Crimson Wildfire

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

Years have past since the disappearance of the Explorer-A-A-1-2-0-7. The war is destroying earth, the lost of Jupiter, showing humanity it isn't strong enough. The final squad of a experimental
army exists of a lethal huntress and a crippled A.I. This is Crimson Wildfire


Galaxy: The Milky Way 

Solar system: The Solar System 

Planet: Earth 

Country: Afghanistan 

Region: Samangan

 The bow strings shined in the glazing sun. Striking a glimmer in the sky but the light was blocked out by the white soft fur flowing off the snout of her white spirit hood. Her brown eyes which pulsed with green lacing which focuses down the arrow straight into the desolate field. 

 There were four soldiers being held at gun point, the four soldiers were kneeled up on the ground with black bags on their heads and each had an Ak-47 resting against their temple. The four were dressed in British military uniform unlike the one who were holding them at gun point, were wearing blue uniforms. 

 There was a noise coming from left of the group, she swooped her gaze to see a black land rover speeding towards the group kicking up a cloud of sand and dust. The land rover had a chain gun mounted on the back with one rebel manning it. The driver was wearing the same but the passenger had a red beret on. 

 The land rover skidded up next to the group. The passenger jumped out. The woman focused back in on hostages. The red bereted man pulled a hand cannon from behind his back. He marched up to the closest hostage, pushing the hand cannon straight against the hostages head. He was shouting. What he was saying was unclear from the distance. 

 From the way the situation was escalating she knew it was time to act. She let go of the string, releasing a green glowing arrow. The arrow rocketed towards the group, sawing straight over the beret of the man. It the exploded in front of them, all of the soldiers turned, not only the five on the ground, but the two in the car. The explosion from the arrow did no damage. Instead it released a ball of green energy, floating up to the sky joining together, to war a green dragon, the head flew straight up as a tail grew out of its head, forming into a twelve foot creature, it continued to saw to the sky then looped back on its self. Going down at towards the group of rebels.  

 The chain gun began to roar, releasing a spray of bullets, which passed straight through the dragon; all of the rebels began to fire. It was ineffective  

 Little had they realised but the woman had appeared behind them. Out of a green gateway she had strung another arrow. Just as the dragon disappeared. She shouted at them, “Oi, put your weapons down!”  

 The rebels turned, all reacting instantly to point weapons at the enemy, the woman kept her focus on the rebels, moving through them selectively. The man with the red beret shouted at the woman. “Oh it’s another English… Look an English! Girl who thinks she can fight!”  
“I repeat put the weapon down or else wanker!” She gazed around the group. “She’s cursing to make us think she’s a soldier like these four, but she’s not. Just cause she did a stupid firework display doesn’t make her scary!”“Oh it does, so one last time put the weapons down!”“Drop dead English bitch!”  

 She smirked, “You will be!” she let go the first arrow shot straight into the mounted gunner. She then strung another and fired it before any of the rebels could react, the driver got hit knocking him out. “Shoot, shoot, shoot!” She rolled right, evading the fire that was released at her she started to run, slingshot around the group. She fired another green arrow into the head of a rebel, she ran past, slamming the third to the ground knocking him out. She pulled an arrow out of the quiver on her back and slammed the arrow in the next soldiers arm, she then swung her right arm into the fourth person knocking him down, and loading up another arrow she slid on her knee’s firing the arrow into the rebel. 

 Bang, the beret man knocked her to the floor she rolled it off, getting onto her knee, “Ah English, you maybe a little better than I thought!”  “Yeah well, you won’t be talking for much longer!”  

 The man pulled out a knife, from a holster on his ankle. “English, I have name for you but I don’t have the real, if I kill you. I want your name. Mine is Isaac!”  

 “Mine names Apex!” Isaac smiled, gritting his teeth, Apex pulled an arrow out of the quiver. It started to glow a green tint, “Common you little bastard!” Isaac ran at Apex, flipping the blade in his hand so the knife was facing away down to the ground. Apex ran at Isaac, the two collided, she brushed off his first attack, blocking it with her left arm, her right swung at the Isaac’s stomach, but he jumped back. She missed. He flipped the blade and lunged his arm towards her stomach, she pulled her knee up hitting the knife out of his hand she caught it with her right.  

 Kicked him down to the floor with her right hand she threw the knife, which pierced the man’s right arm coat, not his arm but he clothing pinning him down to the floor. “Now you only have to kill me to shut me up!” his tongue slither out of his mouth as he spoke, she smiled. “No!” Throwing the arrow straight into the Isaacs tongue pinning it in place.  

 She then turned away, walking to the men. She looked at the four. There bags then dissolved. One of the soldiers looked at her and with a thick cockney accent he asked “Ma’am!”  

 She smiled, “Get up, command have sent a group to pick you all up!” 







Galaxy: Milky Way  

Solar system: Serenity

Planet: Admiration 

Settlement: Love 

Region: Hawk 

 The coupling burst, firing gooey plasma over the soldiers, it wasn’t harmful to them but they all turned away to protect themselves. The kept walking, though the abandoned tunnels. One of the soldiers turned, “Sir there must be traps something is making the plasma couplings burst like this.”  
The soldier looked back to a figure in the shadows, a voice replied “Yes, a saboteur I believe may exist. But we must find them first.” The voice was full of courage. “But sir, should we not stop.” “No, not yet if we stop in the middle of the tunnel, we are in more danger.” The soldier nodded.  

 The group of soldiers weren’t humans, they were animals. The three in front were foxes, the first was black and blue, the second was black and white and the third a purple and black. They were wearing green combat gear, which made only their hands, feet and head visible. 

 The group kept walking, the leader still wasn’t visible. They carried on walking down the tunnel, harmless plasma dripping from the roof. “Sir why is there so much plasma?” “I’m not sure.”  

 The group reached a junction, one door to the left and one to the right. The troops panned out, two had the guns facing the right and the leader who remained in the shadows focused right along with the black and white trooper. They were all armed with assault rife apart from the leader who had two smg’s in his hands.  

 The leader holstered one of the weapons, pulling out a small phone, it protected a blue display of the corridor which had a red dot just on the other side of the door. The light revealed the face of the leader, he was quite tall, blue and white and his front was white with zigzag pattern which was green on his sides and covering his back.  

 He had a small thin fox face, slightly pushed in with a short snout. “Right, target is right. Prepare to attack shoot to wound. Targets name is Whisper!”  

 The door opened before the foxes were able to stack up. There was a humming noise coming from the other side of the door, the group move through into a pitch black room. The group kept moving they could see, all anyone else would see if there eyes glowing in the dark. The eyes were searching the room. “I see nothing sir, the map must be wrong.”  
A new voice replied, one the group hadn’t heard, “Well I’d say it is right!” The lights then started to flash on, one by one the clicked into action revealing the target. The soldiers all aimed at him, “I wouldn’t shoot me, not even to injure I think your orders may of changed.”  
The leader checked his device again, it read ‘Will assist with incoming infiltrators.’ He told his team, clocking his weapon, “So where they coming from?” Whisper looked at the black and white soldier, “What’s your name?” The leader replied “I’m Hamilton of the shark family.” “I wasn’t asking you! The blue and white fox, what’s your name?” 
The Fox looked at him, then to the leader, “He’s a hybrid don’t talk to the lesser!”  

