust.” He carried on. “Your situation is a little different.” “Why?” Riley stared at him, even more nervous now. “You’ve taken a life Riley, and this is what you had to do to survive, nobody is mad at you or judges you on this, but it did happen.” Riley looked away, she did feel judged right now… She would always feel judged or misunderstood when confronted with that fact. She killed a man, out of self-defense but it was still a murder. She felt wrong and right about it at the same time, always hesitant on whether she did the right thing or not. “When a vampire takes a human life their ability to control bloodlust gets impaired, it’s harder for you to control it. Often, we see they also develop special abilities. We simply call them traits, they often develop with the first signs of bloodlust.” She frowned. “So what are you saying?” “Usually we would have a teacher guide you in this area instead of a student, but this is the first time in history that two students attending at the same time are in the same situation as you are in right now. We have talked it over with him and we would like him to tutor you in both subjects.” “Him?” “We will monitor you closely of course, with cameras, and if we see any sign of danger we will hire an aid to tutor you but this could be interesting Riley!” He smiled. “Who is he?” She asked. “He’s a junior, but excels at most of his classes including the bloodlust control course he did last year! His name is Milo.” “No.” She said immediately. “No?” The counselor repeated. “I don’t want him to tutor me.” “Why not?” The man asked. “I hate him.” The man laughed. “Believe me I dislike most of my coworkers too! You're going to be spending a lot of time together so you best make the most of it.'' “But I..” “No buts little lady! We all have to do things we don’t like sometimes!” He smiled at her again, it was starting to get on her nerves now. “Your first lesson in bloodlust control will be this afternoon.'' He gave her a piece of paper with her new schedule on it. ''Now! head back to class.'' He said, almost simultaneously with a knock on the door. “My next appointment is here.” She sighed and got up. “Thanks..” She mumbled while making her way out. This was a horrible birthday... She walked down the hall lost in thoughts about being tutored by Milo, she fully bumped into someone when turning the corner. “Riley!” It was Rowan, smiling at her. “Hi!” She smiled back, ''sorry.'' “Happy birthday.” He handed her a little card with cats drawn on it meowing happy birthday. “Aww!” She laughed. “I didn’t have time to get you a decent present, I found out it's your birthday this afternoon.” He was still smiling. “This is sweet, thank you.” She said happily. ''How did you find out?'' She asked, quite confused. ''I... well people are talking about it.'' He said. ''About my birthday?'' She frowned. ''Why?'' ''Ehm.. Well let's just say you're quite popular with the guys all of a sudden.'' He said pointing his nose. ''They can smell it.'' She gave him a shocked look, scared senseless immediately. ''It's okay!'' He said quickly. ''If anyone bothers you just tell me alright, I’ll take care of them.'' He smiled. She looked away awkwardly for a second, she could feel herself blushing. ''Thanks.'' She smiled. ''Look I have to run, see you later alright?'' Rowan smiled back at her. She nodded and waved. ''Bye.''


