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Chapter 5 (v.1) - Chapter 5

Submitted: June 17, 2018

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Submitted: June 17, 2018



“There is enough water for you to have about two cups a day, so use it sparingly.” Alex says as he shuts the door to the cabinet full of water and ration packets.

“When we drive stay away from the hole.” He gestures at a gaping hole next to the small table in the really tiny living room. “Sometimes rocks fly through.”


I put my hands in the pockets of the pants they gave me and follow Alex.

Wind whips through the multiple windows flung open and plasters my hair to my neck.

I walk over to one of the pod’s two rooms and swing myself onto the upper bunk where Tess is trying to sew her shoes back together. Across from her Adam’s clothes are spewed all over his bed.

“What?” she looks up at me.

“It's less windy in here.”

“Yeah,” she exhales and tries to force the needle into the leather. “It feels like if we goes any faster than fifteen miles per hour pieces will go flying everywhere.” she grumbles.

“I wonder how that hole got there.” it looks like it exploded.

“Probably a lame cooking disaster.” she smiles.


The doorway to the living room greets me with a gust of wind that nearly knocks me over. “Adam!” i shout over the rushing wind.

“Yeah!” he shouts back.

“Where can i relieve myself?”

“Um, your bed.”

“Huh? Where?” i squint.

You know, the bunk under Tess.”

“You want me to pee in a bed?” awkward, awkward, awkward.

“What the hell!” he throws his hands up in the air. “Where does that come from?”

“I asked you where i can use the bathroom and you said in my bed.”
“That is not what you said.” he pauses as a rock flies through the hole. “You asked where you could relieve yourself, and i told you. How does that translate to ‘pee in your bed’?”

“Relieve is another word for urinate.” idiot.

“So you mean that when i relieve Alex from driving, i'm peeing on him?”

I look at him. He’s got to be kidding, there's no way he actually thinks that.

“Ah, see, you have no response.I’m right”

“No, I’m just temporarily speechless from your extreme stupidity. Different kind of relieving. Imbecile.”
“Oh, ok.” He says mockingly.

“Just tell me where i can pee.” sand sprays through the hole, coating the shirt Alex gave me.

He scratches his ear awkwardly. “Ask Alex.” He walks out.

“Adam! Wait-” too late, he’s already in the engine room with Alex.

The metal doorknob detaches as i open the door.

“Adam?” i hold the door knob up apologetically.

“Just jam it back in.”

This thing is a real dump.

“Alex?” The engine room is basically a driver’s seat and a shotgun seat. Oh, and a broken window.

“Yeah?” he says, his back to me, driving.

The pod shakes violently as we drive over a hill.

My head collides into Adam’s back, causing him to smack into the dashboard.

“Owwwww.” he whines.

The shaking slows and then stops as we exit the hill.

“Yes, Alison?” Alex turns for a second.

“Where can i relieve--I mean use the bathroom?” Best to assume he doesn't know what ‘relieve’ means either.

“Um, we don't really have a bathroom. So you will have to wait a little while until we stop and then you can go.”

“Ok, thanks.” I turn to leave the engine room.

“Oh, and Alison, avoid standing while we drive; things get pretty rough.”

“Ok.” i duck out of the engine room and walk back into the bunkroom.

I can wait, no problem.


“What was i thinking?” I sigh. “Why did i say that? There is no way i can wait.”

Tess looks at me sympathetically, “Can’t you just pee in a cup?”

“Do we have any cups around here? And the pod jostles too much.”

“Okay. How about…” she trails off, idealess.

“Exactly.” i mutter.


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