“Lesser! I’m equal, how am I lesser! I’ve beaten teams like you, how does that make me lesser!” The soldier didn’t reply, just looked away, in a shunning motion.  

 Whisper stepped into the light, his eyes didn’t glow like the rest and he was defiantly a hybrid part cat part fox. His fur was green and black laced around each other in no particular order. He was wearing blue combat overalls, purple steampunk goggles resting above his eyes, a pistol in a holster and a yellow burst pulse rifle strung over his back. 

 There was a noise from outside the room, like a tapping. One of soldiers shouted, “Think there here sir, what should we do?” “Get behind cover, hybrid can you get the lights on all of them?”  
Whisper nodded, offended by the name hybrid. He then disappeared into the shadows becoming invisible. The troopers moved to cover, the leader being the furthest back of the group all aimed in on the steel blast door, the lights began to flicked on, flooding the room with light revealing a weird sight, the room was purple, the plasma couplings were all joining up, leading to one main tank, in the quantity the plasma would be harmful to the troopers.  
“Hybrid who are the attackers?” “Wolves, probably a group of five!”  

 The blast door started to click, as the locks were being unlocked, whisper had taken cover behind a wall, he had pointed his rifle at the door as well, his weapon was yellow, long at the front it was slightly wider with a purple front. The door started to grind open, releasing a pour of smoke into the room, lowing the visibility of the troopers. The leader shouted “Fire!” The cloud of smoked burst out of the door, filling the room up suddenly. The Troops began there fire of metal bullets and whisper pulse rifle screamed, firing purple bursts towards the door.  

 Silhouettes came visible in the smoke, wolf like shadows, running through the smoke. Returning the fire, green shots fired in the direction of the troopers. “Charge!” The leader started to run, heading straight into the smoke. “No, you idiot. Don’t follow him!” The other troopers broke into two groups, the blue and black fox followed the leader in.  

 There were shots fired quick flashes in the smoke, then the scream of the leader and black and blue. Whisper, looked to the over two, the smoke was starting to clear. A large grey wolf with red paintings became visible he fired for shots from his pulse rifle which sawed into the wall next to Whisper, the other four wolves who were still hidden in the smoke fired, shots at the troops holding them in cover.  

 There was no return fire they were pinned down. Whisper kept looking at the two troops, thinking of a way to get to them. “Draw there fire!” The voice of blue and white fox replied, “Affirmative!” 

 The two foxes then started firing, eight shots at the group of wolves and the wolves fire a roar of plasma shells at the group hitting the cover of the troops. 

 Whisper, ran from his cover, the large wolf fired a couple of shots at whisper who avoided the shots, hitting the wall soaring past Whisper. He ran up the stairs, getting out of the fire, the wolves then switched back to the two troopers, blue and white fox, leaned out firing a couple of shots, hitting one of the wolves killing it.  

 The wolves start moving closer, towards the trooper, pinning them down, there were only four wolves left now. The wolves nearly reached the two foxes, then a blue pulse shattered a black wolf’s body, breaking through the simple silver armour. Whisper jumped from the cat walk firing three more bursts at the wolves, sawing straight past the head of Whisper sizzling into the wall behind. Screech of four more shots slammed into floor around a wolf, fire being sent in return, Whisper the evader, leaning down to avoid the shots.  

 Whisper slammed his rifle into the face of a red wold, smashing teeth out of his head. The firing two shots into the wolf’s body. The two foxes pulled out of cover and ran at the final wolf, the final wolf didn’t even try slamming the two to the floor, he turned and in a deep religious voice he spoke, “Hybrid, finally we fight!”  
Whisper and the wolf ran at each other, Whisper ducked as the grey soft fur covered in steal, swung over his head. Just missing him. Whisper then swung back with his rifle, the wolf stopped him, pulling the rifle of him throwing it left across the room. He then kicked Whisper backwards through the smoke, Whisper pulled out a pistol, fired a couple of rounds at the wold which deflected straight of the amour of the wolf, Whisper scanned the wolfs armour looking for a weak spot, there was a week spot on the shoulder, thinner than over points of movement. Whisper fired three more shots hitting the arm of wolf, again useless.  

 The wolf charged at whisper, brutally knocking whisper to the ground, he clawed at whisper slashing his arm, whisper screamed out in pain. He kicked the wolf of him, the wolf stumbled back then took to charging again and paired to swing, Whisper’s arm caught him in motion, slamming the wolfs arm in the opposite direction, he pulled the pistol to the week spot, firing again, still no damage.  

 The wolf grabbed Whisper with his over arm, throwing him left up to the wall then three shots were fired, slamming into the back of the wolf, the white and blue fox was helping. The wolf screamed and turned to face him beginning to growl. He edged slowly towards the fox, his growl getting feistier. Claws sharper. The other fox was hiding somewhere.  

 “You foxes are nearly as bad as the hybrids, cowards you are, nearly not worth the kill. Hybrids, I’d kill for free, you’re not worth anything. They need wiping out!” The there were three flashes of blue, followed by screeches. Slamming into the back of the wolf, he screamed in pain, collapsing to the group, a large plasma burn had burst through the back of the wolf.  

 “Yet I still beat you, you bastard!” Whisper gave a sigh of relief, he was holding his rifle which had purple plasma smoking of it.  

Page Break 


Apex and Concussion 

Galaxy: The Milky Way 

Solar system: The Solar System 

Planet: Earth 

Country: Afghanistan 

Region: Samangan 

 The ship dropped in height, slowing down as it neared the desert floor, the ship was a basic flight carrier. It stopped above the landing pad, hovering for a few minutes. The engines then dropped again, the ship landed on the pad, releasing a puff of smoke. The door opened at the back, three men got off. The first two were soldiers the last a pilot, carrying a way point pad. 

 He looked around then back down to the pad to see where to go. He muttered to himself, “Human maps so confusing… Erm is it this way?” he turned left “Wait no that way…” he turned right, “Ah this is the right way. Human places so well designed but the maps are a little meh.” He carried on walking head in the data pad, not noticing the wall ahead. He collided straight into it, slamming the black jump helmet. Into the wall he stepped back, “Hmm wait erm…” he looked around the pad searching, “Where are these stairs?” He looked right seeing a trooper come out of a door, “Ah there it is.” He turned and started walking to the stairs.  

 The door slid open, revealing a dark stairway. He started walking down it, thinking to himself why it was so dark. He kept walking, boots slamming into each step, he turned the pad around the light the corridor.  

 There was a metallic groan, he looked around. “What was that?” then another, “well that’s weird.” Then the sound of gun fire, and an explosion. He raised his hand to his radio “Explain what’s happening?” “Shots fire, shots fire, shots fire. They are on the base there rebels are here!”  

 The pilot pulled a secondary fire arm out, he angled it downwards. “Well this went to shit, well erm I should follow my orders I think.” He carried on down the stairs, the data pad laid up against the pad to provide light so he could navigate the staircase. He reached the door out of the stair case.  

 He leant up to the side of it, turning off the pad device and hiding it away. He heard another explosion, he took a deep breath pulling out of the corner kicking the door open. Three rebels were directly outside the door. The pilot fired three shots, one smashing into the head of each of the rebels.  

