Something Different

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

In college things change and after a bad break up with her ex, Steph needs something different.

College is completely different world from high school. Today is my first day of college, well, not exactly, today I move in to my dorm. Finally graduated high school and now it's time for college, half way across the world form every single person that I've ever met. I never wanted to leave my family, and now I'm moving across the world from them. The worst part about all of this was saying goodbye to my family. Now, they're on plane back home, without me. Maybe being halfway around the world from the people that have hurt me the most will help.

On my senior year of high school, I found my boyfriend (Christopher) cheating on me with my best friend (Hayley). It was the worst thing that has happened to me. My best friend told me the truth, and apparently, they had been going behind my back for half the time that I was dating him. Have you ever been in pain, yet, no one even knows that you're hurting? That's how it was for me, I had absolutely no one to be there for me. My best friend was the one that betrayed me.

My roommate arrived shortly after I did, she is also in her first year. She is a nice girl, her name is Belle and we're studying the same thing. Unfortunately, we only have one class together. Since classes don't start until tomorrow, we decided to walk around campus. Belle is one of the funniest girls that I've met, the best part is that she's not afraid to be her goofy self, hopefully we won't have any problems. While me, I don't feel like being goofy anymore, I lost that part of me last year. After sunset, we decided to go back to our dorm and finish unpacking.

I wasn't really able to sleep that night, I was too nervous about college starting. All of the new people that I would have to meet , I would have to pretend to be happy, even though I'm not. I was able to fall asleep with only an hour left before I had to woke up again to go to class. In the morning, I wasn't able to wake up by myself, so Belle woke me up by throwing water at me, I almost killed her for that. We had breakfast together in a little cafe that's on campus.

After breakfast, we went our seperate ways. Finding my way around campus was hard. After my first class, I bumped into a boy. All my things fell to the floor, and I felt like things couldn't get any worst. How could this be happening to me today?

"Oh my God, I'm really sorry!" I said, bending down to pick up my things. When I saw how handsome he is, he has short blonde hair and beautiful hazel green eyes, I started to blush. "Is everything okay? Why are you blushing?" He asked once he looked at me.

He bent down with me. "Yeah, I just get nervous when I meet new people, that's all." I hope he doesn't think that's weird.

"Why do you get nervous?"

"I don't have that much friends." I am afraid to continue, because it may seem to weird for him. "I've always had trouble talking to people, opening up to them, showing them who I really am, I was always scared of it. I was always the weird kid of my class, the one that never talks."

"Well, I want to be friends with you, so you don't have to get nervous or scared with me. I don't want you to feel that way with me." He placed his hand on my shoulder, looked right into my eyes and I got even more nervous. "Wait, does this mean you never had a boyfriend?"

"I had a boyfriend." The memory of what happened with my ex-boyfriend still hurts. "He was the popular guy in the school."

"How did that happened?"

"He wasn't doing well in a class, they placed me as his tutor. Somehow, he liked me and we started dating. We dated for about a year." He keeps watching, he watches with those beautiful green eyes. "Then we broke up, even though he didn't want to."

"Is it okay if I ask how you two broke up?"

"I found him and my best friend kissing during a party." I see the image in my head of them kissing in that party, not caring what I thought. "Turns out he was cheating on me with my best friend."

"Wow, that must've been really hard for you."

"It was, after all, I lost my boyfriend and my best friend in the same night."

"How did you even survived that?"

"Not long after that we graduated and I was able to put all that behind me." I'm finally starting feel like myself again. "Now, I'm here talking to you, moving on from all that."

"I hope you are able to fully move on." It's nice to hear someone say that. "I don't want you to get stuck in that."

"Don't worry, I won't." I think about the words I just said. "I won't get stuck."

"Good, because I would hate not to have a chance with you."

"Well, I guess I can give you one chance." I answered.

"Good. Hey, what's your name?" The guy asked.

"Stephanie, although, I prefer to be called Steph." I answered.

"Well, Steph, I'm Adrien and I'm looking forward to seeing you around." He said turning around and leaving.

