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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Chapter 2

Submitted: January 22, 2018

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Submitted: January 22, 2018



Chapter 2.


"Can you hear me?" something bright gets waved in front of my face, a light.

I open my mouth to say something, but no words come out. I can't talk. My head is filled with fog and I have a swelling headache.

What happened to me?

What's going on?

I look around the room and see a big white room. I strapped to a bed. Why?

A man in a white coat with a pin that says, ‘Medic Johann' is looking at me weirdly.

Is he related to me? How did I get here?

I look up and down my body, everything looks normal.

"Error?" this ‘Johann' appears to be talking to me. Is my name ‘Error'? That's weird.

I open my mouth to ask if that's my name but all that comes out is an animalistic croak.

Johann's face twists into a horrified expression.

He taps his badge, "Representative Bennet, you need to get in here."

I open my mouth again and some of the fogginess clears from my head.

Clearing my throat helps more. Slowly, things start lining up; Johann is the Medic, I was unconscious, Bennet is the leader. But, why can't I talk?

I swallow hard and try to call up words. "I…need…" I start.

Johann looks at me expectantly. "Go on. You need what?" odd for him to be slightly polite.

"Help." I croak. The world swirls more and I slip away.

Darkness, darkness and more darkness. Who knows how long I have been unable to see? I hear voices, but I can't talk or see who they belong to.

"Her body is undergoing a regeneration sequence, it's fascinating." Somebody's voice says.

"It's like her immune system is ten times stronger. She had been electrocuted to death twenty minutes ago and should be up and about in at most an hour." He marvels some more.

"She was dead?" a female asks.

"Yes, my theory is that every time she dies, more of Alison dies."

"So sad." The female sighs. "How many times can she die?"

"Probably unlimited. But, she can die from blood loss because her body can't create more blood fast enough."

"What about a bullet to her brain?"

"In the factory, a beam crushed the left side of her brain, it healed itself."

"Heart, windpipe, drowning, anything?"

"Maybe drowning." Something metal clatters around. "Her body's cells are remarkable. I don't think they are human."

"Is she from a different orbital system?"

"I don't see how she could be. Unless she was brought here as a baby."

"Do the suppressors work on her?"

What suppressors?

The man sighs before answering. "No, she processes them too fast."

"Why did we not notice this before?" she asks skeptically.

"Remember that most of her abilities were triggered by death. I have been a scientist for Aria for more than forty years and I have never seen anything like this. Even when we found that man who was immune to the suppressors, it was because of a mutation. This is unexplainable."

Something in my ear pops and my vision wavers into colorful blurs. Within a few minutes, I can see.

"Representative Bennett?" I say, surprised she's here.

"Incredible." The weird guy murmurs. He is an older medic with a badge that says, ‘Forty years of proud service.' And thinning grey hair.

"you Killed me?" i ask.

"It was unintentional.”

I look at her with disgust, filled with hatred. Blood rushes to my head.  "You will start treating me like a human, or I will kill you."

She looks at me with interest. "Good luck." She gestures at the metal bars across my chest.

She's, right I'm trapped. How will I kill her? Even if i do escape, she has guards at all times.

Maybe if her hair is long enough I could strangle—what am I doing? Death is never the answer. I would never have even considered harming anyone else, and here I am planning her death. Maybe the medic is right and every time I die, a piece of my old self-does too.

Don't believe them. It's all lies.?

I shiver and focus on calming down. "Can I have food?"

She looks at Johann—who's been watching in the corner—who leaves the room and return with a plate.

Raw meat. I look at her disbelievingly. Really? This whole ‘animal’ act is wearing really thin.

"I can't eat this. It's raw."

"Your metabolism can handle it." She straightens her perfectly ironed jacket.

"I can't chew it."

"You'll manage." She leaves.


I look at the hunk of meat. This is worse than no food.

I turn to Johann, "Listen, I know we are not exactly pals, but could you please cook this. Just throw it in the oven for a few minutes." I plead. He huffs but takes it.

I look at him with surprise as he leaves, I did not expect that to work.

‘Every time she dies, more of Alison dies.' The man's voice echoes in my head. Is he right? Am I becoming less human? I thought that captivity had made me more vicious and spiteful, but maybe it was death that changed me.