 He walked forward stepping over each of the rebels, bullets sawed through the air, none being directly fired at the pilot. The pilot scammed the area, trying to work out which was which. He lifted his hand to tap his radio system, “All call signs report in! I’m in a field!” 

 A muffled voice replied “This is…” he voice cut off and then came back “Please identify…” he voice was of a woman, who was unclear due to the static. “This is pilot eight-seven-four. What’s your location? I repeat what’s your location.” There was a slight pause, the pilot stayed in position, “Eight-seven-four? Our location is the south of landing pad, have you got air support? Can you get to us?” The pilot back on himself.  

 “Evacuation is possible. I’ll make my way over too you.” He pulled his left hand down and also pulled out the data pad which showed him which direction to go. He then started running, he saw a group of rebels running towards a defended point, which had military cargo crates and trucks lined as a defence barrier. Few shots flung over his shoulder, he dropped to the floor spinning about, pulling his pistol to face where the shots came from, but then an arrow fire into two rebels aiming at the pilot and they fell to the floor. “Eight-seven-four? Get the hell over here!” The pilot jumped back to his feet, the voice on the radio was the same as the one who just shouted at him it was Apex. 

 The pilot carried on running, clambering onto the green crate. He was met behind the wall, by a group of people, four of them the soldiers Apex had previously recued, two research men and three civilians centred in the middle. Apex was stood on a crate firing arrows of in the sky, which were followed by explosions.  
The pilot stood still, “Who’s in charge!” the soldiers looked up for a second then back down, “I am.” “Who are you?” “No time for that eight-seven-four! Where’s the evac ship?” The pilot looked up to the raised pad “Up there, when I landed there was no sign of this, what happened?”  “Well…”  

Apex fights 

Galaxy: The Milky Way 

Solar system: The Solar System 

Planet: Earth 

Country: Afghanistan 

Region: Samangan 

Thirty minutes earlier.  

 A truck pulled into the left hand que of trucks, there were three in front of the last truck, the back canvas the tuck then stopped. Engine turning off, the other three trucks did the same, a man pulled himself out of the split door. He pulled himself out onto the desert floor.  

 After that man three more pulled himself out, these four men were the four from the hostage incident Apex dealt with. Then Apex pulled herself out of the truck, her bow was pulled over her shoulder. Her spirit hood waved with the gentle breeze.  
She started walking towards a tent, which had a sign saying ‘Command’  

 She arrived at the tent to be in an empty tent, she waited a few minutes then stepped back outside to a guard. “Excuse me cadet where are the seniors?” The guard replied instantly “Right now they are located at the cafeteria ma’am.” She nodded.  

 The cafeteria tent was only next door, she walked into a large tent which was being hailed by voices of soldiers, shattering the wall with joyful cheer, she kept walking through the room, catching the males checking her out, she kept walking scanning the battle ground of voices. She saw the table with the least people on thinking to herself that must be the officer tables. Once she reached it she stood still. “Sir, lieutenant Apex reporting.” The youngest replied “We know who you are lieutenant, I’m Captain Deadgreen” he then pointed two the second youngest at the table a small Asian man, with heavily shaven hair and crystal eyes, “this is Captain Clooney and this lord all mighty is…” Deadgreen was cut off by the last man. He was the oldest had slick grey hair and white pasty skin. His voice was majorly deeper. 

 “I’m Major Redfern. Lieutenant I hear you rescued four of my men, I thank you a lot. Now you are probably wondering why you’ve been relocated. Sadly I don’t have clearance to tell you or even to find out myself. So before we carry on talkin’ get your backside on the seat and tell us what you want for a drink, Alcohol ain’t allowed we aint like the American bases.  

 Apex slid herself down next to Captain Deadgreen, “I’ll have a tea sir, if that’s possible, I hate the American base, never did the tea right. Always left the fucking tea bag in the cup.” The Major smiled, Clooney put a cup down on the table, pulled a flask which was hidden to his side, the black holly liquid oozed into the cup, “Do you want milk and sugar?” Clooney’s voice was soft, he slid over a bowl of sugar and another cup with milk in it. She picked up the cup with milk in tipping it, the milk dribbled out, she then leant for the teaspoon on the table, she then moved back using it to stir in the milk, then picked the sugar up and lifted a teaspoon of sugar, the dropped it in then repeated. She stirred the cup letting the sugar dissolve.  
“So Major, what’s happening then?” “A birds flying in to pick you up to take you to centre station. From there I have no clue birds hear in a couple of minutes. Any questions Apex?” “Yes sir many questions, but most you can’t answer, so I won’t ask them but one I think you have clearance to tell me. How we doing in the fight?”  
“The major smiled, we are winning, but haven’t won, they could still win we can’t let our guard down.” “Okay major.” 

 Apex pulled the cup of tea to her face, steam flew over her skin, and past the snout of her spirit hood, Deadgreen stared at the wolf hat. “Captain, you have a question?” “Yes lieutenant. Is it one of them you hat did you kill one?” Apex laughed “What a furen? No its not a furn, just a thing I had made after I killed Rageron, a Furen terrorist trying to wipe out the hybrids. But no that’s a bit evil, skinning it alive. Don’t worry Captain.” 

  A girl walked past the table, she picked the empty cups up and carried on walking, “Whose she sir?” “Lieutenant, she’s a civilian, we haven’t got all the staff, nearly ninety percent of the troops are here now, and we don’t have cooks we needed civies. That’s why, they have been checked.” Deadgreen looked at Redfern, “Sir you heard about the weapon that got stolen recently, from space eight. A biological weapons from the cold age it’s banded but wasn’t destroyed for some reason. It targets normal all humans within a twenty five metres, which was why it was never deployed, it was a handheld pulse beacon. Obviously now a days it doesn’t harm augments cause they were have an altered genetics.” Apex was intrigued by this, “Erm how many augments are there sir on the base, me and?” The Major was silent, “Erm you and one other, a pilot with the call sign ‘Eight-seven-four, the pilot coming to pick you up. No one else that I know of.” Apex nodded, “Sorry sir, I feel a little rough mind if I collect some zeros.” The major nodded “Not two long I’ll tell the pilot youll be an hour or so.” 

 Apex stood up and marched out of the tent the officer looked back to each other but before the conversation could continue any further there was a scream, the woman who took the cups had dropped them she was shouting, a word English. “Sorry… Sorry… Sorry” She pulled a hand held device which looked like a grenade, “Someone shouted Grenade! Get down!” The officers fell to the flaw so did everyone in the tent, the woman screamed and slammed, her hand into the device in her hand a red pulse exploded from the device a wave of energy spread out, the woman disintegrated instantly, then the soldiers close to her, the staff at the cafeteria, the officers at the table, and everyone else in the tent. 

 Apex ran back into the tent, out she searched the room, no one left. Alive she touched her coms device around her ear “Anyone here me! Respond now!” “Ma’am, this is squad four. We are near the south end of the landing pad repeat south end.” She flicked her bow extending the two ends and ran back out the tent. 

 She appeared out in the dark, all lights of the pad lower area had gone, she looked up as Haven carrier flew over. She carried on running, towards the south of the pad. “Squad four?” There was no reply, she saw to her left two rebels running. She pulled an arrow, tightening the string. She fire an arrow into the first rebel, which exploded with green force flying straight into the second throwing him a couple of metres in the air.  
She saw lights emanating from behind cargo crates. Apex strung another arrow, looking for a target, no one appeared as she reached creates “Squad four I’m coming over the crates now!” 

