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I am the Error. I am the glitch in our flawless system that society has been fearing for centuries, and for that, they imprisoned.

My clothes are caked with dirt, my hair is filthy and matted, and I haven't showered since the day I got arrested, four days ago. I didn't do anything wrong, just woke up after being dead for an hour and eleven minutes.

I got crushed by the support beam in the factory, a simple accident that almost cost me my life. My bones had quickly shattered, and my broken skull crushed the left side of my brain.

By the time medics had pulled the beam off and examined me, I was dead. They brought me to the morgue and were getting ready for cremation when I woke up.

After being declared ‘fine' by the medical center, my own mother called the City Patrols and had me arrested. I remember screaming at her as they dragged me down the hall that I was her daughter and she was going to get me killed but she just shook her head and said; "You are not my daughter."

She disowned me. My mother who has watched over me my whole life, played with me, changed my diapers, fed me, and was there for me when my father left, disowned me in a second.

My stomach rumbles as a reminder that I have not eaten in four days. I slam my fist against the wall in frustration.

I didn't do anything. I shouldn't be here.

I don't even know where ‘here' is. I didn't even know Aria had prisons. Crime does not exist, people are kind and compassionate.

"What did I do to you?!" I scream.

When the brought me here I did everything they wanted, I was submissive and obedient. All that did for me was make me hate them they treated me like a disease, spit on me, dragged me around. During the first day, I was still obedient and asked the guard for food. He refused. On the third day, I begged for food and he still refused.  

Now, I hate them, I gave them what they wanted, and they returned it with hatred. You hate me, I'll hate you. I tried to attack the guard and he cut me with his knife. The wound healed an hour later.

I don't feel like pleasing them now, I feel like killing them. If I was in the colony now I would be declared crazy and be ‘handled by Council.'

My train of thought is interrupted by a rushing sound. Rain.

Water starts trickling in, making the dirt become mud.


"You going to feed me?" I yell after a few minutes, my words echoing off the stone passageways.

"Or are you just trying to figure out how to kill me?" if getting crushed by a three-hundred-pound cement beam didn't kill me then starvation probably won't work. Chances are, it's impossible to kill me.

The stream of water trickling in from the window increases as the rain speeds up. Now the floor and walls are soggy.

I put my head down on the hard floor and try to sleep. A musky scent wafts through the air. Mould is growing on the walls.


I wake up to sunlight streaming in through the window.

The ground beneath my head is somewhat drier now and the room has been flooded with sunlight.

In the light, I can see that this was obviously not meant for humans, who knows what it was meant for. Animals? Probably.

I guess I am not considered a human anymore.

Even after sleeping my head has not stopped buzzing with questions about this whole scenario. Why did I not find out until I died? Was it triggered? Why me? Why did they imprison me? How did it happen?

It's not fair. I didn't do anything. I am just a regular person in our flawless system.

They are probably just afraid of you. I tell myself, hoping to make some sense. Of course, they are afraid of me, legends say that I will be the end of our peaceful era. I will wage war and bring the devil down. I had predicted hundreds of years ago.

To be honest, I don't see how any of that could be true. I am pretty physically strong and built like a rock. Mentally, I'm alright but I have no desire to ‘bring down the devil'. Or maybe I do, right now the legends know more about me than I do. I mean, they knew about the Error before I did.

As kids, we are told tales about ‘The Error' who will enslave us and rebel against the Eleven Councils. BS, BS, BS.

If that's the case, then the Eleven Councils should have tried to prevent me ages ago. They should have been more careful with the DNA matches.

Maybe I am unstoppable. When everyone turns twenty-one they extract their sex cells and mix and match them to produce genetically perfect babies. The process is extremely calculated, and mistakes are simply not made. Besides, how could genetically imperfect DNA make me wake up from the dead? This situation is scientifically unexplainable.

I should have seen all of this coming. I was always a little different. I asked too many questions, skipped school, wandered outside Aria (And almost got killed doing so) slipped into the headquarters (again, nearly got killed.) and so much more.

So, this my destiny?

I search around the room to try to find anything to eat. Nope.

Something shiny is in the corner of the room. I walk over and pick up the small metal object. It is a locket. The locket to be more specific, the locket that my mother gave me for my eighth birthday. I run my rough fingertips over the smooth metal. I remember that day.

All week I had been begging my mother to let me have a birthday party and she had given in and threw a small party. She baked a cake and I was allowed to invite six friends over.

During the party she read a few stories, we ate cake and played games. Afterwards, Dad gave me the locket and told me that he trusted me to take care of it. He was sent to work on a space station a few days later. I didn't even get to say goodbye.

I open the locket and pull out the small picture of a flower with letters weaving in and out of it. I have always been confused about those letters; they make no sense whatsoever. I used to tell my friends that it was an ancient code. I smile at the memory, I was a very dramatic child.

. Nobody cares if I die or not, I am an error. A mistake that everybody is afraid of.

Escape. That's all I need to do before I am free to do anything.

Where would I go? I have no family.

Doesn't matter. Just getting out of here would be good enough.

I look up at the window six feet off the ground. If it's leaky then it would be pretty easy to break.