Stoic One is still standing, watching me intently with a blank expression. Maybe she's mute. Not that that's possible because Breeding Pools make sure that no birth defects can happen.

"Can you talk?" I ask her.

She doesn't even glance at me. "Deaf?"

No response.

Johann returns with the cooked meat, banging the glass door shut behind him.

"Here." He thrusts the plate at me. "You're lucky you've got such big eyes."

I do not have ‘such big eyes'.

The meat tastes like a broom, a cooked broom. At least it's cooked.

"Do you really believe Alison is dead?" I ask him when I have finished. He shifts slightly but says nothing.

"You don't need to follow orders. Rules are made to be broken." Maybe he is a really nice guy under the orders of sadistic leaders.

"sweetie, I do not need life advice from you. You have no experience in anything. Zilch, zero, nothing." He waves his hands around. "Besides, you're the one who's tied up." He turns back to his consol. Good point.

I huff and lean back so my neck isn't straining. "Yeah, but I didn't do anything to deserve being tied up."

Stoic One glances at me briefly. What are you looking at?

Something flickers in her eyes briefly, maybe she is feeling her first emotion.

"Is it true? Is Alison still alive?" she asks after Johann leaves.

so she does talk.

"Yes." I say softly.

"Do you feel things the way humans do?" she looks at me intently. She is good at keeping a straight face 24/7.

My lips curve into an almost smile, "Why is everyone so sure that I am dead?"

"Because legend says that when the error dies, the devil is born. It's the only sensible explanation." She recites.

"Is that a poem?" I scoff. "Are you all pawns?"

"I am not a pawn." She says levelly.

"Then why are you working for these people? If you know that I am alive then why continue to put me through hell." I snap.

"What can I do about it?" she argues.

"If you know this is wrong and don't do something about it then you are just as guilty as them."

She cracks her knuckles, a nervous tic.

"How do I know it's wrong? How do I know Alison is really alive?"

"What makes you so sure she's dead?"

"A cement pole fell on her."

"And she woke up." I look at her pleadingly, "Please, have a heart. I don't think you are one hundred percent stoic, I thought I saw you smile once."

"I have only been here for a few days." She murmurs.

"No. I can't help you." she says firmly.


"We are not discussing this." She walks back to her corner.


The next few days are pretty uneventful. They decided that electrocuting me didn't work and now all they do is tests. And more tests. They take blood samples, run weird machines all over my body, watch my sleep, monitor my food, everything is under their control. I am helpless, I am strong and invincible, but I am in no control whatsoever.

Stoic One has been avoiding me since our little conversation. Maybe she has a conscience.

I hope she feels guilty.

I am not dead, I do feel stronger and and a little more cold, but I am still me.

"Lunchtime." Johann announces as he arrives with a plate of food.

He unlocks my cuffs and puts the metal plate on my lap. Meat with a fork. No knife because that could be a weapon. Stoic One has a gun aimed at my head.

I pick up the fork and study it. You're such idiots.

A metal plate, a fork, a surgery kit sitting less than a foot away. Really?

"Johann, how long have you worked here?" I ask, momentarily distracting him.

He shifts his foot, thinking. "Well—" In a split second, I lunge forward and jam the fork into the large vein on his neck. He screams and blood spurts all over me. I pick up the plate and smash it on his head. His eyes roll back, and he hits the ground with a thump.

Stoic One fires a few bullets at me. She misses all of them. Johann's blood pools around my feet in red puddles. Ew.

I grab the knife on the surgery table and ram it towards her. She moves, and it jams into the wall.

Slamming my chest into her, I grasp her face and smash her head into the metal wall. She grunts and tries to break free.

"You—" I cut off when something sharp pierces my leg, she has a knife in her hand. I wrench free and run down the halls.

"Stop!" someone shouts. "Backups, now!"

Great, they're calling backups.

I sprint down the hallways hitting people left and right. People grab me and try to pull me towards them.

The exit is twenty feet ahead. I can do it. I speed up and run as fast as I can, my calves burning.

"Stop!" another guard yells as I approach the door. I swing it open and run through.

Electricity surges through me in a hot wave. My teeth chatter violently, the world shakes as I sink to the ground. A high-pitched wail pierces my eardrums making me grunt.

A slow, thick cloud of darkness wraps me up like a blanket.




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