 She arrived on the over side, to see the civilians and soldiers, “What happened?” Apex looked two the highest ranking of the squad, the voice from the radio. “Soldier? What happened?”  
“Ma’am, I have no clue we heard screams from the tent, a pulse busted out of the side of the tent, just spamming up to command tent people who were there went, are the officers dead?” Apex nodded.  

 Bullets rained in the direction of the crates. The four squad mates returned fire, “Explain what’s happening!” One of the over squad mates replied on his radio. “Shots fire, shots fire, shots fire. They are on the base there rebels are here!”

 Apex looked at the soldier “I’ll deal with coms cadet!”  

 She raised her hand to her ear. Before she could touch the com system, few more shots slammed into the crates, “All call signs report in! I’m in the field!”  “This is Lieutenant Apex…” bullets carried on flying, she moved to better cover, “Please identify!” “This is pilot eight-seven-four. What’s your” the voice broke into static then returned, “I repeat what’s your location.”  “Eight-seven-four? Our location is the south of landing pad, have you got air support? Can you get to us?”“Evacuation is possible. I’ll make my way over too you.” 

 Apex heard gun fire from a light weapon, she pulled herself up onto a crate behind her, crouching for a view of what was on the other side to her right was a large group of rebels to her left she saw the pilot running she strung two arrows seeing two rebels, running after him firing couple of shot at him. The pilot dropped she fired the two arrows straight into the two rebels they fell dead on the floor. She then shouted, ““Eight-seven-four? Get the hell over here!” 

Page Break 


Battle for the evacuation 

Galaxy: The Milky Way 

Solar system: The Solar System 

Planet: Earth 

Country: Afghanistan 

Region: Samangan 

Present time  

 “So they are all dead? Hmm, weird that does explain why the soldiers on the pad aren’t down here helping. Must have got caught by the wave.” The pilot looked around “I think we could get them out easily, but the stair case entrance is quite small so we might be held up when entering,”  “What’s your rank eight-seven-four?”  “Flight lieutenant, so same rank as you lieutenant.” Apex nodded “Up the stairs it is. Squad reload and prepare to move diamond formation around the civies!” The pilot knelt down “Follow us please.”  
The civilians nodded like they understood, “Good.” The soldiers formed up around the civilians, “Right move!” Everyone followed Apex, the pilot was at the back Apex front and the diamond formation in the middle. Pilot cocked his pistol, raising it in the direction of the rebels. Everyone was breathing heavily, nervous for the battle, except the Pilot and Apex. Gun fire started instantly, roaring down the desert towards the group. The pilot returned fire, pinning a rebel down behind the cover.  
“Keep moving!” An arrow sawed releasing the green dragon, flying straight into a group of rebels, knocking them to the ground.  

 The Pilot fired a couple more shots emptying his gun. He clicked the magazine button he switched in the second magazine and fire again. The group carried on pasting their way to the stair case. 
They reached it, first to go in was the pilot, he started to run up the stairs. Gun pointed high ready for anyone to come down. He reached the top, kicking the door open, there were for guards on the pad they started firing at the door frame. He took a deep breath, swung out of the corner as fire continued in his direction. He fire his pistol slamming a shot into the first rebel, the firing a spray into the next rebel, as the second fell the pilot slid picking up the rifle of the first rebel. Releasing spray of shells into the third rebel.  

 The last rebel, shot around the pilot. He ran straight for him, screaming in anger. The pilot ran at him to the rebel tackled him to the ground. Pulling up his right hand and slamming it down into the Pilots helmet, cracking the visor, blood trickled down the hand of the rebel, it wasn’t the pilots blood but the rebels. The rebel then went to strike again, smashing the visor even more.  

 The pilot was pinned down, the rebel had one hand on his chest and knelt over him, beating him with the other. The Pilot turned his head checking his surroundings. There was a pistol on the floor, he reached for it with his left arm, trying to slam his right into the rebel. Punching the ribs again and again. It was futile. 

 The rebel saw the Pilots arm reaching for the pistol. The rebel stopped hitting the visor, and lunged for the pistol. Moving his weight enough for the pilot to push up with his knee, pushing him off his body, the rebel slammed onto the floor grabbing the pistol. Pilot rolled onto his knees pushing the rebel over onto his back. The pilot pinned him down kneeing on his body applying all his weight to stop the man moving, he tried to retrieve the pistol. Grabbing it with his left hand, the two fought over it the gun was up in the air for a short time then the rebel pushed the pistol into the Pilots left shoulder plate fire four shots. The Pilot screamed in pain.  

 He grabbed the pistol from the rebel, and lunge his head into the rebel. Breaking his nose instantly, blood flooded from the nose of the rebel. The Pilot the slammed his fist into the face of the man. Breaking his jaw, then slamming his face again doing more damage. The pistol fell out of the rebels hand, the rebel moved his arm to grab the pilots shoulder.  
He squeezed pain and blood out of the Pilots shoulder. The blood tickled down the armour of the pilot and onto the floor. The Pilot slammed his head into the rebels face.  
The rebels hand went flat letting go of the Pilots shoulder. The Pilot rolled onto his back sighing he laid on his back for just a moment as the four soldiers and Apex made it up. “What took you all so long?”  “Sorry Lieutenant we were keeping cover making sure no one could follow us. Shit your hurt! Are you able to fly?” The Pilot lifted his hands, the gloves were soaked with blood, he put a hand either side of the helmet. Clicking an exposed button, pushing the helmet off his head. To reveal a blood stained face. The Pilot looked young, he had slim eye brows and set of brown hair and a weird eye it was defected shaped into a yellow star. Blood was all over his face, originating from his forehead, nose, lip and scars around the rest of his face. “You look like shit. I’ll ask again, can you fly with that shoulder?”  
The Pilot looked to his shoulder squinting with pain at Apex, “Yes I can get us out of here!” She nodded, “Move into the ship!”  The pilot started walking over to the Hawcrow jet carrier, the back door reopened, light shun from out of the jet. The pilot raised his hands “Don’t shoot! Friendly!” There were three soldiers hidden in the ship. One of them shouted to him “Identify!”  “Lieutenant Apex stand the frack down!”  
The soldiers lowered their guns, “So you fuckers gona tell me why your cowering inside here! While this rubbish Pilot spent his time getting shot. So next time you guys here people on the radio you do something. But I’m happy to know there are more people alive.” 

 Everyone fell silent, as the squad of four soldiers and the civilians sat down in the crew area. While Apex and the Pilot walked through this area into the cockpit. There was one seat next to a joy stick. “Since you’re another augment you have an actual code name not a piece of shit number, so what is your name?”  The Pilot sat in the ship, “I’m concussion and your right, the number isn’t me it’s my bird. This bird and I are the last of crimson squad. We flew operation Orion.”  Apex smiled, “Ah so your like me, last of a squad.”  “Who were you with, your augmented, use a bow as a weapon so not on same platform as me not the electrical entity. So I’d say wildfire. You go for months without communicating with command or other soldiers. Wildfire are all gone. Only a handful of soldiers survived. Am I right?” 

 “Yes you are.” With that the hawcrow set off, engines firing how fire onto the pad. The jet then took off sawing up wards to break altitude.  