CH 2


Milo woke up, stretching his arms and yawning. He looked at the girl lying next to him, wanting to wake her up and kick her out. He forgot her name though… ‘’Hey..’’ He shook her a little, she moaned. ‘’Time to leave.’’ He said in a calm tone. She yawned, rubbing her eyes. ‘’Good morning,’’ she said, smiling at him. ‘’Morning.’’ He said, slightly annoyed. ‘’I have to go soon, get up.’’ She pouted, ‘’No, it’s Saturday! Cuddle with me, Mr. king!’’ He sighed and got up, ‘’get out.’’ She gave him an offended look. ‘’Well, alright.’’ She got up as well and started getting dressed. ‘’You were a lot nicer yesterday.’’ ‘’Well I’m not a morning person.’’ Milo stated. ‘’Can I see you tonight then?’’ She smiled. He rolled his eyes, ‘’Look I had a great night but that’s all it was.’’ She gave him a disappointed look. ‘’Oh.’’ He walked into the bathroom, locking the door and getting under the shower, hoping she would be gone when he came out. He hated girls, all of them. They were all the same after all. They wanted him for one thing only, he was going to be king and he needed a queen. He was awful to them and they just took it, adapting to whatever he wanted them to be. They used him, so he used them and then disposed of them when he had enough, lately he had been getting enough of them after just one night… Milo turned off the facet and dried off, tying the towel around his waist. He opened the door and looked in, the girl was gone, thank god. He got dressed, did his hair and went on his way to the library. He needed something to read. He couldn’t stand the thought of spending the night with another girl tonight. He picked out a couple of books and sat down, browsing through them. ‘’Ehm, hi.’’ He looked up at the girl sitting next to him. Brown hair, brown eyes, too much makeup, boring. ‘’Hi.’’ He said, getting back to his books. ‘’You’re Milo right?’’ She asked. ‘’Yes.’’ He answered shortly, trying to read on. ‘’I’m Blair.’’ He looked up at her, very annoyed she didn’t leave him alone. He gave her a forced smile. ‘’Blair.’’ He leaned in, ‘’would you like to make out with me in the back of the library?’’ He whispered. ‘’Eh.. S..sure.’’ She stuttered back. He grabbed her hand and pulled her out back, to the educational bookshelve area that was completely deserted. She just stood there, staring at him. He grinned and kissed her, pulling her toward him. She kissed him back, passionately. He stopped her after a couple of minutes and looked at her. ‘’So do you do this more often?’’ She gave him a confused look. ‘’Making out with random guys in a library. ‘’Well..’’ She giggled. ‘’You’re not a random guy.’’ He leaned back on the shelves. ‘’How come?’’ ‘’You’re Milo Kendrick.’’ She smiled. ‘’Well..’’ He responded. ‘’that’s shallow.’’ The look on her face changed instantly, from a big smile to pure shock. ‘’I just.. I like you.’’ Blair said softly. ‘’You don’t even know me.’’ He rolled his eyes. ‘’I know…’’ She responded, almost whispering now. She was clearly embarrassed and holding back tears. He nodded, sighing. ‘’So Blair, next time you start liking someone, make sure you actually know them. They could be an asshole like me,’’ he said. He turned around and grabbed his books, he didn’t bother to check them out, he was Milo Kendrick after all…
Back in his room, Milo decided to lay down with one of his books and just stay in all day. He couldn’t be bothered with any more social contact today. Walking back to his room alone he came across two girls who asked him out, he rejected them both. He just wasn’t feeling up to dating anymore, he didn’t see the point. He rolled his eyes at the knock on his door. ‘’Kendrick! Open up.’’ Milo jumped up when he recognized that voice, opening the door. ‘’Casey!!’’ ‘’What’s up!’’ Casey walked in, slapping Milo’s shoulder and jumping down on his bed. ‘’I expected there to be a girl in here.’’ He grinned. Milo laughed, sitting down as well. ‘’I’m done with girls for now.’’ ‘’What… Are you gay now?’’ Casey gave him a worried look. ‘’No,’’ Milo laughed, ‘’Just not dating.’’ Casey nodded slowly, ‘’I get it,’’ he said. ‘’Girls are trouble.’’ ‘’You weren’t supposed to be back for another week.’’ Milo said, ‘’what happened.’’ ‘’I left my little brother in charge of the companies.’’ Casey responded. ‘’He wants to run the finances, so I told him to prove himself and to call me if something happens.’’ They both grinned. ‘’So! Are we going out tonight.’’ Casey jumped up and stretched out. ‘’I could use a drink.’’ Milo grunted, lying down with his face buried in his pillow. ‘’Come on! By the sound of that you could use one as well.’’ Casey pulled the pillow away. ‘’I’ll turn down your suitors for you.’’ He grinned. ‘’Fine.’’ Milo said with a sigh. ‘’You better.’’ That said, they were in a bar just under an hour later with a scotch in their hands. ‘’I’ve dated pretty much every decent looking girl in this school and they are all the same.’’ Milo said annoyed, ‘’they want my title, not me.’’ Casey sighed, ‘’I can relate.’’ He rolled his neck around, cracking it. ‘’Maybe you should look for a girl outside of that school, one that doesn’t know anything about you.’’ ‘’I feel like every girl in this country knows everything about me.’’ Milo responded. Casey looked around the bar at the girls staring at them, he laughed, ‘’I think you may be right… I forget you’re a prince sometimes.’’ ‘’God, those words sound like magic.’’ Milo downed his glass, raising his hand to order a new one. ‘’You sure you’re not gay now?’’ Casey grinned. They both laughed. ‘’Look at that girl crying over there…’’ He pointed at a brown haired girl, sitting in the back corner with her friend. ‘’Oh shit.’’ Milo turned his back to her immediately. ‘’I made out with her today… Then told her not to fall for assholes.’’ Casey laughed, almost choking on the sip of scotch he just took. ‘’You sure are an asshole.’’ He said through his coughs. ‘’I asked why she liked me and she answered because you’re Milo Kendrick, come on.’’ ‘’Look at her friend.’’ Casey took another sip. ‘’Gorgeous.’’ Milo looked over, instantly recognizing the girl, she’s the one that almost beat him in the fighting class… She really was gorgeous. Blonde long hair, tiny, blue eyes, very full red lips. ‘’She’s 15 man,’’ he said, shaking off that thought. For any vampire, especially one of high status, having sex with a girl under the age of 16 was illegal. Just not done, it was seen as perverted and frowned upon. For Milo, going there could mean being dethroned and he was not taking the risk of even talking to them, since talking could lead to more for him very quickly. Casey shrugged, ‘’Little girls grow up.’’ He got up, ‘’I’m going to go talk to her.’’ He walked over before Milo was able to tell him not to.

‘’Come on Blair stop crying, please.’’ Riley said in a nervous tone, unsure how to console her friend any further. She had been crying all afternoon, and all night. ‘’He’s not worth your tears, no boy is.’’ She sighed, wiping the tears from Blair’s cheeks. ‘’I know.’’ She said softly. ‘’I know, but that’s the thing, he was right.’’ She took a sip of wine. ‘’I have no reason to like him, none, I don’t even know him!’’ She rolled her eyes. ‘’I just thought he wouldn’t be an asshole if you’d just try to talk to him alone you know?’’ Riley nodded, ‘’There’s nothing to that guy, he’s spoiled rotten.’’ ‘’Hi ladies.’’ They both looked up, equally confused, at Casey at the same time. ‘’Hello…’’ Blair whispered. Casey smiled. ‘’Can I sit down?’’ Riley gave Blair a questioning look, she really was confused. They knew who Casey was, everybody at their school did. Business mogul, royalty. He was Milo’s cousin, and quite the looker as well. Everybody knew him, but nobody knew anything about him since he was never really around. ‘’Sure…’’ Riley said, she didn’t want him to sit down, but she wanted Blair to get over Milo and what better way to do that than to have a gorgeous guy accompany them. ‘’My name is Casey,’’ he said. Riley waited a second for Blair to start talking, but she looked just as lost for words as she was herself. ‘’I’m Riley, This is Blair,’’ she said, pointing at her friend. ‘’May I ask why you’re so upset Blair?’’ Riley scratched her cheek. ‘’Because of your cousin.’’ Riley said, instantly regretting that comment, too much information! ‘’Riley!’’ Blair gave her a shocked look. ‘’I mean…’’ She sighed, she couldn’t really make him unhear that. ‘’He’s an asshole.’’ Casey laughed, ‘’Well, you’re forward.’’ ‘’I know.’’ Riley said calmly. ‘’She’s not that fond of men.’’ Blair said, chuckling. Riley started laughing, they were making such fools out of themselves, and actually enjoying it. Casey smiled and leaned in. ‘’I think he heard you,’’ he said, pointing at Milo over his shoulder who just sat there at the bar, glaring at the wall. ‘’Ugh.’’ Riley rolled her eyes. ‘’Don’t let him bother you.’’ Casey smiled at them. ‘’He just doesn’t understand girls, he really can’t help it.’’ ‘’He’s an asshole.’’ Riley repeated. ‘’Exactly.’’ Casey grinned. ‘’Would you like to go out with me sometime?’’ Casey smiled at Blair. ‘’I’m a gentleman I promise.’’ Blair smiled shyly. ‘’Sure,’’ she said in a soft tone. They exchanged numbers, Casey hung around for a little longer until he decided it was time to get back to Milo. The girls decided to go home, neither of them could stand being in a room with the prince of attitude.

