Tear-Stained Faces

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"i guess this is it then."

"i guess it is."

(very quick little story i wrote just to get myself back into writing after wasting far too much time just lying around.)

Submitted: January 03, 2018

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Submitted: January 03, 2018



She didn't laugh, she just looked at him sadly. Her blue eyes were downcast, steadfastly refusing to make contact with his, lest her icy shell was cracked once more. The telltale flicker in her eyes was there for all to see, her ice-cold exterior betrayed by the lone tear-drop sliding down the length of her deep black eyelash. Slowly, with seemingly all the time in the world, it dropped towards the concrete pavement below, leaving a light splash-mark upon impact. Her ruby-red lips opened to form a sentence, or perhaps just a few words but no such sound materialised, just a light exhalation. And for a split second of weakness their eyes met, both glazed over with tears. One pupil gazed deep into another and saw only itself reflected: the same sorrow, the same tear-drop desperately contained, the exact same sad look of defeat; the realisation that one had grown up to become exactly what they had sworn not to. Their cheeks flushed a dark, crimson red, the colour of a deep sunset as their eyes turned in sync to bore into the flagstones beneath them ashamedly.

"I guess this is it then..."

"I guess it is."

Their tones were defeated and monotonous, and yet infused with unimaginable sadness. They gave up attempting to hold their tears back and for a minute they wept in unity, sealed off from the outside world. Their arms pulled them together, their lips met for the last time, a rage filled protest against those who would part them. And then they split. The man sighed deeply and turned to the right, the woman to the left, and in perfect harmony they departed, with broken hearts and tear-stained faces. She wanted to tell him that she loved him, that they could run away, that they were fools for letting anything else matter, that it was possible for them to love each other, that no one could stop them. By the time she had turned around it was too late. Unbeknownst to her, the exact same mad thoughts were running through his mind, just fifteen metres away. But neither would chase the other, it would always end this way, it always ended with tear-stained faces.

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