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Submitted: January 03, 2018

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Submitted: January 03, 2018



The Story

-abuthahir sidhiq

It was India under British empire in 1929.In a busy street of Calcutta, a family lived happily in their ancestral house, with a balcony and a small garden. The members of that contented family were a mother, a father, his mother and her grandchild named Sarah. The head of the family was Mr.Vincent, a well-known writer at that time span. His companion, Mrs.Vincent called the members of the family for dining at that warm night. Mr.Vincent’s mother was very conservative, but a writer was discovered against some odds. Mr.Vincent carry his baby girl Sarah to the bed after that heavenly supper. Sarah had the habit of hearing stories before sleeping. This habit was moving better every day, because of Mr.Vincent. That night, he started the story like, “A fine…”.Sarah interrupted and said in an unusual tone, “Papa! Tell me a unique story. So, promise me that you won’t tell this story to anybody, anywhere.” "children were hard to understand".

Mr.Vincent think a bit and said, “Okay, sweetheart”. He definitely knows that a story which is coming in a flow would not be so good without some changes. Finally, He spits his first word, “On a fine day, a fisherman who is fishing with his fishing rods and bait catch some fishes. His job is always interesting to him because if he catches fishes, he would get some money, otherwise no money. But he owns a glass crystal shop for his stable financial support. After fishing, he kept a basket at the back of the cycle loaded with fishes like salmon. He slowly pedaled his cycle. About 10 miles journey is ahead of him on a forest path. But, he got used to this act. With the wind blowing on his face, he enjoys the nature. When you were in a forest, you could hear each and everything like as it sounded. Suddenly, he heard a voice of a man, saying “water! Water...”.He slowed down this cycle. He searched for the man with his eyes in all degrees. Finally, he can see a man’s legs. But, still, his fingers were pressing the brake. Don’t know why?

He goes near the man, with his cycle. Human’s eyes had the ability to understand an object’s characteristics by its appearance. The fisherman’s heart weighed high. He poured slowly the water in the bottle’s cap and gave that to the old man dying because of starving. After having some water, the old man gives out an optimistic breath.

The fisherman fried some fishes with some of the things he had already. He acted very well in that situation. The old man had his food like the food for a new-born baby. The fisherman or the trader waited in patience until he eats. After an hour, with a hope, he thinks, “God wants me to be alive for some reasons”.

He stood and asked, “Is there any town, nearby”. The fisherman replied, “Yes, I’m approaching the town. Join with me”. Both of them begin their journey. The fisherman doesn’t ask any questions to that old man. This totally confused him. The old man decides to break the silence and started to tell about him. “My name is Tilok.I’m a rich merchant in Varanasi. I had three fruit shops in the market of Varanasi. Also, I do export some clothes. My wife leaves me by giving birth to a girl. My daughter name is kanchana.She is one of the prettiest girls in Varanasi. She is a great narrator, fine artist and so... One day, Minister and his son named Ashok Varma approached me before noon. Minister told that his only son loves my daughter very badly and he ordered me to accept this proposal. Adding, to that he told that he would come back again tomorrow for hearing a positive answer from me. They left that place which gives a relief like a heavy rain just stopped. Ashok Varma later approached me in evening of the same day. Ashok Varma was a good fellow who looks so brave, handsome and intellectual. Ashok Varma said, “Don’t bother with my father’s words. It was his nature. I respect you as an honest merchant who had been grown to this level. “And also he gave me a piece of note to give it to my daughter.

I returned home from my work and explained her about the whole thing which had happened, very unusual. My daughter said in a scared voice, “Father, I’m in love with another person and this wedding won’t happen anyhow”.

I asked, “Who is that fellow?” in a loud voice. My daughter ran into her room and begin crying. I’m melted! Being a father to a girl is somewhat different. I slowly go towards her room and place the letter of Ashok Varma nearer to her. I don’t have any idea about how a father would react when her daughter loves a guy because of your ignorance. I lie on my bed, but I can’t sleep.The old man continues his story, “I wake up in the morning due to some of the rays hit me hard. I think I slept due to my work pain and also I only drunk a cup of milk, the previous night. I called my daughter but she doesn’t respond and I knocked her door. No response. My heart beats high. I sweated a lot. At last, I break the door and there was nobody. My fear decelerated. I can see only an open window with a rope tied. I cried.

Then minister came directly to my home with his subordinates. I said everything. They don’t believe me. They locked me in a jail. I can’t complain it to my unjust king because he won’t hear my words. I spent my days in jail. The king’s men searched for my daughter everywhere.

But, no result. Ashok Varma lost his hope and gave an answer by suicide to his father after six months. I prayed to god, to protect my girl wherever she would be. With the help of the jail guard, I absconded and reached here with nothing. The fisherman said with an empty mind,"My name is surendher,born to a trader.My parents died in an accident.But,I'm so gifted and I'm living happily with my lovable wife with enough money".The fisherman had a strong ripple in his heart by hearing the story of Tilok. The fisherman asked the old man to come to his home with strong compulsion.

At last, they reached the market and Surendher gave the basket to his worker. Both of them reached his house which is very close to the market. The old man Tilok could see a young woman lullabying, with her hands moving over her belly carrying a baby. As getting close, he can see the image of his lovely daughter,Kanchana. He pressured his eyes and see again, still his daughter. The old man falls down because of dizziness. The fisherman got scared and called his wife,”kanchana….kanchana…”

He sprinkled some water on his face and he lightly, slowly opened his eyes by seeing the image of both Kanchana and her husband. Rest of the things were to be answered by her to his father and husband. Mr.Vincent ended his story and cute Sarah had slept. Mr.Vincent was tickled by a thought of sharing this story, thereafter. Alternatively, he had the thought of his promise.

© Copyright 2019 abuthahirsidhiq. All rights reserved.

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