The next classes were okay, pretty much the same routine from the teachers. Although, I didn't pay that much, all I wanted to do was to go back to my dorm and sleep, but Belle wouldn't let me. She said that I had to make it to the last class, which is the one we have together. So, I had no choice but to pull through all of the other classes, until finally, it was time for my last class. As I walked in to my last class, I saw the guy that bumped into on the morning, already in his place. We have a class together, well, this isn't at all embarrassing. Hopefully he won't notice that I'm here. Then I looked in his direction for a split second and he was waving at me to go sit down next to him. I didn't want to be rude when I just met him. After I sat down, he went and talked to the professor, it looked like they were arguing about something

"Okay class..." The professor started, as Adrien came back. "Today we'll do a group work, you'll have to work with someone from your same country."

I instantly thought of Belle, we're roommates and we're from the same country. It would be really easy to work together, but the professor wasn't finished. "And I will assign your partners. You will have to get to know each other, after two weeks, you will tell me the other person's problems and insecurities. If you don't want to say it in front of the class, that's okay, but you'll have to do it for me after class."

In the end, I was partnered with Adrien, the guy that I had bumped into in the morning. Turns out we are from the same country, I guess it won't be that bad working with him. As the professor explained the rest of the project, I just stared at my notebook, drawing random things in it.

"So, how about we start getting to know each other?" Adrien asked, snapping me away from my thoughts.

"Look, Adrien, I'm not saying that I don't want to get to know you, it's just that, as you know, some things just happened to me and I'm not really ready to talk about it with anyone just yet, I'm not ready to tell the whole story without it affecting me.."

"Stephanie, that's okay, you can just start to get to know me, and later, once you feel ready, you can tell me the story."

The Professor gave us the rest of the class to start getting to know each other. All Adrien and I did was talk about him, he was really understanding with the fact that I wasn't ready to talk about myself. As we kept talking about him, I noticed that he liked a lot of the things that I liked, and that we thought the same way about some issues. Class finished and I didn’t want to stop talking. We left the classroom and went to sit in one of the tables around campus. We talked until night fall, sharing fun memories and crazy ideas, and never, not even once did he pressured me to tell him about my break-up. Once it was too late, he walked me to my dorm.

“Well, I had a great time talking to you.” Adrien said as we stopped in front of my dorm. “I think we are going to do great in this project.”

“Yeah, I had a great time too.” I place my key in the door knob. “By the way, thank you for not pressuring me to tell you the story, I really appreciate that.”

He looked at me for a moment, maybe he was trying to figure out what was going on inside my head, or maybe he just wanted to look at me before he knew how broken I really am. “Well…” He said suddenly. “I guess I’ll see you tomorrow in class. Oh by the way, I'll let you in on a little secret, I asked our professor to pair us up for the project."

He’s leaving already, I don’t want him to leave, it feels too soon for him to leave. I want him to stay, I want to keep talking and forget about everything else that has happened or that can happen.

Yet, I wasn’t able to tell him that. “Yeah, see you tomorrow in class.” Even though I didn’t want him to leave, I didn’t have a choice. I can’t keep him here, I barely even know him and that’s not even close enough for me to ask him to stay. I opened the door and saw Belle in her bed, when she lifted her head to look at me, she looked really mad. She stood up and by the look on her face, I knew something bad was coming. I’m not ready for this, I’m not ready for more problems.

“Where the hell have you been?! I’ve been worried sick waiting for you to come back!”

“Calm down, I was just doing some homework.” She obviously doesn’t believe me. “You know that project they just left us to get to know the other person? Well, I was with my partner, getting to know him.”

“Stephanie, you could’ve called.” First day of school and I’m already having problems with my roommate. “Belle, calm down. I never even left the campus and we were just talking, nothing happened.”

“Still, we don’t know who this guy is or what he could possibly do. Steph, I’m just trying to look out for you.”

“And I appreciate it, but I don’t need you to look out for me.” If this is Belle without knowing what happened to me last year, I don’t want to tell her. “I know how to take care of myself.”

