Unfulfilled dream

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Submitted: January 04, 2018

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Submitted: January 04, 2018



Unfulfilled Dreams

It was my first performance after 2 long years of confinement. I was nervous, tense and jumpy. My hands were sweating, excited of course, confident and assertive in full mind and body. I have practiced without stopping and uninterrupted for last 2 weeks with my true conscious.

Waiting backstage could feel the audience and my enthusiasm to compete and perform. Finally, the long velvet red curtain lifted and l stepped forward on the stage like a queen with grace and charisma in my face. The hall was full of the audience clapping and cheering. I bowed and soon was going to showcase the greatest moment of my life.

As the music started and l set my position right, the audience went quiet and everyone’s eyes on me. With my mind focused and a gentle smile on my face as I turned a minute later, a distorted image of myself grabbed by two women strong enough to get a hold of my body.
I was screaming and voicing for help l was being pulled out from the stage. The stage, my lifetime performance was drifting apart from me. My dream of performing got shattered. Still, l was the only focus and everyone couldn’t stop staring at me with their mouth opened and rounded eyes full of questions. I screamed begging for help yet not a single one got up from their chair. They saw me getting dragged, the hall was echoing with my scary voice. All the 300 men and women of different age still glued and peeping from their chair. My dream got crushed like someone has smashed the little boy’s toy with his feet and he can’t cry aloud. They hauled me through the exit door and put me in the van.

My family was standing right beside the van instructed the doctor to give a sedative to calm me and without my consent signed the papers. They closed the door of the van, start the engine and l left behind everything my dance, my dream, and even my family. This time may be for a long time.

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