Two Weeks

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Falling for him was the most inevitably awful thing she could ever do and she knew that. Maybe that’s why she did it, the bickering, kisses on the beach, tears, and sweet nothings that were all
sure to follow. It was all a siren call to her, luring her into his arms. Still, to her everything about him was irresistible; his adorable, teasing smile, the way his eyes reflected the fire’s
flame, the way the waves filled the small silences in their conversations, his hands that made her feel sparks at the slightest touch. Perhaps it was more the vibes around her, people in their
later teens and early twenties dancing, drinking, and laughing by the small bonfire on the warm, sandy beach every night…

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Submitted: January 04, 2018

“Hey,” someone with a masculine voice calls out to someone else from a slight distance down the beach. I ignore it, thinking th... Read Chapter