Belle didn’t say anything after that, she just went back to her bed. I wish I could tell her about Christopher and Hayley, but right now I can’t. She would probably start freaking out, doing everything she can to take care of me, like I was this little baby that needs everything done for her. If I told her about it and she started taking care of me, I would feel even worse than I did before. Almost as if the world around me is collapsing all over again.

When I woke up the next morning, I was determined to tell Adrien all about Christopher and Hayley, maybe he can help me with it. All through my classes, all I could think about was telling Adrien, but once I saw him, I couldn't. He is so sweet with me, I'm afraid that once he knows the whole story, how I ran away from my problems, he'll just leave me.

After class, we kept talking, almost the same as yesterday, I shared a bit more of myself, but not as much as he deserves. We realized, we couldn't just be talking, we have to do our homework from the other classes. So, we started going to study hall everyday after class. Sometimes we didn't even talk, we just stayed there with each other. I started to see that he was starting to get a little impatient when a week had passed and I still hadn't told him. Should I really tell him? Will he realize that I'm broken to the point of no recovery? There's no way of actually knowing, so I guess I'll just have to dive in without the certainty of coming back up, I hate doing that.

"Okay, I'm ready to tell the story." I said while we were doing our homework.

"Are you sure? I don't want you to feel pressured to tell me." Adrien said, he looked surprised, almost like he never expected me to tell him.

"Okay, first off, his name is Christopher and her name is Hayley." Just saying their names makes me mad. "It was our senior year and Christopher and I had been dating for about a year and a half, everything was going great, there was no reason to believe that things would go wrong. I thought we were going to be one of the few couples that survives high school together, but I was wrong. High school was close to an end and about a month before finals, there was a party. Christopher and Hayley begged me to go, I'm really not the kind of girl that likes to go to parties, but since they both wanted it so bad, I said yes. This was like the third party that I had gone in all of high school. In the party, the music was really loud, I really hated that, the was a lot of people, most of them drunk or high."

He looks like he really wants to know what happened, as if it was this great history event, even though it was just a really bad time for me. "My plan was to stick with one of them for the night, that way, nothing bad could happen. My plan was working out, Christopher was taken by some boys of the football team, Hayley stayed with me, but then she left me alone to go get another drink. As you can guess, I was the designated driver. Anyway, I waited and waited, but Hayley was not coming back, I got impatient and went looking for her. I looked everywhere, the only place missing was the kitchen, and I found her there, sitting in the counter, making out with my boyfriend."

He opens his mouth as if he's going to say something, but nothing comes out. I know it must be hard to find words to say when someone just told you a story like that, but somehow he finds just the right words. "I know that must've been hard, just by the fact that were able to get through that shows how strong you are." He thinks that I'm strong when in reality I just ran away from my problems, just like a coward. I shook my head, but it looks like he didn't understood that I was saying I'm not strong.

"Anyway, I couldn't just stand there watching them, so I started yelling at them until they stopped. It took a minute for them to realize that it was me the one that found them. As soon as Hayley stated getting off the counter, I ran out of there, I ran and ran until I reached the car. I was able to get to the car before Hayley reached me, and I drove away from my best friend, or I at least who I thought was my best friend. Unlike Hayley, after I found them, Christopher just stood there, paralyzed, as if he’s seen a ghost. They both tried to talk me for the next couple of weeks, but I wasn’t strong enough to face either of them. Hayley insisted more than Christopher and so I let her "explain" to me the situation. Turns out this was going on long before I knew about it, the both played me.” Before I can even hold back, I feel tears starting to run down my cheeks. Just by remembering this I’m crying, meaning they both still have a power over me. “Everyone in school started telling me that I was the bad guy in this story because I was the one that didn’t let them be happy. All of the people that I thought were my friends, left me all alone, knowing that I was with a broken heart and that I had just lost my two best friends.”

