The Dysfunction From The Educational System

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The Dysfunction From The Education System


I wake up each and every morning thinking that it is all going to be different that some how my life is going to miraculously change over night as I slept but every morning I wake up and I realise that it isn't going to happen, I mean why would it happen. It was all just dreams and fantasies that I had in my head but I should have known that my life would never just get better with a good night sleep because I mean does that really happen to anyone? Of course it doesn't why would it?


When you are young and nieve you have all these hopes and dreams that you wish you could fufill in life but not every one makes their dreams comes true and it is a horrible thought.

At a young age you are always told to have dreams and think about your future from the age of 5 people ask you what you want to be when you are older and most kids respond with " Princess, super hero, fire fighter" kids idolise these people who they see in films and on tv and they think I would love to turn out like them but the thing is when you reach the age of 10 you are asked again "What do you want to be when you grow up?" Kids then respond with "Doctor, astronaught, fire fighter, singer" and even though these may be more realistic than what a princess is ( Although that may come true in the case of Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle) but the thing is when you turn the ages of 11- 12 when you go to high school ( America) or Academy( Uk) you get asked if you have an idea of your future.

I remember being told to write a plan of where I saw my self in 20 years time and of course like a normal  kid does I wrote "married to a perfect guy, have 2/3 kids, a big house and dogs. I  wanted to be an artist"  I still have some of them dreams where I want to marry a great guy and have kids with a nice house with dogs but the dream I used to dream of slowly disappeared.  Seven years later and I am not a single bit closer to those dreams I once had and some times I doubt I ever will. I some times blame the school for trying to get me to aim so high in life because for those who don't get their dream to come true it is one of the worst feelings… the feeling of failure and that never goes away.


So for about 2 years you are forced to take subjects you don't really want to take for me it was french and music because at the time I could not stand the subject or the thought of having to spent over an hour on the subject- it just drove me in sane by the thought but by the time you are roughly 13- 14 you are asked by your teachers "What subjects would you like to take? Now remember think carefully because this will go towards your future career" So by the time you are 13-14 you basically have to know what you want to be when you are older which is slightly unfair because how do you really know? How can you decide at the age of 13-14 if you want to be a doctor - who on their right mind can make life changing decisions like that because I sure as hell couldn't.


Until the age of 18 you get asked by your teachers basically every day " What do you want to do with your life? Where do you see yourself when you leave school?" And again how can you possibly sit there and give them an answer. It's like from the age of 5 until the age of 18 some times even older how are you meant to know what your life is going to be like in the future. Yeah you do get those people who have it all figured out they have their life planned for them and they will stick by that plan but for people like me I wanted to be so much things for example - " artist, doctor, princess, singer, actor, nurse, teacher, hairdresser, actor, teacher"  I was one of the people that could never make up their mind about what the hell I was going to do with my life and right this second as I am writing this I can honestly tell you that I am 18 years old who doesn't go to college or university, I don't exactly have a job either so basically I spent 24 hrs a day in my bed doing absolutely nothing and before people sit there and judge me like "Ugh how lazy, get off your fat ass and do something with your life" well I have a reality check for you well basically based on my life any way. I have health issues which got in the way of school which was never a help for me.


People expect you to have your whole life planned out for you from at such a young age but that's the thing it doesn’t work like that. Schools now a days care more about grades than they do about their own students, I can guarantee about over 60% of pupils in schools now have mental health issues because they have been so driven that way. They are always being nagged at to focus on exams and getting A's that they don't care about the fact most students wake up at 6 or 7 am on a Monday - Friday they have to be at school for example between 8-9 am and do about 6-7 hours of school work but then are made to go home and do about 2 hours of home work but also do extra curriculum like (Math club, drama club, music club, science club etcetera) yeah but then they also have to do stuff like studying for at least 4 hours and more, study at least an hour for every single subject but you are meant to have breaks in between that and also expected to socialise with your friends but not just on social media like face to face and you are told that you need at least 8 hours of sleep during the night to be classed as having enough sleep.


You simply don't have enough hours in the day to do all of this but people still expect you to be fine and to cope. People expect far too much from you from such a young age and that never goes away lets face it from the age of 3 you go to nursery, from the age of 5- 10/11 you go to primary school and then from the age of 11/12 - either 16 (if you choose to leave) or until 17/18 at secondary school ( Academy/ high school) after that you go to college or university for about 4 years which means you are aged 18-21/22 but then after you finish your education you then have to go out and get a job but the thing is by the time you are 22-30 you are expected to have found the love of your life and have a family by then.


All this pressure and it just never goes away and it is always going to haunt you for the rest of your life even if you succeed or is you fail.  By time I was the age of 15 I realised that all my dreams were getting flushed away in front of my eyes and I know that it was hard for me to watch and now it is even harder because I watch the people I grew up with from such a young age growing up the point there is some people my age who have bought a house, married/ engaged or have a kid and it scares me that I will never get that.


I used to have all these amazing dreams and every day I would wake up and hope they would come true and I do still hope they come true but they are nothing like what it was when I was younger. I feel like as I grow older the more I become more in denial that It will come true and I question every little thing I see. I even noticed that some days I have even question who I am I look in the mirror and I just stare at myself thinking  " Who am I?" Most of the time I forget and I question my whole existence and look at myself and my family as if i/ they are strangers. It doesn't even scare me any more because I have got to that point in my life where I'm not the same girl I used to see in the mirror- I changed who I was.


I know I have probably repeated myself about a million times and I don't even care anymore, I used to see my life in a completely different way and my dreams used to be completely different. Now my dreams kind of just consist of the hope that one day hopefully soon a guy will not look at me just as the girl who practically flunked school and her life or as the girl who Is always sick but the girl they want to spend the rest of their life with and love or have a family with but my life is so screwed up to the point I  am in denial and disbelief that it can even happen.


I have been put under so much pressure through the years that I feel like now I am always going to be a disappointment and that I will never be good enough because personally I honestly think that Is how I have been made to feel through out my whole school life- that I wasn't good enough, that I could never get the right answer or do the job right and I'm sorry but I have to admit this but some teacher make you feel like you are just damn right not good enough and I know there is so many people who are either going to agree with me or completely disagree and I will get slated for it and I am fine with that either way because I think more opinions like mine need to be heard no matter what the educational system thinks.


One day the world is going to wake up and see that there is so many kids/ adults with mental issues or just issues in general that it won't just be over 60% but when people think about it soon it will be over 80% because of the pressure that we are made to go through. I know that if it wasn't for the pressure and the driveness of the teachers then not as many people would be succeeding in life but is it really worth putting your health at risk.


Do you ever think that people and schools look at the suicide rate and see a lot of it is teenagers due to depession and stress and I know that it isn't all school. People struggle with family issues , bullies and stress. I know that not all of it is because of the education system but it certainly doesn't help. I think there needs to be a change in the amount of pressure is placed on kids- it all needs to change for the sake of peoples health.  I know school is important but the thing is if you think hard about it see once you leave school and you go to find a job there is either no jobs available or you have to have a certain amount of experience to get it but you can't get any experience because there is no jobs.


Life in this day and age has become far more difficult and it really isn't healthy for any one and the problem is it is only going to get worse and worse. Before you know It no one will be able to cope with any of it and that terrifies me.

Submitted: January 05, 2018

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