‘’21’’ Riley screamed, hard, she couldn’t bare this any longer. ‘’Stop screaming.’’ The man said, in an annoyed tone, raising his whip again and slashing it down on her back. Blood spattered around the room and Riley screamed out in pain. She couldn’t help screaming, even though it made him angrier, it hurt so bad. ‘’That’s it.’’ He grabbed her hair and pulled her up, smashing her against the wall with his hand around her throat. ‘’Go on then!’’ He yelled. ‘’Scream!’’ She tried to gasp for air. Her face started feeling hot and puffy, she tried to grab at his hands but the chains around her wrists wouldn’t go up past her waist. The man released his grip and threw her down again. She coughed, blood. She could hear him unzip his pants through her coughing. ‘’No, no, no, please!!’’ She screamed, crying, begging. ‘’Please!!’’ ‘’Riley!’’ She screamed again. ‘’Riley wake up!’’ She shot up, waving her arms up as if the chains on her wrists finally broke loose. She was in her bedroom, looking at Blair’s worried face. ‘’You’re alright.’’ She said in a sweet and calm tone, pulling her close. Riley cried, she always woke up crying from her nightmares, and always continued crying after they ended, still shaking with fear. ‘’You’re fine.’’ Blair whispered. ‘’You’re safe.’’ She sniffled, ‘’I’m scared Blair.’’ ‘’I know, there’s no need.’’ She said softly. ‘’Nobody can hurt you here.’’ ‘’You smell nice.’’ Riley said softly, she had never noticed Blair smelling this way, it was like her scent changed. She leaned in a little more, taking it in. ‘’Oh.’’ Blair laughed. ‘’It’s starting.’’ She got up and sat down on her own bed. ‘’What?’’ ‘’Bloodlust.’’ Blair said calmly. ‘’Word of advice, you should stop eating regular food right now.’’ She scratched her neck. ‘’It threw up 5 times after eating a sandwich when my bloodlust kicked in.’’ She laughed. Riley gave her a confused look. ‘’What..’’ ‘’You’re a vampire now, Riley.’’ Blair said, ‘’A full fledged vampire.’’ ‘’No!’’ Riley yelled, jumping up toward the fridge. Grabbing the first thing she could find, chicken, and taking a bite. She started gagging as soon as the taste hit her. It was like eating ash, or mold. Dry, yet moist, with a weird burnt, ashy taste. She spit it out, shivering and rinsing her mouth with water. ‘’I told you.’’ Blair said calmly. ‘’You should be glad you didn’t shallow it.’’ ‘’How did you eat an entire sandwich!!!’’ Riley yelled in a confused tone. ‘’I was persistent.’’ Blair said, laughing. ‘’I loved food.’’ ‘’I do too.’’ Riley pouted. Blair smiled, ‘’Well, blood tastes even better.’’ Riley frowned, she had a hard time believing that. ‘’It tastes like iron.’’ She stated. ‘’The taste changes, after you turn.’’ Blair said calmly. ‘’To whatever you like I guess.’’ She yawned, sitting down in front of her vanity. ‘’They say it tastes different for everyone.’’ She started applying her makeup. ‘’Really?’’ Riley sat down, joining her friend in their morning beauty ritual.