The chamber pot will work as a stool it'll add a foot or so to my height.

Nothing here can be used to break the window, so I will have to use my fists.

I flip the chamber pot upside down and climb up on it. The window shatters quickly, sending shards raining down on me.

That was a little too easy.

I glance at the window uneasily. This is all way too convenient.

Grabbing onto the broken window ledge, I hoist myself up, bending at my waist to keep myself from falling. The jagged edges cut into my midriff making my shirt dampen with blood. I wince and crawl out onto the roof of this place.

I stand up and look around, I am on the roof of a building outside Aria. I know it is outside Aria because I can see the sky—it is above ground. Raindrops are pattering the roof, alarms are sounding so they must know I'm out.

"Stop!" the door swings open and a man with a gun appears. "Stop right now or I'll shoot you."

I almost laugh. "Grandpa, I just woke up from being crushed by a three-hundred-pound cement pole. I'm not afraid of your gun."

He snarls and shoots me. Twice.

Pain tears through me like a knife, sending hot waves up my body. I bend over, gasping. I touch my arm where the bullets hit and feel around a bit, trying to ignore the pain. The man, too afraid to come near me aims at my head.

Fine, you want to be scared? Be scared.

I run over to him, screaming. He turns and runs back inside.

I growl a turn to find a place to run, I'll die if I stick around.

No, I won't. I can't die.

A loud bang rolls across the rooftop making my ears ring. And then something pierces my back.

The world shifts, wavers and then spins before a black curtain drop over my vision. Followed by silence.


"I thought it was a twenty-four-hour sedative!" somebody exclaims before the silence continues.


"Is she awake now?" a female authoritative voice asks.

"Yes, but I don't think she can see or hear us, sir."

Oh, I can hear you. But I can't see anything.

"How long until she can see and hear again?"

"A few seconds."

The blackness blurs into colors and then slowly becomes clear. I am in a white room on a bed. A woman is sitting on my left and two Medics on my right. There are several monitors and tubes attached to me.

"Hello." The lady smiles. She is maybe forty with short brown hair, golden skin, and a friendly smile.

"Be careful, she bites." One of the medics whispers to her.

She looks a little confused but continues with caution.

"I am Representative Bennet. You have probably heard of me because I run the Eleven Councils and I am the leader of Aria."

I give her a low growl. Treat me like a monster and I'll be a monster.

She raises her eyebrows and leans away from me a bit.

"Can you talk?" she asks.

Yes, but not to you.

I growl again.

"Hmm? What's that?" she says expectantly.

I growl again, this time baring my teeth. My stomach follows the example.

know you can talk." She leans back more.

"Bitch," I mutter after a few minutes.

"What?!" her eyebrows shoot up practically to her hairline.

Not used to people calling you anything other than ‘sir'?

She brushes her bangs off her forehead, "What did you call me?"

I growl and snap my teeth, enjoying this.

"Talk. Now." She says more forcefully.

I look at her disbelievingly, make me.

"I'll be back tomorrow." She gets up and leaves.

If I'm still here. This place will be a little harder to escape but probably doable.

I scan the room quickly noticing all the little details: the mirror on the wall, the medic's coat on the chair, the weird scratches on the wall, the triple lock mechanism. Nothing here could be used as a weapon. And, I'm strapped to the bed.

I press my wrists against the metal straps. No luck. Those things must be made of iron.

This is no way to treat anything, monster or not.

My stomach toss and turns, probably trying to digest itself. I am hungry but not insanely hungry. I should be starving because I haven't eaten in six days, but I am not.

I twist my wrists more. They are too dry.

"Don't even try to break out." One of the Medics says as he comes in with a girl about twenty. She's tall with medium-length wavy brown hair pulled into a tight braid, nothing like my long black hair, and light brown eyes. She looks cold and emotionless, unlike everybody else here. Everybody else jeers and mocks me she is cold and fierce-looking.

"This is your guard." He says.

I glare. He huffs and rolls his eyes. There are two types of people on this planet; people who fear and people who mock me. He is the kind who mocks me.

"Ok. She," he points at the girl. "Is here to watch you," he says slowly like he is talking to a child. "You behave badly. She shoots you. Okay? Bang-bang hurts." He smiles.

I bare my teeth and slam my fists down on the bed making it shake.

The new guard doesn't even flinch.

I think I'll call her ‘stoic one.'

"I'll be back with Council Saisor in a few minutes." He says to her.

After the Medic leaves, I turn to Stoic One and examine her a bit. She has stood perfectly still since arriving and has not made a sound.

She is looking at me, so I cannot try to escape now.

"Here it is." The Medic come back in with a guy of about forty-five with thick, brown eyebrows and graying brown hair. I'm assuming he's Council Saisor. I think I saw him on a broadcaster once. Council Members are well known, I just never cared to memorize their faces.

He sits down cautiously. "Is it vicious?"

"Yes, very. Be careful." The suddenly-gracious-medic says.

"‘It' is not deaf." I mutter.

"It talks!" Council Saisor practically squeals.

"Derp." I swear.

"Excuse me?" he narrows his eyes at me.