He looks at me with the most understanding eyes ever, almost like he knows what it feels like to be in the position that I was. “As much as I wanted not be broken by them, I couldn’t help it, every time I tried to get back up, I fell back down again and again, no matter what I tried, the world around kept falling like there was no way to fix it. Luckily for me, graduation came soon and I was able to get out there. Knowing that I was finally away from two people who I thought never mean to hurt me, just like they told me before I left, but if they never wanted to hurt, they never would’ve done what they did. Then I came here and started from zero, well, until our professor left us this assignment, making me remember all of this.”

As soon as I stopped talking, he came close and took me in his arms. He hugged me like he was trying to protect me from my past and I felt oddly safe in his arms. It felt like he was never going to let anyone do something like that to me ever again. We were like that for a while, people were starting to watch us, but neither of us cared, this is what feels right. It feels right to be in his arms, to find someone that wants to protect me, someone that wants to make sure that people that he doesn’t even know don’t ever hurt me again. He pulled away and looked at me with the same eyes from before, eyes that say it’s okay to be hurt and broken, that it’s okay to feel all of this.

They started to turn off the lights, I look at the time, and it was late, we had to leave before they closed.  "The fact that my boyfriend cheated on me did hurt, but it was even worse to see that the girl he was cheating with was my best friend." I said as we started walked around campus.  "It would've been easier to deal with it if I could've had my best friend with me, but she hurt me even more than him."

"Steph, I..." I could see that he was struggling with what to say. "I still can't believe that you went through something like that."

"Yeah, well, turns out there's people in this world that can hurt us more than we can ever imagine."

"Yeah, but you didn't deserve that!" Adrien screamed, suddenly looking mad, then he composed himself. "I mean no one deserves that, just look at how much they've hurt you."

"Maybe I did deserve it, I-"

Adrien interrupted me. "No, you didn't! No one does, and especially not you. Steph, you're such a sweet girl." He grabbed my hands. "There's no way that you could ever deserve something like that. Anyway, let's just go bak to your dorm."

"Actually, let's just walk around for a bit."

"Are you sure? Won't you get into another fight with Belle?" He asked with a concerned look.

"We'll get in a bigger fight if she sees that I've been crying." I answered. "She'll think that you're the one that made me cry."

"Well, technically, it is my fault."

"No, it isn't."

We walked around until it was nine, then, after my eyes looked normal again, I went back to my dorm, alone. I told Adrien to let me go by myself, so that I don't have any more problems with Belle. When I got there, she was mad and I really didn't didn't want to hear about it, so I just put on my headphones and turned the volume up.  I fell asleep with my headphones on and woke up the next morning listening to Robbers by The 1975. Belle was gone, thankfully, and I started thinking. I already know everything about Adrien, and last night I told him the only thing he didn't know about me. In just one week, I learned everything there is to know about him, now I can take the time to myself that I've wanted to take ever since classes started.

I talked to Adrien, he was really understanding about it. We agreed not to talk until the day of the presentation. In my alone time, I cried and cried and cried, until there weren't any more tears to cry. Many times, I wanted not to cry, not to let them affect me, and no matter how hard I tried to let got, I still hold on. They were both such a big part of my life, specially Hayley. I can't just let go of someone that was there for most of my life, but I have to.

I let her destroy me, and if I don't let go, she will keep destroying me, until I finally give up the fight and let her destroy me completely. I have to find a way to let go. The days went by fast and before I even knew it, Friday was here, it was time for my presentation with Adrien. I didn't see him all day, not even where our paths cross in the morning.

When I got to class, he wasn't there and I got worried, what if he doesn't want to do this anymore? The professor walked in and called our names. I walked to the front of the class and there was still no sign of Adrien. The professor was getting impatient, when Adrien came in running from the door. "Sorry I'm late!" He yelled as he came in.

He stood by my side. "Are you ready?" He whispered. I nodded.

"Stephanie Parker, this girl, standing right here next to me, is more broken than we realize. Back home, I remember watching her walk around our block..." What the hell? What does he mean by 'back home'?

"Hold on! What do you mean by 'back home'? Did you knew who I was before we met here?" He didn't answer, just stared at the floor. "Adrien answer me!"

"Okay, fine." Adrien finally said. "The truth is that I kind of already knew who you were when we met. I saw you a few times walking around the residence where we lived."