That afternoon, Riley walked down the hall, torn. She was unsure of what to do. She really didn’t want to be tutored by Milo for the bloodlust control course, but not showing up meant the possibility of being expelled. The schoolboard took skipping very serious when it came to important classes like this one. School was one of the most important things in her life. Besides all the money, companies and houses it was the only thing her parents left her. They enrolled her in school before they even knew she would be coming back home one day. It was the only thing she could actually work for herself, to make them proud of her. She sighed, loudly. ‘’You having a hard time there?’’ She turned around to see Rowan, sitting on a bench with a book in his hand, smiling at her. ‘’Rowan. Yeah, um. I have class, but I don’t want to go. I have to go though!’’ She said, pointing in the direction she was walking in. ‘’I’ll walk with you.’’ Rowan got up. ‘’I have an hour to kill before class.’’ She smiled, walking onward next to him. ''What class do you have?'' He asked. ''Hunting and bloodlust control.'' She said softly. ''Oh right! You turned 16. Who is tutoring you?'' Rowan walked into the empty classroom with her, sitting down on one of the desks. ''Milo.'' Riley said before sitting down across from him. Rowan frowned, ''I get why you didn’t want to go then.. Isn’t he a junior?'' ''I know, yeah.'' She rolled her eyes. ''That's strange.'' Rowan responded. ''I Didn't realize you need tutoring Rowan.'' They both looked up at Milo standing in the open doorway. ''Of course I don't.'' Rowan grinned. ''A gentleman doesn't make a lady wait alone, or, at all.'' He raised an eyebrow at him. ''Good luck Riley, see you later!'' He patted her shoulder and walked out. She waved at him, then turned her attention to Milo who walked in, shutting the door behind him. ''So.'' He said, sitting down on the teachers desk in front of her. ''Didn't expect you here.'' She sighed, always the attitude. ''Why not?'' ''You don't look like a killer, honestly.'' She gave him a big glare, standing up and turning toward the door. ''It's not an insult.'' He said quickly. ''I killed someone as well.'' She turned around, surprised, that was right! The counselor said they were in the same situation... She hadn't thought about that yet. ''Controlling yourself, after killing someone is hard.'' Milo said, ''I don't really have reference material my bloodlust started long after I killed but the other students completed the course in a matter of weeks, sometimes days. It took me 8 months.'' Riley gasped, it was surprising to hear him admit he wasn't amazing at something and a shock at the same time to know it would take this long. ‘’You’re quite popular with the guys aren’t you?’’ Milo asked in a calm tone. ‘’No.’’ Riley replied, instantly nervous, why did they everyone keep saying that! She was caught of guard a little because of his sudden subject change. ‘’I don’t want to be. I mean…’’ She wasn’t sure why she was telling him about this. Talking to him in general made her nervous, she didn’t like him but they had to spend a lot of time together now. She didn’t want to be mean or get angry at him. ‘’You don’t want to be, but you are.’’ Milo stated. ‘’You’re beautiful and you haven’t been around,’’ he said. ‘’A lot of guys want that.’’ She frowned and got up, taking a step back. ‘’Why are you telling me all this?’’ Milo got up as well, walking toward her. ‘’Because.’’ She took a step back every time he took a step forward until her back was against the wall and he put his hands on either side of her, keeping her from running away. ‘’I want you.’’ He said, looking into her eyes. ‘’What. No. Why?’’ She replied in a panicked tone, looking at the door. She felt very, very, uncomfortable. ‘’Because you don’t want me.’’ He replied. ‘’Please just step back, I don’t want to fight…’’ ‘’Me neither.’’ He said calmly, still looking at her. ‘’I don’t want…’’ He swiftly leaned in and kissed her, interrupting and completely ignoring her rejection. She was shocked, and for a second there she felt paralyzed, overcome by fear and unable to respond in any way until she pushed him off and hit him in the face. She ran out through the door, fully panicked and confused. What on earth just happened…


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