Carry on 

 Galaxy: The Milky Way 

 Solar system: The Solar System 

 Location: Orbit Core station 

 The hawcrow swung up alongside the core battle station, rockets firing silently in the deaf space. “This is eight-seven-four to Core station, requesting permission to dock.  A distant male voice replied back through the radio, “Roger eight-seven-four, preceded to dock eighteen. Medical team are alerted and ready to assist with your crew. Captain Thompson is waiting for you.”  “Roger that will proceeded inwards to dock eighteen. Eight-seven-one out.”  

 Concussion pushed the throttle forward and pulled the joystick left. The cock pits sight change, showing the inside of the ship. “Weird isn’t it a captain waiting for us. Like orders were from high that aint exactly high.” Concussion laughed, “Something funny?” “No, just you don’t deal with people wildfires go for months and here you are is thinking about the people you get to meet.” “Yeah well, I like the part being radio silent. Means I can go to a pub and they think I’m on duty.”

 The hawcrow hovered into a long circular chamber, concussion wiped blood of his eye brow. The started looking around the chamber, there happened to be a set of pads all around the area. “Eighteen, eigthteen, eighteen?” He carried on searching.  
The room seemed to be split into five circular chambers. Each rotating around the chamber. Situated on each of the chambers were four pads and one fuelling station. Each hand a number on, most pads had ships docked mainly just shipping vessels and republican transport ships. As the ship pasted the third ring the docked ships weren’t marked with trader identification, but military markings. The last two sections seemed exclusive to military. Concussion saw pad eighteen directly ahead and just a hundred metres below. He slowed the hawcrow, pulling the leaver to engage the landing equipment. The ship slowed to landing speed. Closing to the pad. No one was there no one at all. The ship touched the ground, Concussion switched on the magnetics, still no sound there was no atmosphere outside the ship. 

 Smoke the steamed out of the landing pad, the sides. The pad then moved downwards. The surface quickly disappeared to reveal a small ship hanger, there were no doors open only visible exit was the way they entered. Concussion switched off the engines powering down as procedure for hanger bay landing. “Right that’s all now we just wait for the medical staff. Apex leaned on her heal to look at concussion there was no point Concussion stood up to reveal how much pain he was in, blood was all over his armour, drying some of  it most of it not. “You are in the shit. Medical needs to check you.” The door above shut, and a door ahead opened instantly with clanking sound. “Yeah I know” Concussion’s face cringed in pain “Look they’ll patch me up and I’ll be fine.” 

 A few people stepped through the door, about fifteen in total all wearing orange ship side uniforms three quarters of them had the first aid marker on their arm. Concussion started walking through the door out to the crew zone.  

 He slammed his right arm into the door release, the moving it back to clutching his right arm. Blood still trickling, the door finished opening Apex and concussion stepped off out into the open hanger. The first aid officers walked straight onto the hawcrow. Concussion kept walking, Apex grabbed one of the officers, “Oi! They guy with blood is who you need to sort out! That means help that fucker!” Two of the medical officers quickly changed path to help. They were wearing biological masks so facial features were unclear but one had blue eyes the other green.  

 They looked shock, putting their hands on Concussion’s back.  The blue eyes man spoke “This way sir. They took him near a wall, one pulled a medi care bag from behind them putting the bag on the floor, the pulled up a data pad scanning Concussion’s shoulder. The other started on Concussions face. Shinning a light in both of his eyes, there was a strange shimmer of light back, the medical officer didn’t notice. He started looking at the cuts, cleaning the blood off his face. 

 The other officer finished his scan of his shoulder and panned across to his right shoulder. The officer looked confused, “Erm this is weird.” Tapping his co-helper “Sort this arm out please.” He turned to Concussion. “Sir we are gona vaporise the bullets and seal the wound.” The over officer fired a red beam into the wound, then put healing cream on the visible wounds.  

 Concussion stood up, a man in a grey uniform marched over.  “Oh look here comes the captain fucking bastard.” Concussion laughed “Oh he looks young.” The captain marched over he look similar to captain Deadgreen near identical. The officer reached the two “Lieutenants!” Apex and Concussion shot into attention. “At ease. I have a message for you from command. You are to join with the Spirit of Venture and follow with it on its mission. Ship departs in two hours.” Apex looked at the captain “Sir, did you have a brother?” The captain nodded, “I’m sorry for your loss.” he nodded, “If that’s all sir we will set off.” The captain nodded turned and walked off.  

 Apex and Concussion then walked back on the hawcrow, all crew were now off. 


Spirit of Venture 

 Galaxy: The Milky Way  

 Solar system: The Solar System 

 Location: Spirit of Venture 

 The hawcrow landed in the landing bay, clicking into magnetic locks for the landing pad. The pad the started moving turning to allow the back to face the catwalk. Apex and Concussion stepped off the hawcrow and onto the catwalk. There was no one around the landing zone was empty. Concussion looked out of the ship the energy shield to keep the zone filled with air was starting to disappear, the blast door sliding shut. “Well we are stuck here now.” 

 The two walked to the nearest exit. The inside of the ship was sharp, all metal structure was a bluish grey and terminals were around the area. They stood at the door till it opened. The other side of the door was sealed. There was no console nothing of use. “Bridge please.” A blue light flashed and then the room began to move. Quickly rushing upwards.  

 The elevator slowed, sliding to a hold the blue light flashed again. The door then slid open, revealing a busy room. About fifteen people were in the area all clicking away at telecommunication screens. Only one turned to look at the two. A man walked over to the two. He was wearing standard flight officer’s uniform, grey with blue pin badges and a patch on his shoulder saying flight command. “Ma’am, sir. This way please.” The officer’s voice was quiet with an American accent. The two followed the officer straight. They walked past three rows of computers. Walking up to a high raised area were a man and a woman were stood still talking to each other. They stopped when they realised that the two were close.  

 The man was a lot older than most the staff about late forties he had grey eyes with wrinkles sickled around the face. Ears he had a full set of white hair, both on top and below is chin an almost Santa like bearded. “Ah, lieutenants. We don’t have time to waste. The mission we are on is a vital recovery operation. I’ve read both of your files and believe you are the best two for this operation. Best pilot and saboteur operative. Ill brief you on the full operation with the rest of the crew. Lieutenant Concussion I understand you’re a data augment is that right?” The man had a strong British accent with a booming tone. “Yes sir, I am. May I asked why?”“There this ship is designed to work with a crew of fifty at minimum but we don’t have that many we have thirty, fifteen on bridge, three in landing zone, three in medical, six in engineering and four in science. We need data condara support. So I’m sorry I know data augments don’t enjoy stuff like this. But I request you to interact with system.” “Fine sir.” Apex looked to Concussion, “I presume you need someone with you when your transfer?” Concussion nodded, Apex looked at the Captain “Can we have operation brief?”  

 He nodded, clicking a button on the console in front of him. A short whistle blew through out the ship. “All hands this is captain speaking. We are heading to the serenity system. We have a contact in the system. Who is an enemy of the Wolves, so a friend to us. The Federation has given humanity now full access to interact with their people. Sadly the target Whisper, is stuck in a storm on the admiration planet, we will rescue him, and then he will assist us in the second section of our recovery operation. He has the location of a lost presumed destroyed ship explorer. We hope to recover the ship and possible the crew. You all have clearance for this op. We have only one combat crew. Details will follow in one second.” He pulled his hand off the coms button. Turned to Apex and Concussion. “What is your fire team name, you need one for the mission for coms?” 

