A Shining Star Among Many

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: True Confessions  |  House: Booksie Classic

Ever had that day that was terrible? you blamed every single person you met that day for whatever happened to you because you know that this nightmare cant be your fault. Well maybe all those
people also have story. maybe all of them also want to be heard. A shining Star Among Many is about seeing the same story through diiferent eyes and finding out which one you truly believe is

Table of Contents

Abigale Smith

2:30 P.M that is the time on my digital watch. I may be in tenth grade but there was no way that I would own a regular watch. I still cou... Read Chapter

Darla Dodgers

I woke up this morning only to find my pillow covered in tears. It’s been one week and the memory of Selena Brimwood is still in my hea... Read Chapter

Piar Arrow

Piar Arrow The students in this school take complete advantage of me. I clean away the pieces of lunch for them. I clean all the garb... Read Chapter

Jessie Montez

  I watched Abigale stare at her digital watch. I had been trying to tell her that Mrs. Dodgers was late but she was so distracted. ... Read Chapter

Toby Mercer

Toby Mercer Mr. Harold, my college professor dismissed us at 12:45 so we could leave for lunch like he always did. Some teachers out ... Read Chapter

Mary Jones

Mary Jones My Dad killed a man last week. It sounds crazier than it is. I know it was an accident, but I can’t look my father in... Read Chapter

Tally Mercer

Tally Mercer I don’t have many friends. Most people look at me and then they assume they know everything. They think just becaus... Read Chapter

Cody Jones

Cody Jones I was living an average life. I had a beautiful wife Mimi and a gorgeous daughter Mary. They were the stars of my life ... Read Chapter

The Truth / The End

The Truth The truth isn’t a name of a person. Its an idea that is true. you saw today the same way I did. Poor Abigale, am I righ... Read Chapter

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Very interesting slant... A view of several people’s day, with different results, based on their own experiences! Unique!

Tue, January 9th, 2018 4:02am

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