"When we bumped into each other, on the first day of school, did knew it was me?"

"At first I thought I was hallucinating, it couldn't be possible that you here, in the same college as me. Then, once we started talking, I realized that I had a second chance." Adrien answered.

"Why didn't you just tell me you knew who I was? You could've just talked to me." I asked confused

"I didn't know how to. For years I saw you walking around, thinking that someday I would talk to you and I would finally get to know you, yet, I never did. Besides, I was such a loser back then, I didn't even have the guts to talk to a pretty girl." The way life works is really crazy. "Now, somehow, you're here in the same college as me, halfway around the world from where we originally lived, in the same class. Life was giving me another chance to get to know you and I wasn't going to let this one go to waste."

"You know, you could've just told me right from the beginning. Why didn't you?"

"I thought that maybe once I told you, you would think that I was some kind of freak and you would just stop talking to me."

"Okay, I just have one more question." I'm still a little confused about this, but I guess I'm starting to understand. "Before all of this happened, did you know that we would be here together?"

"I never could've even imagined that you would be here. When I came here, I thought I had lost even the slightest chance that I had with you."

"If you knew that I was here and that I wasn't going anywhere, why did you ask our professor to pair us up for the project?"

"Because I needed more time with you and being paired with you for the project seemed like the perfect way to do it."

"Adrien, you can't just go around trying to control everything around us just so we can spend some time together."

"Stephanie, let's just finish the presentation and we can talk later." Adrien said, and suddenly I remembered where we were. "Anyway, as I was saying, without us realizing it, she is more broken than we could ever imagine, she has gone through so much and she keeps on going, that's one of the things that I admire about her."

"Adrien Avery, if you had asked me two weeks ago who he is or what is he like, I wouldn't have been able to give you an answer. Now, I can tell you that he is the best friend that anyone could ever ask for. He will care for you more than most people would. If he knows that you're hurt or broken, however you want to call it, he will come and pick up every little piece, put it back together and hold it together until he knows it's safe to let go." I looked at Adrien, he was already looking at me, with those beautiful green eyes of his that always make me weak. And once again, there was that understanding look, and I feel safe again. He reached over for my hand, and I let him take it in his, making sure not to let me go.

"During these two weeks, I was finally able to talk to my crush, a girl that I always thought had the perfect little life. Now that I know she's really not that happy, I will make it my job to make sure that she's never that miserable ever again." I smiled at the words that he just said.

"And I still don't know exactly what I'm supposed to be for him, but I'm sure that I'll find out soon enough,"

With that, we concluded our presentation, we got an A+. After the presentation, we left the class and went to my dorm. I locked the door so that Belle doesn’t interrupt us. “Okay, now let’s talk.” I said, turning around to face him. “Why didn’t you tell me? You could’ve talked to me and you know that.”

“I thought you’d get mad at me and I couldn’t deal with that. I had just finally met you and wasn’t going to screw that up by telling you that kind of I used to stalk you.” He then looked down at the floor. “I had finally found you, finally found the girl that I had dreamed of for years.”

"Adrien, you can't lose me." I got closer to him. "Look, even though you kind of used to stalk me, I will forget about that, because I don't want to lose you either. Because for me, I only know you for the person you are now, I don't know the boy that used to watch me, and don't want to know him, because I know, that now, I have a much better version of him."

"Are you sure? Don't you think it's weird?" He asked, still looking at the floor.

"I mean, it is a bit weird, but it's not like we are normal, and let's face it, normal is boring." I answered. I raised my hand and lifted his head so that he will look at me. "The question is, are you sure you want to be part of my messed up life?"

A small smile formed on his lips and he placed his arms around my waist. "Every single messed up part of it."

Then there was a knock on the door, and I could hear Belle yelling from the other side. "Stephanie, open up! I know that he's in there with you!" I went over and opened the door, Belle is furious at both of us. "What the hell is wrong with you?! Why do you bring him here when you know he used to stalk you?!"