 Apex and Concussion looked at each other in confusion. The woman next to the captain sighed, she had a heavy American accent. She was about five six smallest of the four, short blonde hair and green eyes.  “You two, are useless. Oi you were with crimson squad right?” Concussion nodded “And you you’re a wildfire saboteur?? Apex nodded. “Then Crimson Wild!”  The two nodded. Captain placed his hand back on the coms console. “Fire team assisting us on this operation is Crimson Wildfire. Using the handler flight number Eight-seven-four. This team will extract Whisper and friendly’s off the ground and then be the ground team on the Explorer. I trust you as a crew will perform outstandingly and we will rescue the explorer. Phase jump initiate in thirty minutes. Captain Coleman.” 

 Apex looked to Concussion who seemed slightly gobsmacked by the information he’d just been given. Apex looked to the captain, “Sir me and Concussion will head to quarters so Concussion can give me his chip and I’ll bring it back.” The captain nodded “Corporal lance will show you the way.” “Sir that won’t be needed we will find out way” The captain nodded again. Apex and Concussion saluted turned and walked back to the lift.
Once the two had entered the lifted and the doors had shut they told the system to go to crew floor. The elevator moved. “So Concussion, what did you have to do with the Explorer?” Concussion didn’t reply straight away, stood thinking. “Explorer. A-A-one-two-zero-seven. My mum was the head science officer situated on board the Explorer. I was seventeen. After two years I was recruited into Augment program and here I am now. Spent two years asking and asking where the ship had gone. Joined data augments thought would help me find her. Still no sign and now I hear they have. What about you, I read your file. You joined wildfire. You’re the last why?”

“I’m sorry I didn’t know… And me you’ve read my file tell me what you think.” “Black ink is what I think. Your files covered it. You’re a ghost story, but the black ink covers the rest so I don’t know.” Apex nodded “One day you might find out.” She smirked the door of the elevator opened and the two stepped out into an empty corridor. No one was in the area. The two walked through the white are, one of white walls and white floors every ten metres there was a door to a dorm room. Single dorms one for each higher ranking. The room were set on either side.  

 The two walked down the corridor, the sound of their boots crashing down on the floor. Echoing down the corridor. They reached a room which said operatives. This room was different to the rest. The gap from the last dorm was double the size of the room. The two stopped at the door. Clicking the door open button it slid open to reveal a room with a bed book case, a holo screen and a table with two chairs. There was three doors in this room, one to another room identical, one to a bathroom and one to an armour lock up. Concussion walked past the bed, “Not exactly the Rits.” Apex chuckled, they continued onwards. To the armour lock up. They stepped into a bland grey room which looked like a gym locker with a bench in the middle and a large four metre by six metre locker either side of the room.  
Concussion sat on the bench, pulled his right hand to his left hand. Pulling the blood stained glove off revealing the bare flesh. He then pulled the wrist gauntlet off, the shoulder plate fell off and then he pulled the chest armour off leaving him clothed in black jump suit. Blood was all down his left side. He touched his right arm clicked a button on the gauntlet. “It is lucky I wore combat gear into the fight I don’t normally, gets in the way. Oh please don’t be shocked.” Apex nodded “Seen a lot of injuries.” The gauntlet fell of then his shoulder plate. He had no clothing on that side. There was no arm just a mechanical part. It was a dark rustic grey, simple, a piston and motor with little skeletal similarity but did have full rotor movement like a standard arm elbow and hand. Four moving fingers and one thumb. 

“Yeah it’s not pretty. Two years I asked questions. I asked the wrong people, the wrong people do this.”  “Not right. At all. I can’t say out that will help apart from sorry.” Concussion took the battle plating off slopped in down she was in the same black jumpsuit. “So you prefer being laid down for the data sort?” Concussion stood up flexing his right arm. He started walking flinging it around. “You met a data before?” “Yes.” “Where?” “Andromeda station. The data I knew transferred data to a chip on his left foot. He died with only one shoe on.” Concussion chuckled, “Ah mines simple…” Concussion laid down on the sofa, chip in my arm.” Concussion closed his eyes, his breathing slowed and then halted. Concussion laid still as a rock. In his metal arm was a blue glowing light. Apex reached over and pulled out the flashing chip. It was a circular pendent, Apex clutched the pendent. Turned leaving the stone body of Concussion. She walked to the door, looked back to Concussion then walked out.
When she reached the bridge, the captain was still stood where they’d left him stood with the woman. They were looking at Apex. When Apex reached the two she showed them the pendent. Captain looked to the woman, she took the pendent placed in on the panel in front of them. Red light shined around it. “Apex this is…” On the console, a purple ball flickered on. “Left Captain Avery formally of exploration two age thirty eight. Mother of two, married, sister died in a car crash I-I-I.” The light the changed, energy flaking out starting to construct a body. The body of Concussion. “I’m sorry. I haven’t done this in a while data breaks are like electri-c-c-c-c shocks. Oh sorry I stuttered. Now let’s look.”  
A purple display came up, which had set of coordinates. Then another display was created one which was a display of the ship. “All landing bays are shut off. Now primary engine check.” The display changed now focusing on the engines. Concussion started at the engines. Numbers flew through him, “Calculating jump. All probable cause. Margin for fail zero-point-one-one-one-one-one. Initiating prestart count down five minutes. Calculating distance from core station.” A short map appeared for a few seconds showing the distance from core station. “Scratch that, jump in two minutes. New vector calculated. Error margin decreased. Zero-point-one-one-one. All crew please make sure you are sat down for initial phase shift. Reminder to activate strapping system.” All crew rested themselves into seats. Slapped the button at the top of the seat a belt expanded over their shoulders down to the sides of theiwaist. Apex, the captain and the left captain all made their way to a set of four seats. Sitting down, Avery and the Captain sat down. Apex a seat away from the two. “Phase engaging in eight, nine, six, five, four, three, two, one engage!”  

 The ship shuddered, all consoles wobbling around, the light then seamed to stretch to the far corners of everywhere. The seats the crew were sat in begun to shake rattling under the vibrations of the ship. The view of blank space dissipated turning into an empty white space. The vibrations begun to slow then stopping instantaneously, “We are now in phase space. All crew can now roam ship. ETA to serenity system eighteen hours. Avery deactivated her belt and stood up. Concussion what’s the state of the shift engine and manifolds?”  Concussions purple silhouette stared at Avery, pulsed green. “Not my acquired job. I manage none human manageable systems.”  “Concussion you are under my orders. Analyse the engine and manifolds.”  “Negative Captain Argus…”  “No! Condara you will follow my orders! Or shutdown.” Concussion faced Captain Argus he stroked his grey crystal beard. “Captain Argus permission to shut down and return to real state.”  Argus stroked his beard a little longer. “Permission granted. Lieutenant Apex you are dismissed I suggest best place to go is the mess. Meet and greet the crew or something.” Apex nodded, Concussion disappeared from sight. 

