Purpose of Living

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Life, the existence of an induvial human being or animal.

Everybody has a different point of view on life. Whether you love it or hate it, you were lucky to be given the life you have. Not everybody is born into wealth, not everybody succeeds. Life always
has a purpose for each induvial lying beneath it. However, what is life and the purpose of it. Scientists have been studying our world for thousands of years asking the same question. The only
reason humans evolved as a species is because we were formed differently than the other subspecies. We were given the power to think and ask questions. For some reason, whomever or whatever created
us, knew that giving the enhanced eyesight and brainpower would lead to long-term evolution. Every move we make creates a mark in evolution. The creation of the .mp3 format led to simple and fast
music sharing across the world. The discovery of the Andromeda galaxy led to further succession in space-exploration. Everything we do, touch, feel, think, may impact the world forever.

436 years ago, the Gregorian calendar started recording each second equally around the globe. Previously used was the Julian calendar which was found out to be inaccurate. Time is relevant to
everything in modern day society. What time you must be at work, go to bed, meet a friend for lunch, etc. In first world countries telephones are just an essential to living. Today, you can find
your current time on basically anything that has an electrical current. Your phone, computer, watch, clock, basically every device you can possibly think of tells time.

Every life has an end. All life has an end. Stars, planets, batteries, mammals, everything ends at some point in time. Galaxies aren’t technically living things, but they do go through a life
cycle. They’re born, they evolve, and grow or collide with neighboring galaxies. Our galaxy, the milky way was born approximately 13.6 billion years ago. In space everything is attracted to each
other. Since there is no gravity there’s nothing telling the object to move up-down-left-right-center. As in Earth where objects are pushed down to the ground because of our atmosphere. The milky
way and the andromeda galaxy are slowly moving together each day. Extremely slow, 250,000 miles per hour. Although this galaxy is 2.537 million light years away. Although light years aren’t small,
since space is so vast we have a whole different measuring system for finding distances between objects within it. The distance between the earth and our sun is 92.96 million miles, although in
light years its 0.00001581 light years. It would take us 160,468 trips of going to the sun to get to the Andromeda galaxy. Although when they do collide, it will be a beautiful sight, but life
wouldn’t extend that long to see it happen.


Submitted: January 03, 2018

© Copyright 2021 1337. All rights reserved.

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