"Because he is different! Because what I feel when I'm with him is like nothing I've felt before! This is something different! And for the love of God, stop yelling! Ever since you got here, you've been acting like you're my mom and we all know that you're not so stop acting like you are!" She looks at me surprised. "Now, I am willing to start over, as long as you're start acting like my roommate, if not, then let's just not talk to each other."

She nodded and then left. I turned around and looked at Adrien. "You should go too, I need some much needed me time." He looked at me with puppy eyes, he knows I can't resist puppy eyes. "Come on, you know I can't say no to that. Stop torturing me!"

He laughed at me. "Okay, but can I at least finally have a kiss?" I rolled my eyes at him, laughed then nodded. This is it, Adrien will no longer be a friend, and we will be, whatever it is that we are. As he came close to me, my heart started to race, the closer he was, the faster my heart went. He placed one hand on my cheek and the other on my waist, as he started to lean in, I wondered if it would feel the same way it did when I kissed Christopher. I was so wrong, once his lips touched mine, it was nothing like when Christopher and I kissed. This was so much better, almost like it was my first kiss.

He pulled away and looked at me. "Do I really have to leave?"

"Yes, I need some time to think." I answered. He nodded and left.

I am finally alone in my room. Time finally think about things. Now, when I think of Christopher or Hayley, I'm not hurt or angry, I just don't care. I don't care what they are doing right now and I don't care about what they did to me, they're out of my life now and I've moved on. The only thing that I do hope, is that they move on, just like I am doing. After a few hours, I noticed it was dark outside, I haven't checked my phone in all of this time.

I looked at my phone, there was a message from Adrien, he wanted to know if we could have lunch tomorrow, I said yes. I didn't care what the hour was whether it was late or early, I just wanted to sleep. I changed my clothes and went to bed.

The next day, I was studying in my dorm, waiting for Adrien to come so that we can go have lunch when a heard a knock on the door. I thought it was Adrien, but nothing could prepare me for what was behind that door. I got up from my bed and opened the door, and I couldn't believe what I saw. It was Christopher and Hayley, standing right in front of me. Haven't they done enough already? Now they have to follow me around the world just so they can ruin everything all over again? I'm finally doing well, but I guess this is the last chance I get to know that I'm finally over all of this disaster.

"What are you two doing here?" I still can't believe what's in front of my eyes.

"We came here because we decided we didn't want to leave things the way they were when you left." Christopher answered. "Just give us a chance to explain."

"What is there to explain? You two going behind my back?" I pointed at Hayley. "Or you being the worst best friend to ever exist?" Then I pointed to Christopher. "Or you screwing my best friend and not have the guts to tell me?"

I saw Hayley open her mouth to say something, but I stopped her. "No. Look, I'm finally doing well since all of this mess happened. I got my life back, I have new friends and I'm doing well in my classes. I don't want to go back to the wreck that I was when I got here, so please, just leave."

Then I saw Adrien finally arriving, and I smiled. Christopher and Hayley turned around and saw Adrien. "So, these are the two that caused you all of that trouble." Adrien said as soon as he realized who they were, both of their jaws dropped. "And who the hell are you?" Christopher asked as if he still had a right to say anything.

"I'm Adrien, her... Wait, what are we?" Adrien asked looking at me. I don't know what we are, should I know? "He's my boyfriend." I answered the first thing that came to mind. Adrien smiled at me, I love that smile of his.

Christopher and Hayley both looked at me in disbelief. "What? Did you think I would come here just to cry about what you two did to me?" I asked. "Well, as you can guess, that was my initial plan, then I met Adrien, and he changed my plans."

"And now, if you excuse us..." Adrien said reaching out for my hand. "We are going out for lunch." I finished as I took his hand.

We left together and now I finally know for sure that neither of them have any control over me. I left them both there, dumbfounded. Maybe they thought they would still be able to control me, but no. After all of this, I'm still myself, yet, some things have changed. Thanks to Adrien's help, I'm finally free. All of this will be left on the past. You can't change what has already happened, so don't waste your time thinking about it. Move on, let go, and get over it.



Submitted: January 03, 2018

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