Page Break 


 Galaxy: The Milky Way 

 Solar System: The Solar System  

 Planet: Earth 

 Country: England 

 City: Liverpool 

 Space age headquarters, twenty seventeen  

 The boy emerged from a pile of books and blankets, the tv was still on light flashing over his brown hair shinning in his yellow star shaped eye. He hoisted himself up, books sliding off his chest. He sat up stayed in complete stillness. He didn’t move, like a still possum. “He looked at the apartment he’d been staying in. The LG TV was still showing the twenty four hour news. He looked the iconic red BBC bar stated the time, the Concussion squinted his eyes at the screen. Reading both the head line and time ‘BBC NEWS 9:43’ then a rolling white text. He caught the ending of it ‘EXPLORER’. He blinked his eyes turning his look away from the screen, he looked at a one of the two books on the floor and it was half way open with bookmark falling out. The book itself was ‘Hunger games’ and the other was Catching fire. 

 He pulled his legs out from under the blanket. He was wearing blue faded jeans with rips in the knees. He placed his hands either side of him. Pushed up, up righting himself he then turned he caught a glimpse of the first section of the word real. ‘SUCCESSFUL LAUNCH LAST NIGHT FOR THE EXPLORER’  

 He walked out of the room slamming his barefooted feet. Into the red carpet, he mumbled to himself “Well, tea time.” He walked past a table with a set of car keys on. He walked into a corridor, there was nothing on the walls, no photos or paintings. He walked to a desk of draws. Pulled open the desk to find a pair of donut patterned socks. He pulled them out and pulled them on over his feet. Picked an up a black fedora with red band around it, he placed it on his head. Then picked up a denim jacket covered in all badges possible, and placed it over his shoulders. The leant down to the floor were a pair black Dr Martens 1461 were, they were unlaced he slipped his feet into each and did up the shoes laces.  

 He then walked back into the room with the TV leant with his hand clutching the keys in his hand. He then walked back to the corridor and to the door, pushing the lock pushed an ID band to the scanner on the door. The door unlocked he walked out.  

 He stepped outside the wind charges straight into him. He grabbed his hat making sure it didn’t go off with the wind. He looked around he was on a row of bungalows these houses were for united space employees and family. There were a few cars parked along the street, mostly company cars ford fiesta’s with united space written on the roof. There was one that didn’t. A two thousand and eight red Renault Clio. He clicked the keys, the indicators flashed. He went around the right hand side of the car. Check for any cars coming and pulled open the door.  

 He slid down on the black interior aroma of pear drops floating off the seats. He placed the keys in the ignition but didn’t turn the car on, pulled his hat off placed it on the passenger seat. He then placed his right hand on the key turned it clock wise. The engine rattled into life. He moved his right hand over his shoulder to retrieve the seat belt, he pulled it over and clicking it in place. Put his foot on clutch, slid the car into first gear and turned the wheel for a full right lock, he clicked his right indicator checks then did all his checks. Then caught biting point, let go of the hand brake and pulled away.  

 He drove for about ten minutes he just passed the space centre command station. Turning left away from it, he then started to indicate left to pull in the streets were busy daily commuters going to work. The Clio pulled into an empty bay. 

 He turned the engine off, unclicked his belt and picked his hat up from the passenger’s chair. He looked over his shoulder, pulled the door open and got out of the car. He moved quickly to behind the car. He stepped up onto the kerb, wind galling past him. He walked left there was a café with chairs outside. He walked up to the door the glass screen read ‘Bon Bon Café’ Concussion pushed his hand down on the handle, door slid backwards. He stepped in a crisp bell rang from above his head.  

 He was hit by the aroma of coffee and cakes, blended into a perfect smell. He took a deep breathe taking in the aroma. He then walked to the table besides the window and sat down. Put a note book on the table. A man then walked over holding a notepad and a pen. He was wearing a black uniform with a white piny. Concussion spoke first “Bonswaem’ can I have a white hot chocolate and caramel slice. S’il vous plaît?” 



 Ship: Spirit of venture 

 Location: Phase space 

 Concussion slammed the tray on the table, looking at the gooey mess which the replicator had dispensed on the plate. “Think the dispenser doesn’t work. Asked for food, I get goo!” He pulled his spoon up as Apex watched the goo treacle off. “Think I’ve seen people die quicker than that falls.”  “Slightly dark but yeah me too. Mean look at it blander then the rest of the room.” Concussion gestured to the whole room, as he looked over his shoulder he noticed the other people in the room were giving the two odd stares looks off all of the officers. “You know they treat us like freaks?” Concussion looked at Apex “Yeah they do treat us like that. Did you ever meet Dread squad?” Apex smiled “Yeah a couple of times ran ops with them, mainly just post ops. Never did out for them. Unlike you I bet flying crimson squad you must of met them.”  “No I didn’t, I met Safire squad, Devon, London and Alabama. Oh and Deli.  You will met a few I presume.” Apex nodded. “Carolina, New York and Washington.” Apex lifted a spoon of goo, slipped into her mouth and swallowed. “So you got friends or anyone?” “Yeah, friends… No I have, well did. Don’t know what happened to them since I left. A brother and a mother. That was seven years ago... What about you?” 

 “Erm, no… Ill change the conversation…” He stopped as a group of officers walked by the two at the table. They stopped “I heard Crimson squad were wiped out. I lost a lot of family. But yet you survive. Couldn’t save anyone could you! Why couldn’t you!” Concussion turned, surveyed the officer. He was wearing standard uniform. Badges showed corporal rank, he has no hair, blue eyes and a scared face. “I flew hundred civilians of the planet saved lives of all I could. On my last fly through… I watched the carrier… The carrier Dawnt collapse. I followed them down rescued who I could… Some of the birds were engaged by the wolves. There were to many squadrons we were told to escape to HMS victory. Twenty bird were in crimson squad. Only one… Me I should of died. But didn’t I was able to fight of the planet. I’m sorry I couldn’t save your family.”  

 Apex sat there in silence. The corporal tensed his fist “You still didn’t. Your sorry isn’t worth its weight. You both are freaks. Created to fight for us. No longer one of us!” Concussion moved his right hand to grab his drink, the steel wrapping around the plastic cup. The Corporal was quite bulky even had a badge for combat. “No even made of skin.” Concussion ignored the abuse, while Apex tightened her grip around the spoon in her hand. Gripping it in anger.  
The Corporal walked behind Concussion and slammed his left hand into Concussion’s shoulder. He showed a glance of pain. Corporal lent over. “Did that hurt?” Concussion didn’t reply. Sat in silence. The corporal lent over pulled the goo in the bowl from his desk and poured in over Concussion shoulder. Concussion didn’t flinch stayed still as a mouse not moving at all. The officer walked away with his group.  

 “You shouldn’t let them do that!” Apex watched the goo guzzle down what was Concussions worn silver arm, but now more a white colour from the goo. “He’ll learn.” His eyes flickered blue.  
The entrance slid open. Someone shouted “Captain on deck!” Everyone stood to attention all except Apex. The goo slivered down Concussions arm, the captain remain stood at the door. All hands operation will commence in thirty eight hours. Meanwhile you’re ordered to do some combat training, two hours in hand to hand four in the range. Corporal Androse will take lead on this. Though there will be a combat brawl a one v one match. System has done a random simulation and it is,” he looked two is data pad “Corporal Androse vs Lieutenant Concussion! One hour in boxing room!” Concussion smiled he couldn’t see the expression on Androse’s face who was trying to hide the fear. Apex looked at the captain “You didn’t… Oh my god you did. Wow he won’t like that!” 