I could get put in prison for speaking to him like that, but it looks like that already happened. I really have nothing to lose. My stomach lets of a low rumble, again.

"Representative Bennet said you couldn't talk." He narrows his eyes suspiciously.

"I can't."

"Then what are you doing right now?"

I look at him blankly, like i cant understand.

He looks at me in annoyance, "Is that an answer?"

You tell me.

I growl again and glare.

"Can you talk?"

I just growl and bare my teeth again.

He stands up and goes to the Medic. "Medic Johann, it's being impudent again."

Johann comes over and hits me, hard. My face stings like fire. "Talk to him. Now." He walks off, satisfied.

I glower at Saisor.

"Now, you will work with us." He says as if slapping me is all it will take to make me talk.

I'm not that easy.

Saisor and Johann interrogate me and hit me all afternoon. Though i wouldnt call it interrogating because I have nothing to hide.

I get a small break for them to eat lunch (they are still starving Me.) and then right back to getting hit and refusing a few more times before Saisor leaves. "Tomorrow we will start the tests." He informs Johann.

The lights go off and Stoic One gets replaced by a different guard.

I close my eyes and try to sleep but no relief comes. I just lie there, awake for hours staring at the ceiling trying to figure out why they think I am a monster.

They are just afraid. People are afraid of things they don't understand.

Normally, I would cry if something like this happened but now, I am stronger and colder than I used to be. Death has taken part of me.


I must have fallen asleep because when I open my eyes the room is light again and Johann is standing near my bed.

"Didn't know devils sleep." He comments while loading a syringe with orange-ish liquid.

"Didn't know idiots could become Medics." I yawn.

He frowns. "I could hit you."

"I could kill you." I smile. "Good morning, could I have something to eat? I haven't eaten in seven days." Maybe politeness is the way to go.

"No, this is not a resort. Besides, you are under a test, we are seeing how long you can go without food before showing results."

"What?! You are starving me for a test?!" I practically scream.

He looks at me, taken by surprise.

"Yes, you are not human therefore you don't need food." He says it like a slogan. He's a pawn.

"What makes you think that? I have a name you know, Alison Grale. I'm seventeen, I have no siblings, a mother who disowned me and a father who's dead."

"No, you were Alison. Now you are Error, the devil's child." he recites.

"Error? Is that your idea of a name?"

"No, we have nothing else to call you. It would be disrespectful to Alison to call you ‘Alison'"

"What don't you get about this?!" I scream again. "I AM ALISON!!!!"

He jumps back and Stoic One draws her gun. "Sir?" she asks.

"I'm fine. It's just trying to be manipulative." He straightens his jacket and walks back to his desk. "You are going into the interrogation room in an hour."

"I am Alison." I say feebly.

I look over at Stoic One, she looks almost…sympathetic.

Maybe she does have a heart.

My heart pounds against my ribs. I am not the devil's child. I am Alison.

I need to escape, they will never believe that I don't want to hurt them.

They leave me alone after that. I just sit here, thinking, remembering and trying not to break down.

After a while of leaving me to myself, Stoic One pulls out a gun and walks over to my bed. "One wrong move and I'll shoot you." She turns the knobs next to the bed and the metal restraints pop up. She puts the gun next to my head. "Walk."

I don't know if I could survive a bullet to the head. And I'd rather not find out, so I just walk.

She leads me to a room that reminds me of a factory except it is much cleaner.

We walk through hundreds of people looking at medical things and running tests. Everybody stops and stares at me in disgust. Suddenly feeling ashamed of my awful appearance, I smooth out my hair with my cuffed hands.

Stoic One brings us into a glass room where Bennet and a few Medics are sitting.

"Here, sir." She says to Bennet and brings me over to a clear cylinder that is about a foot taller than me.

One of the sour-faced medics presses a button and the front opens.

Am I going to get in that?

He grabs my arm and yanks me in. he puts a few tapes and wires on my skin and hooks them up to a machine.

The door closes, and Bennett takes a seat in front of me. My pulse speeds up and the tube suddenly gets very stuffy. I inhale deeply and focus on regulating my breath.

"I will be asking you a few questions." She starts. "You will answer each one quickly and correctly. You misbehave, and this happens." At the word ‘this' pain shoots from the wires into my skin, burning hot and freezing cold at the same time as icy needles that light on fire. Every muscle in my body twitches. I shake as my body cramps and pulses to a painful rhythm. My teeth chatter so fast I probably chipped a few.

I grunt and grit my teeth.

She motions for the medic to shut it off. "Ok, ready?" the pain disappears, and my body relaxes. I look at her, still shaking.

"Now, question number one; what are your abilities besides immortality."

I gulp before answering, "I don't know."

She motions to the medic who turn the switch on again.

This time it is faster, racing through my body, writhing around in my veins. My muscles start twitching and shaking again. My head is pounding so fast I can hardly see. My eyes roll around.

I'll die, I can't survive such excessive electrocution. She does not relent. The pain turns hot instead of cold.

Suddenly it stops, and so do I. everything shakes violently and then disappears.

Peaceful darkness surrounds me, swaying a bit.


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