Mate of a Killer?

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Adelynn is the mate of the U.S.'s Biggest pack and the mate of a killer.

"I'm Dustin. Alpha of CrescentMoon Pack." His husky voice made me have an urge to kiss him, but Dustin was the Alpha of the biggest pack in the U.S. "Mon Amour raise your head." I kept my eyes
glued to the floor If I looked at him then it would be real. I took off behind me and ran as fast as I could. "You can't run from me forever Mon Amour!" He yelled after me, I sure as hell knew that
but I was at least going to try before he caught me.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

-Adelynn's POV- I woke with a start by my little brother jumping on my bed screaming.  "Addy! Addy! Wake up!!!! Father told ... Read Chapter

Chapter 2

-Dustin's POV- "You can't run forever Mon Amour!" I yelled after her. I gave her a few minutes before I started to chase her. I follo... Read Chapter

Chapter 3

-Adelynn's POV- I arrive in Oregon and began to text Skylark. After an hour of waiting and watching Adrian sleep, Sky finally shows u... Read Chapter

Chapter 4

-Dustin's POV- "Uh...Um, would you like some breakfast, Alpha?" She stuttered. I sighed and followed her into her kitchen. I walk int... Read Chapter

Chapter 5

-Dustin's POV- My beta, Cy, is Skylark's Mate? I would have never guessed. 'Cy.' I mind-linked. 'Yea, Dustin?' ... Read Chapter

Chapter 6

"H-How do you l-like your c-coffee, D-Dustin?" I stutter "However you make it for me, Mon Amour." His husky morning voice sends shive... Read Chapter

Chapter 7

*Adelynn's POV* I sighed as everyone left the office. I climbed out of Dustin's lap and he had confusion in his eyes, so I tapped his... Read Chapter

Chapter 8

*Adelynn's POV* I walk out of the bathroom and unlock the bedroom door. *Time Lapse* *Dustin's POV* Adelynn and I were cu... Read Chapter

Chapter 9

*Dustin's POV*  We were able to defeat most of the rouges but they retreated. I headed to my room but Adelynn wasn't there. I be... Read Chapter

Chapter 10

Mature Content Sighted in this chapter
Read Chapter

Chapter 11

*Adelynn's POV* When I wake up, Dustin was gone. I walked into the bathroom and took a shower. After the shower, I put on a Bloo... Read Chapter

Chapter 12

*Adelynn's POV* "Did something happen?" Dustin asks worriedly. "No. The results showed up and it's....positive." I start crying a... Read Chapter

Chapter 13

*Dustin's POV* 'I can't believe Adelynn is pregnant! With my child too!' Just as I was thinking about names Adelynn comes into the ro... Read Chapter

Chapter 14

*Dustin's POV* I quickly searched the pack house for Adelynn but couldn't find her. I growled out in anger and started to t... Read Chapter

Chapter 15

*Skylar's POV* *Time Lapse-2 weeks* Today is the day I tell Adelynn I'm pregnant. I have to tell her I'm pregnant with a baby bo... Read Chapter

Chapter 16

*Adelynn's POV* I walk out of our room smiling before I stop and get a wave of pain. I scream and Dustin runs to me. "Baby are yo... Read Chapter


Last Chapter of the book. Yes, It was a short book. It was the first book that I've ever written.
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