Page Break 


Shipley court  

 Galaxy: The Milky Way 

 Solar system: Serenity 

 Planet: Admiration 

 On board Spirit of Venture 

 So you kicked his ass, saw that coming a mile away. Concussion looked over his shoulder the engineering officer was looking at a panel next to the entrance to the cockpit. Concussion smiled. “Hey, he asked for it?” The officer was Mexican, “My friend had eight cren, on you and he lost so much. The fight was good. Though it was obvious that you let him hit you four or five times then you just cleaned the floor with him.”  “Eight cren, who you bet on then?” “I bet on you, put six cren on got twelve.” Concussion smiled “You know Corporal Androse personally?” “No, though heard the techies talking about him before, apparently he’s a cunt.”  

 Concussion chuckled, lent over the chair said to see the man. He had a rather obvious moustache, race from his nose down to his chin the up to his ears. “I’m Concussion,” he leant his hand out, the officer shook it “Engineer Mexico.” 

 Mexico carried on, he put a lead in the panel pulled up a data pad and started t+o type away. “Shit, this birds done a lot. Like I know it’s a crimson but birds only have the life span thirteen ops not eighty four. The fuck! Hat off to you.” Concussion looked around the ship with a slightly proud look. “Yeah this birds gone a lot of places. He hearts vast steady and she fly’s so true.” Mexico looked at him “You know you didn’t deserve what they did to you. Yeah you lost your arm, doesn’t matter. Pretty cool I think.” Steps came from behind the two. “Hey your hit by that you in the infirmary for four fucking hours, eating out of a tube for the next month then in fucking emotional support for the rest of your life.” Apex was stood behind Mexico, he turned to face Apex. She was wearing combat gear, three knives around her waist and bow attached to her back. The fierceness of her battle suit was black, steel plates from shoulder to elbow, breast plate from collar bone to waist and black movement gear from waist down to her shoes, she was still wearing the spirit hood.  

 Mexico stood back and saluted “What the fuck are you doing?” Mexico pulled his hand down “That’s better. Concussion you gona put the battle gear on?” Concussion looked at her “Yeah I will just let me finish the set up.”  “Don’t you need to pull the ship out of jump?” “He is going to. So please leave!” Mexico nodded and walked off the ship.  

 “So Concussion gona tell me the truth?”  “What are you on about?” “You don’t like interacting, more than most data’s. Why?” “No real reason just prefer to sync from here.” He eased back in the seat with his left arm pulled over a connection plug. Plugging it onto shoulder plate where his bold steel arm started.  

 “So why am I here?” “Make sure your ready when I awake. We will be launching quick you got weapons. Also I’m in the right gear, light weight combat gear will be fine.” His eyes flickered, his head leant back in his seat and he became still, the wire glowed red then purple.  

Concussions silhouette appeared in front of the captain and the left captain. “Lieutenant. Can you do the honour’s.” The silhouette nodded at Avery. “Affirmative.” He turned to face the view outwards. The heavenly light shining through the view glass “All hand, all hands. We will be leaving phase shift soon. In three-e-e-e two-o-o one.” The ship shimmered, vibrating malignantly. The crew remained still. The vibrations were slightly more violent. Crew in their seats.  
The light disappeared to show the a large system of planet much different to earth. Four class five planet and two d planets. “We are now in the Serenity system. Stand by for final brief from captain. All control transferred back to joyrig,” Concussion turned to the Captain who nodded to him. Concussion disappeared. 

 Short stream of energy rushed through the wire and back to concussion. Apex looked at Concussion as his eyes flickered on, arms clicked into action. Legs winding up, his head sprung forward. “Well, captain seems nervous. Are we the first to land on Admiration?” Apex nodded. “You are going to need a bigger weapon than a simple pistol.”  
Concussion smiled, pulled himself off the seat. Sliding onto the steel floor bang from his shoes echoes through the ship. He walked straight pass Apex into the drop area. He was stood looking at the wall directly behind the cockpit. “You know hawkcrows have hidden armour zones?” Apex nodded. “You know the magic word then?” “Like fuck…” A panel slid open revealing a selection of weapons. A-twenty-one-mynight rifle, Corslash shrike burster, two corvax hand cannon. Along with three circular devices.  

 The mynight rifle is classified as a sniper rifle, capable of firing armour piercing rounds and incendiary. Apex walked up to the screen “That’s the A-twenty-one-mynight rifle,” she picked up the grey and green rifle, muzzle was green, then a lacing of grey paint then two tones of green one slightly lighter, the continued down the barrel there was the inscription ‘Doom rocker’ The gun became bigger in all direction sprawling back, high powered digital scope and stock at back with emotion flex trigger.  

 Corslash is a standard shotgun cannon variant with light on the end on the barrel. The gun was silver no rustic look, just sharp and straight with no separation from muzzle to stock. 

 Corvax hand cannons are variants of standard issue pistols the extra buff they have is from the two variants there are R-mach-one and the He-stick. R-mach-one fires electrified shock bullet able to travel at the speed of mach one rail gun. Give out strong but none explosive kinetic damage. He-stick is a detonator pistol which fires a large grenade able to take down small structures. The high explosive shell is able to stick to any surface.  

 “All hands this is the Captain. We are in the serenity system above the black planet of Admiration. The assault team will take off and land a hawkcrow on the surface. They will extract Whisper and any other survivors. While the rest of us will be support keeping the ship prepared for the second half of the operation.” The captain’s voice then became direct, not heading to the whole crew but only directed to the hawkcrow, “Lieutenants, you have full authorisation to engage wolves if needed. We will stay in position above the planet. Keep clear heads. Foxes on the planet know about your incoming assistance, from reports there are only a few friendly’s in the base. Good flying.”  

 Concussion pulled the Doom rocker off the wall, passing it to Apex. She grabbed the rifle “Hmm. I’ll use it as a back up to the bow.” Concussion smiled. “Stick to your bow If you want.”

Fox’s with a hybrid  

Galaxy: Milky Way  

Solar system: Serenity  

Planet: Admiration 

Settlement: Love 

Region: Hawk 

 “Whisper! Signal burst through. Humans on their way!” the white and blue fox jumped down from the radio mast. He stood beside Whisper, “What do the humans want with you?” Whisper looked at the fox then back to the horizon, in front of him was the cosmos. He was watching the star of eternity burning in the space above. Green nebulas floating through the sky. The image was slightly ruined by the Spirit of Venture. “Human ships look more machine then ours. And they are here to help us, escape and then I’ll help them. All you need to know.” The wolf looked down to the surface. “The forest, its wilder than the stories. I hear beasts of unknown detail live there even feral bears.” Whisper looked down. “It is a truly dooming place. Feral bears are more rampant then tamed but humans are the hardest. I’d be careful. Hybrid use to be banished to this facility. Now wolves run this place. Least it’s not the rats.”  
Plasma railed past. The two turned, three blue wolves were stood, one on the left was holding the purple fox, with a staff blade pinning him in place. The lead wolf spoke profoundly, “Hybrid! Surrender! Or we kill the fox.” Whisper smiled, “Go one then!” The wolf looked surprise. “Not yet, got you at a standstill.”  The wolf  

Submitted: January 03, 2018

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