Until We Meet. Again.

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Submitted: January 03, 2018

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Submitted: January 03, 2018



Days, weeks, months had passed

but those memories

still flashed

From the moment

that we became friends

And how we cherished

Every time we'd spent.

We bid our goodbyes

but our friendship

will be the evidence

That no distance can break

the memories that we shared

Through the sweetness

and bitterness

that life had bring.

Every now and then

The sun still sets

But I'm still waiting

What tomorrow may bring

Hoping that it's you

That I will see, again.

Tears will be no longer means pain

Instead a joy

That will brought up the music

That once we sung together.

But was set aside

For a different rhythm

That we need to play, apart.

Hours from now,

We will be entering

To a brand new year

And bid goodbye for this wonderful one

I want to thank you for everything

While others chose to walk away.

You are still there

Who choses to stay

Later on, the fireworks

Will lit up the night sky

And im asking that

In every fireworks that you'll witness in

your life.

Remember us.

Maybe were not like stars,

That will always stay every night.

But we'll serve as the fireworks

That will light up during your dark nights.

Soon. As we sat in a green field

Not blinded by the past

Nor worried about the future

But enjoying the present

and with the laughs that we missed

We'll look up to the sky

Take a glimpse of the stars

With a gladness in our eyes

As we witness the fireworks



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