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A love story that was never was....

Submitted: January 05, 2018

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Submitted: January 05, 2018



My luckiest number; Five

The blessed day: Friday, fifth day of the week,

And May, the fifth month

When we decided to be us,

And write this story just the two of us,

But in this chapter of our love story,

I'm the one who dies.

You said I was the girl of your dreams,

But forgot to tell me when you woke up.

All the I love you

I miss you

I need you

I will be here whenever, whatever...

And all the promises...Fake

Everything just fake.

Was our love the way of you learning English?

I guess I never learn.

Si ulisema Mimi Ni wifey,

Na wewe bila objection hubby,

Na poetry ikawa hobby,

Ukasema Mimi na wewe tuta-define forever.

Ama Forever humaanisha hivi?

Ama umesahau kama jubilee..



Forever wasn't to last longer..

To the man that I never had,

To the man of fifth of five,

To the human diary that was never mine,

To the shuttered hopes,

To the pricky thorns of roses,

I still drip alot of pain,

Poems are naked persons,

So people call me a poet.

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